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Know the top 10 common superstitious beliefs

New Delhi: Superstitions are very irrational beliefs that usually do not stand with any logic and are often passed from generation to generation. Superstitions are related to our day to day life, and we usually

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6. Breaking of Mirror


Breaking of a mirror is a common thing. Usually it isn't a big deal except than some expense. But superstitions do hover around the breaking of a mirror. While some find breaking of a mirror as a good omen, there are many people who believe breaking of a mirror is not good at all and one should throw away the broken pieces of the mirror in a hole and should cover it with the mud.

5. Walking Under Ladder

We all know that walking under the ladder is not safe enough as something may fall on our head. But some people believe that if you walk through the triangle the ladder do with the wall, you will end up awakening evil spirits.

4. An Itchy Palm


An itching in the palm is quite irritating, but the superstition related to an itchy palm is equally interesting. Women believe that an itching in their left palm would fetch them money in the future, and an itching in the right palm will make them loose money in the future. Where as in the case of men, the condition is completely opposite, an itch in the right palm fetch them money, whereas an itch in the left palm indicates the loss of money.

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