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Know the top 10 common superstitious beliefs

New Delhi: Superstitions are very irrational beliefs that usually do not stand with any logic and are often passed from generation to generation. Superstitions are related to our day to day life, and we usually

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Updated on: September 02, 2014 8:30 IST

3. Friday the 13th

Almost everyone believes that Friday the 13th of any month brings bad luck. It is believed that Christ was crucified on Friday. The effect of this superstition is such that many of the hotels avoid having a 13th floor, while there are some of the airlines that don't issue the tickets for the 13th row.

2. Black Cats


Although cats are considered as one of favorite pets, but a black is usually associated with witchcraft. Many people believe not to cross the path when a black cat crosses your way because if you cross the same path as the black cat, bad luck will follow you immediately.

1.  New Moon Night


New Moon night is considered highly inauspicious, especially by the Hindus. People believe that New Moon night is the night of the ghosts and that demon gets powerful on this night. Many people avoid to work and start a new project on this day and some even tie lemon and chilies to their vehicles and outside their houses in order to avoid demons.

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