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Know the top 10 common superstitious beliefs

New Delhi: Superstitions are very irrational beliefs that usually do not stand with any logic and are often passed from generation to generation. Superstitions are related to our day to day life, and we usually

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Updated on: September 02, 2014 8:30 IST

9. Mongoose


Mongoose is well known for their ability to kill snakes. While some people are extremely scared of a mongoose, some people believe that following the path of the mongoose will bring good luck.

8. Knocking on Wood


This is one of the most common superstition and most of the people believe in it. It says, when someone feel something good is happening or good luck is coming to them they immediately knock on the wood and say “touchwood” in order to make sure that the good luck continues.

7.  Finding a Horseshoe


There is a somewhat weird superstition regarding finding of a horshoe. It says if you find a horseshoe in an open ground then consider yourself as the world's luckiest person. You have to use your right hand to pick it up, cover it with your hand and wish for something then throw it using your left hand.



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