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6 tips to keep in mind while quarreling with your partner

If you are having a fight with your partner, try to be receptive to their needs and expectations. Remember, no one likes a Mr or Mrs Know-it-all and it is important to keep the other person's emotional requirements in mind, especially in a relationship.

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: January 24, 2022 19:06 IST
6 tips to keep in mind while quarreling with you partner
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6 tips to keep in mind while quarreling with you partner


  • If you want to resolve a verbal argument with your partner, don't be reluctant in apologising
  • Do not dig out old graves as it may lead to the argument getting further stretched
  • Be receptive to your partner's emotional needs if you want to resolve a conflict

Relationship advice is easy to give but hard to follow. With the COVID-19 pandemic, couples spent more time with their respective partners at home. For some, the bond grew stronger, while, unfortunately, some went their separate ways. When you are living with a person, and the chances of moving out physically are restricted, the tension may be on the rise. This may lead to unwanted arguments that may also turn ugly. However, some easy tips can help you get over a quarrel with your partner. 

Own up to your mistakes

Don't play the blame game in a quarrel. Own up to your mistakes and give the other party the appropriate time to heal. Do not go into overdrive by being apologetic but show the necessary changes in your behaviour hereon. Saying sorry is the first step towards doing right a wrong.

Take a break

In the middle of a heated argument, it is often good to leave the room to blow off some steam. You can resume the argument in a conversational tone once you have cooled down. In a fit of anger, your perspective gets clouded. Maybe, taking a break will make you see the bigger picture. 

 Try not to go to bed angry

It is always good to resolve the matter before calling it a night. The next day is a fresh beginning and you do not want to be bitter to your partner the first thing in the morning. Make the effort to see the argument through to its logical conclusion. 

Don't dig out past issues

Digging out past issues in a fight should be avoided. This steers away from the issue at hand and can be very irritating at times. It is sensible to keep the argument at hand limited to the topic of discussion. Digging out old graves will only add to your woes.

Be receptive

Be receptive during arguments. Do not be stubborn. Stand by your point, if you feel you are correct, but don't be Mr or Mrs Know-it-all. Try to reach the middle ground and figure out ways to keep the relationship going. 

Don't raise your hand

Keep the argument verbal and do not get physical with your partner. In a fit of rage, things can get out of control easily and one may end up geting hurt, even if unintended. Keep you hands to yourself and refrain from throwing things or getting in close proximity with your partner if you have serious anger issues.


Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional advice. 



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