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  4. France's man calls himself 'Black Alien' after covering body with tattoos, reminds netizens of Stranger Things

France's man calls himself 'Black Alien' after covering body with tattoos, reminds netizens of Stranger Things

France's man named Anthony Loffredo has amputated fingers, a slit tongue and several tattoos on his body. He started experimenting with his look at the age of 27. Check out his pictures and entire story here.

Prerna Yadav Written By: Prerna Yadav New Delhi Updated on: July 23, 2022 13:46 IST
Black Alien

France's man named Anthony Loffredo has undergone a massive body transformation. He has covered his body with dark tattoos from head to toe including his eyeballs. He calls himself 'Black Alien' and has also split his tongue to give it a fork like appearance. To make his left hand look like a claw he has amputated two fingers. Inspired by the pop culture, Anthony Loffredo has done it all to look closer to fictional popular alien characters. He has a decent following on Instagram with 1.2 million followers in a span of seven years. His account is filled with his pictures from his travels and workout. Reportedly, Anthony started experimenting with his looks at the age of 27. 

Recently, he opened up about the struggles he has to go through because of his unique look. He revealed that he has to go through several difficulties to earn a living for himself. People around him mock him and he has to face a lot of wraths. Indy100 quoted him saying, "I can't find a job, there’s lots of negative stuff. It could be positive because you feel better, but you have to know there’s also a dark side."

"It's a fight every day, because every day you find new people who don’t understand, who want to judge. It’s life, not everyone understands everything. Like me, I don’t understand lots of things about lots of people. You can’t judge someone, no one knows what’s inside someone’s head, why they’re doing that, you need to talk with this person," he added.

Netizens reactions 

Although Anthony enjoys a massive following on Instagram he has to face the heat of the people. Several users took to social media and reacted. One of the users wrote, "Isn't he the bloke from season 4 of Stranger Things?" Another said, "What did he expect?..a wee boy on a bike to wrap him in a red blanket   sit him in his basket and take off ?" A user also wrote, "Seems like he’s alienating himself." "This is genuinely scary as shit," said another.

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