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7 Worst tech gifts for Christmas 2019: Things you should NOT think of gifting

Christmas is almost here. Here are the worst tech Christmas gifts you should avoid in 2019.

India TV Tech Desk Written by: India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Published on: December 21, 2019 19:01 IST
Worst tech Christmas gifts 2019

Worst tech Christmas gifts 2019

Christmas is just around the corner and one thing that occurs to everyone’s head right now is to decide what to gift and to whom. Although more often than not, we are on a quest to find best gifting options, we can still go for options that aren’t that pleasing and tend to ruin the whole Christmasy vibe.

Hence, we are here with a mini list of the worst tech Christmas gifts you should avoid and totally not consider for your loved ones:

7 Worst tech Christmas gifts 2019

1. Drones

Drones were (and to some extent are) popular in the tech world. There was a time when drones were a hot topic and people wanted to get hold of it at least once. It might be good for companies trying to make food delivery easy or people who want aerial photography, but for a layman it isn’t.

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Now, in 2020, gifting drones to people is downright vague for two reasons. First, the device can’t prove useful for everyone (not everyone can love the idea of owning a drone), and second, spending a good amount of money on it is something you should just not do.

2. VR Headsets

It might bring a whole different world forth us, but it isn’t a feasible option to put your money on. Agreed, it enables the virtual reality or augmented reality or both elements for us, we don’t suggest spending your money (something that will prove heavy on your pockets).

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VR Headsets

While the concept of VR headsets has been there for a while, we still have smartphones and apps that don’t support the tech. Additionally, the VR gear proves really bothersome to wear for a long while, which can prove annoying.

Therefore, it would be best if you try looking for other options and ignore untick VR headsets from the list.

3. Hoverboards

The word is definitely familiar and we all wanted it when it got popularized back in 2015. However, in 2020 (half a decade later) the hoverboard as a gifting option stands nill. 

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The concept behind it sounds and appears cool; the idea of going to places seems like an option, but it’s not really safe. You need to get the hang of it to use it plus there have been reports of hoverboards catching fire and being banned on flights. Plus, they are expensive and isn’t a practical option to gift.

Hence, let’s leave the option to aside and try other options instead.

4. Wireless chargers

You might be thinking that wireless chargers are the hottest pieces of tech and still it is present in the worst tech Christmas gifts list -- well, there’s an answer. Even though the technology is something every company is adapting and we might soon totally go wireless charging, it still isn’t there for all the smartphones available.

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Wireless chargers

Another reason the option is a no-no is because reports have suggested that it wireless chargers can lead to the deterioration of battery life of a smartphone. Furthermore, gifting the ones from unknown companies can also prove harmful for the batteries.

Therefore, its best to avoid it as a gift.

5. Snapchat Spectacles

It was a bad option last year, and still is. Snapchat introduced the spectacles so that users can click images by wearing it and post it on the photo-sharing app by syncing it with the app. However, the device proved to be a flop, both in terms of popularity and sales. Still, the company introduced a second edition of the same, only to get disappointed again.

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Snapchat Spectacles

The pair of specs doesn’t really come with a good reason to use and its existence is questionable, especially when they cost around Euros 149 for the original one and Euros 199 for the second generation.

6. A pair of wired earphones

Gone are the days when we needed wired earphones to listen to music. Since it’s the age of most things wireless, the wireless audio accessories have gained immense popularity and for good reasons. The wireless earphones/headphones are something we all find convenient to use and the various features enabled in them act as a cherry on the cake. 

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Wired earphones

Hence, just avoid considering wired earphones as an option as many rely on wireless ones and spend your money on them instead.

7. NoPhone

The device was developed with a good cause; to reduce a person’s smartphone addiction. However, the name itself has its answer -- do not go for it. The device does nothing and has literally nothing good to offer, except for the fact that it is toilet-bowl resistant.

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You might think it could help you big time but for techies, it isn’t an option. While it is priced at just $12, it still is a waste of money for you. If you want to reduce your smartphone, try apps for the purpose and not the NoPhone.

The NoPhone is a total no for a Christmas.

We hope the list of the worst tech Christmas gifts 2019 helps you make a better gifting decision and you choose options people will actually like!

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