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Boxing Day Test, Day 2 Highlights: Australia trail by 435 runs after India declare at 443/7

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India vs Australia, 3rd Test: Hosts Australia were 8/0 at stumps, trailing India (443/7 decl) in the first innings at the end of day two in Melbourne.

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New Delhi Updated on: December 27, 2018 13:29 IST
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Boxing Day Test, India vs Australia Third Test match, Day 2, Live Cricket Score: Rohit accelerates after Rahane's departure

HIGHLIGHTS, India vs Australia, 3rd Test, Day 2: Hello and welcome to our live blog of India vs Australia 3rd Test being played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). India rode on excellent half-centuries from debutant Mayank Agarwal and Cheteshwar Pujara to reach a commanding 215/2 at stumps on the opening day of the crucial Boxing Day Test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) here on Wednesday. Cheteshwar Pujara was batting on 68 while skipper Virat Kohli was on 47 at the other end when the umpires dislodged the bails for the day. They put together an unbeaten third-wicket stand of 92 runs after the new look opening pair of Mayank Agarwal and Hanuma Vihari gave the visitors a slow but steady start. With the four-Test series currently locked at 1-1, the tourists couldn't have asked for a better start to the third game after winning the toss and electing to bat on a docile MCG track. (IND vs AUS 3rd Test LIVE SCORECARD | Read in Hindi)

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HIGHLIGHTS, India vs Australia Third Test match, Day 2:

12.34 IST: Edged but just short! Bumrah lands it outside off, Finch plays at this with soft hands and that's what saves him. It goes on the bounce to Virat Kohli at third slip, who dives to his right and stops it. So this pair survives, it's STUMPS ON DAY 2!  AUS 8/0 in 6 Overs and IND 443/7 dec

12.30 IST: Beaten! Beautiful bowling. At 148 kph, Bumrah pitches it on a length on off. It comes in first, then moves away ever so late. Beats the outside edge of Marcus Harris' bat and goes to Rishabh Pant behind. AUS 5/0 in 5.1 Overs and IND 443/7 dec

12.29 IST: It was super quick over from Jadeja and a maiden too. AUS 5/0 in 5 Overs and IND 443/7 dec

* Jadeja comes into attack early in the innings

12.25 IST: That was close! Almost dragged it back on to the stumps. Bumrah bowls it full just outside off and Harris looks to play with a straight bat. It takes the toe end, bounce behind and goes over the stumps. How fortunate for the opener.  AUS 5/0 in 3.4 Overs and IND 443/7 dec

* We have a slight halt in play as the physio is out to have a look at Marcus Harris. He seemed fine, and should be okay to continue as well. But a quick scan wouldn't hurt anyone. 

12.20 IST: NASTY! Short ball and Harris tried to duck but the ball hits the helmet. AUS 5/0 in 3.2 Overs and IND 443/7 dec

12.19 IST: Only one run from over, Ishant Sharma is troubling Aaron Finch again. AUS 5/0 in 3 Overs and IND 443/7 dec

12.13 IST: DOUBLE! Solid Punch from Harris and the openers ran hard for the double. AUS 4/0 in 2 Overs and IND 443/7 dec

* Jasprit Bumrah to bowl from other end

12.10 IST: Nearly... nearly. Significant movement back in from around off, on a length, Finch just about manages to work it to backward square leg somehow. A single is taken. End of an eventful first over from Ishant. AUS 2/0 in 1 Over and IND 443/7 dec


12.05 IST: Ishant Sharma to Harris first ball of the innings Movement straightaway. Ishant lands it on off, it comes in at first and then moves away. Marcus Harris is squared up as he looks to defend and gets beaten. AUS 0/0 in 0.1 Over and IND 443/7 dec

* And the Aussie openers are out to bat 

* After almost two long days of batting, India have decided that what they have on the board is enough. Winning the toss and electing to bat, Agarwal and Vihari provided a solid start, with the former taking charge and scoring a fifty on debut. Kohli and Pujara then saw the first day out, continued in the second and eventually added 170 runs between them. The skipper scored a fine fifty, while Che went on to notch up a gritty ton. Towards the end, Rohit (who also scored a fifty) and Pant scored some quick runs and their partnership of 76 really provided the impetus India needed to peg Australia back.

* After almost two long days of batting, India have decided that what they have on the board is enough. Winning the toss and electing to bat, Agarwal and Vihari provided a solid start, with the former taking charge and scoring a fifty on debut. Kohli and Pujara then saw the first day out, continued in the second and eventually added 170 runs between them. The skipper scored a fine fifty, while Che went on to notch up a gritty ton. Towards the end, Rohit (who also scored a fifty) and Pant scored some quick runs and their partnership of 76 really provided the impetus India needed to peg Australia back.


* Well, here comes the declaration. Those quick runs added seem to be enough for skipper Virat Kohli. He's seen coming by the boundary line and calling his boys in. INDIA HAVE DECLARED ON 443/7!

11.56 IST: OUT! Hazlewood gets his man! This Test match is livening up now. An accurate short ball on middle and off, completely takes Jadeja by surprise as he can't do much other than hang his bat out. It goes off the glove and Tim Paine behind takes a regulation catch. IND 443/7 in 169.4 Overs


11.54 IST FOUR! First ball of the tour for Jadeja and he smashes it over mid-off for the boundary. IND 443/6 in 169.2 Overs

Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in.

11.50 IST: OUT! That ball went back as fast as it came to him. Overpitched around off, Rishabh Pant, with absolute disdain, dismisses it out of his sight as he smashes it straight back past the bowler for a boundary. IND 437/6 in 168.5 Overs

11.48 IST: FOUR! SMASHED!That ball went back as fast as it came to him. Overpitched around off, Rishabh Pant, with absolute disdain, dismisses it out of his sight as he smashes it straight back past the bowler for a boundary.  IND 437/5 in 168.4

11.38 IST: A full out-swinging delivery outside off, Pant leans into the shot and drives it through the covers. He runs the first one hard and manages to come back for the second. IND 421/5 in 166.4 Overs

11.36 IST: Starc bowl a yorker outside off stump, Rohit just guides it towards third man for single. IND 419/5 in 166.3 Overs

* Mitchell Starc returns to attack with new ball

11.28 IST: FIFTY! Fifty for Rohit Sharma, his 10th in this format. Well-deserved too. He was surely feeling a lot of pressure, will definitely take some off from his shoulders. He walks down the track and knocks it to long off for a single. IND 408/5 in 163.4 Overs

* Aaron Finch gets the ball now.

11.21 IST: FOUR! Half-tracker from Marsh and at his speed, Rohit will always pounce on this length. Sharma pulls this away in the air and no fielder out there in the deep. The ball runs away to the fence and Rohit moves onto 48. 400 comes up for the visitors. IND 403/5 in 162 Overs

 A long period of play after Tea. Australia picked up the wicket of Rahane and could have had Rohit as well as Pant had they held on to the chances that came their way. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened and India have moved on to 397, having added 51 runs in the session so far. What will be interesting is to see if India will want to have a go at the Aussie openers for a few overs before Stumps or will they continue batting and pile on as much as they can.

11.10 IST: Drinks Break... IND 397/5 in 161 Overs

11.05 IST: DROPPED! Cummins dropped a sitter of Rishabh Pant at long off. IND 392/5 in 158.5 overs

11.00 IST: FOUR! 'That's the way to play', yelps Michael Clarke on air. Short and on length at Marsh's pace, easy pickings for Pant as he swivels and hoicks this over square leg for a boundary. Good batting this. IND 390/5 in 157.3 Overs

10.55 IST: HUGE APPEAL! There certainly looked sounded like some noise there. The Aussies go up but the umpire doesn't bulge. Length ball outside off, Pant tries to drive this one but there is daylight between bat and ball as the replays show. The fielders have a talk and decide not to review. IND 384/5 in 155.3 Overs

10.53 IST: FOUR! Full and outside off and Pant goes for the lofted drive over cover this time. Gets the placement right and the ball has enough on it to just trickle over the rope in the end. IND 384/5 in 155.2 Overs

10.50 IST: Only three runs from Nathan Lyon over and Rishabh Pant is struggling against the off-spinner.  IND 380/5 in 155 Overs

10.44 IST: FOUR! Short and outside off, Rohit dabs it down through slip and gully for a boundary. Indian move to 375 and Rohit moves to 35. IND 375/5 in 153.2 Overs 

10.36 IST: Beautiful drive from Rohit Sharma and ran hard for three runs. IND 368/5 in 151.5 Overs

* Hazlewood comes in attack replacing Cummins

10.31 IST: It will be an interesting battle between Rishabh Pant and Nathan Lyon

* Glimpse of Nathan Lyon trap against Rohit and Rahane

* Rishabh Pant walks out to the middle next.

10.24 IST: OUT! Keeps low yet again and that is as plumb as it gets! Lyon has his first of the match and his first LBW of the series. Flatter ball on off and turns in while not even rising off the ground. Rahane who was stuck in the crease to play off the back foot is helpless and can't get bat on ball. The ball raps him bang in front and it is a very easy decision for the umpire. Rahane doesn't even consider reviewing as he walks off. 62-run stand between the two R's has been broken. IND 361/5 in 149 overs

10.17 IST: FOUR! Boundary was written all over it and Rohit smashes it hard for the four in the gap. IND 355/4 in 147.1 Overs

10.15 IST: DROPPED! Loud appeal there! The ball seems to be doing a little too much there and might have missed leg stump. Ian Gould is unmoved. Looped up on off and Rohit who was trying to work it on the leg side misses and gets rapped on the pads. The Aussies decide not to go upstairs. Replays show the ball would have missed the stumps. IND 351/4 in 146.5 Overs

10.14 IST: Loud appeal there! The ball seems to be doing a little too much there and might have missed leg stump. Ian Gould is unmoved. Looped up on off and Rohit who was trying to work it on the leg side misses and gets rapped on the pads. The Aussies decide not to go upstairs. Replays show the ball would have missed the stumps.  IND 350/4 in 146.2 Overs 

10.05 IST: Three runs from the over after Tea, India need to attack little more in this session to post big total. IND 349/4 in 144 Overs

10.03 IST: Cummins start the proceedings for the Australian team. IND 347/4

* We are back for the final session of the day. Rohit and Rahane take their positions as do the fielders. Rahane will face the first ball.

* Second Day, Session 3

* Probably for the first time in this Test match, that a session has been shared by both teams, to a certain degree at least. Starc and Cummins dismissed the two set batsmen, Kohli and Pujara respectively, and gave their side some hope. But since then, Rohit and Rahane have taking things under their control and even accelerated somewhat, especially the latter. 69 runs were added in this session, out of which 47 have come between the current pair. Maybe the Australians could take advantage in the final session with the ball turning a bit now? Or will the Rahane-Rohit pair go on to pile on more misery on the hosts? We'll soon find out.

09.40 IST: Another maiden over from Nathan Lyon but wicketless. IND 346/4 at Tea

09.35 IST: LEG BYES! FOUR! Poor line and he pays the price for it. Going down leg, Rahane looks to flick it fine, does so but off the pads. It races away to the fine leg fence for a boundary. IND 346/4 in 141.2 Overs

09.33 IST: On the pads and Rahane guides it towards fine leg to snatch 2 runs. IND 342/4 in 141.1 Overs 

09.25 IST: Only one run from Nathan Lyon over, he has bowl 35 overs till now and still remained wicketless. IND 338/4 in 139 Overs

09.18 IST: Another late cut from JINX but this time for two. IND 335/4 in 136.4 Overs

09.15 IST: Excellent timing, Rohit Sharma drives the ball through the covers but outfield was too heavy as he ran three runs. IND 333/4 in 136.1 Overs

09.12 IST: FOUR! Rahane clears the left leg and make some room for himself to cut the ball for boundary. IND 330/4 in 135.3 Overs

09.11 IST: MAIDEN OVER! Rohit seems to be struggling against fierce bowling of Mithcell Starc. IND 326/4 in 135 Overs

* Mitchell Starc returns to attack replacing Hazlewood

09.00 IST: FOUR! That's the first boundary for Rohit Sharma. Superbly played. Sees the ball landing short, so he rocks back and decides to take the pull shot on. Places it through mid-wicket and finds the fence. IND 324/4 in 132.4 Overs

08.57 IST: SHARP BOUNCER!  Rahane leaves it for the wicketkeeper, Aussies are now looking to dent Indian batting line up. IND 319/4 in 131 Overs

08.52 IST: Excellent running between the wickets and the over ends with four runs in it. IND 317/4 in 130 Overs

* Nathan Lyon has the ball in hand after drinks break

* Drinks break. Australia's hour after a pretty long time in the game. They have managed to see the back of Pujara and Kohli. The Indians are still slightly ahead at 313/4 and Rahane looking good in the limited time he has been out there but, the Aussies surely have got an opportunity to come back strongly if they pick up a couple more quickly. Nathan Lyon to resume after Drinks.

* Here is the glimpse of Virat Kohli's mega wicket

08.44 IST: FOUR! Wonderfully played late cut! Almost off the off stump. Short of a length ball on top of off stump, Rahane rocks back and cuts it away very late and in the gap through point and gully for a boundary. Lovely shot to end the over.   IND 313/4 in 129 Overs

08.37 IST: In the air but safe! This ball on a length has got stuck in the pitch again it looks like. It climbs a bit more as well and Rahane who was into his shot early gets the ball high on his bat. The ball lobs up but luckily for Ajinkya, it is short of the mid-wicket fielder. IND 304/4 in 127.3 Overs

08.34 IST: BYES! FOUR! Excellent Bouncer from Pat Cummins and it was above Paine's head and India past 300. IND 303/4 in 126.3 Overs

*Rohit Sharma is in at number 6.

08.27 IST: OUT! Bowled 'em! This has snuck through and Pujara can't believe that he has been bowled. But he will have to go. One brings two as they say. Cummins and the Aussies have struck against the run of play again. IND 299/4 in 125.4 Overs 

08.18 IST: Cut away beautifully by Rahane. Short and wide outside off, the Indian vice-captain is playing his shots and has placed this well through the covers. The batsmen have taken a triple by the time the ball comes back. IND 298/3 in 122.1 Overs

Ajinkya Rahane walks in at number 5, replacing his skipper.

08.11 IST: OUT! The partnership of 170 has finally been broken. Kohli has guided this straight down the throat of third man. Short of a length again outside off, Kohli goes for the deliberate lift wanting to get it over the fence at third man but doesn't have the pace on this one. It only goes right to a perfectly positioned fielder out there and a breakthrough for the Aussies. India 293/3 in 122.5 overs

08.09 IST: FOUR! Kohli is onn fire now, he pulls it again in same fashion but more power. IND 293/3 in 122.5 Overs

08.06 IST: Kohli pulls it in front over mid-on the bowl stops near the boundary rope and he ran three runs. IND 288/2 in 122.1 Overs

* Between the last over and the beginning of this one, Virat Kohli was seen with the physio. Maybe a stiff/sore back which he felt during that pull shot. Seems okay though, looks fine to continue.

07.54 IST: THREE! Kohli pushes it towards mid-on in the gap for three runs, Pujara looks little tired now. IND 288/2 in 119.4

07.49 IST: Short and fast by Mitchell Starc, Pujara look clueless there and Starc frustrated. IND 278/2 in 118.4 Overs

07.46 IST: The first over after the Lunch is maiden and Pujara defends the ball well against Cummins. IND 277/2 in 118 Overs 

* Cummins to bowl the first over after lunch

* We are back for the 2nd session on Day 2. Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli and the fielders make their way to the middle along with the umpires. Pujara will take strike.

07.40 IST: Second Day, Afternoon Session ...


* One more session in India's pocket. The runs might have not come in bulk, but the visitors did not lose a single wicket. Pujara scored his ton, while Kohli has cautiously been going about his business as well. There were a couple of nervy moments, especially for the Indian skipper, but luck seems to be with him today. Australia needed early wickets but they failed to get any. The surface today is the best one for batting, and the second session is only going to get better under the baking sun. The hosts might be in for a long day on the field. Join us on the other side of the break for all the action.

07.00 IST: Back of a length outside off, Pujara opens the face of the bat and runs it past the man at gully for a single. LUNCH ON DAY 2! IND 277/2 in 117 Overs

06.57 IST: Kohli just opened the face of his bat and guides it for the single, it was in the air for few seconds. IND 275/7 in 116.3 Overs

06.46 IST: FOUR! Hundred for Cheteshwar Pujara, his 17th in this format. Take a bow, maestro. Another gritty knock. Has to be up there with one of his best knocks. He's played Lyon so well and continues to do so even now. Gives the charge and drills it through mid off to find the fence and get to the milestone. IND 271/2 in 113.1 Overs

06.38 IST: Only one run from Nathan Lyon over, Pujara in no hurry to reach his century. IND 265/2 in 112 Overs

06.32 IST: THREE! Running marathon continues for the two batsmen in the middle as Pujara placed it into the gap for three. IND 262/2 in 109.4 Overs

06.24 IST: FOUR! Lovely shot from Pujara. He gets his dancing shoes on and skips down, gets close to the pitch and hammers it through the covers to find the fence.  IND 259/2 in 107.3 Overs

06.22 IST: FOUR! As sweet as cotton candy. Beautiful shot from Virat Kohli, they don't get any better than this. Overpitched delivery on off, the Indian captain just presents the full face of the bat and times the drive through mid on perfectly for a boundary. Magic. IND 255/2 in 107 Overs

06.16 IST: THREE! Pujara stepped down the pitch and guide it in the gap ran three runs and India reach 250. IND 250/2 in 105.3 Overs

06.15 IST: Another maiden over from Josh Hazlewood, Kohli is very cautious in outside the off stump area. IND 247/2 in 105 Overs 

06.10 IST: Only one run from the over after drinks break and Pujara slow innings continues. IND 247/2 in 104 Overs

* Drinks has been summoned by the umpires. Another hour of play that India will be pleased with. Slow-going but no wicket lost and the visitors will know it is all helping in building a launch pad for the batsmen to come in later.

06.02 IST: MAIDEN! Pujara looked in full control in this over and gave no chance to bowler. IND 246/2 in 103 Overs

05.52 IST: EDGED AND FOUR! The trap was set with an unconventional second slip who was wearing a helmet and a little more ahead than where a normal second slip would have been. Maybe that's what made him not dive for the catch. The ball goes just where a normal second slip would have been and the Australians can't believe their luck or Virat's. Length ball outside off to which Kohli comes ahead to drive but the ball takes a genuine outside edge and runs away wide to the right of Finch at that position. The chance may have just come and gone. IND 245/2 in 100.2 Overs

05.50 IST: Only one run from Nathan Lyon over, Kohli-Pujara look calm and composed. IND 241/2 in 100 Overs

* Spin come into attack early, Nathan Lyon replacing Pat Cummins

05.46 IST: A short clip of Virat Kohli innings till now.

* Josh Hazlewood comes into attack replacing Mitchell Starc

05.34 IST: FOUR! Catch it was the call but the ball was well in control of the batsman. Full and outside off, Pujara comes ahead and drives the ball with an open face through the gap to the left of point. No third man and an easy boundary. IND 240/2 in 96.2 Overs

05.28 IST: Full and angling down the leg stump, Kohli tries to flick but misses and gets hit on the pad. Slight appeal but it's only from the bowler. The replays confirm that the ball was clearly going down leg. The batsmen, meanwhile run through for a couple of leg byes. IND 234/2 in 94 Overs

05.21 IST: Beautiful delivery! On a length just outside off and straightens a tad bit after landing. That beats Kohli who was looking to play it straight back down. Inches from the outside edge. Really good ball from Cummins! IND 232/2 in 93.4 Overs

05.15 IST: Starc to Kohli and Indian skipper looks good early on Day 2 and just pushes the ball into the cover and run three. IND 230/2 in 92.2 Overs 

05.10 IST: THREE! Full again but this time a little off target, on the pads and easily flicked away through mid-wicket. The ball doesn't reach the fence but the batsmen come back for 3 runs by the time Marsh retrieves the ball. IND 227/2 in 90.4 Overs

05.08 IST: FOUR! Streaky, Australia won't mind this. Very full and on target, with the ball swinging inward. Pujara tries to dig the ball out but it takes the outside edge and runs away to the fence through the gap between the slip cordon and gully. The 100-run stand also comes up between these two. IND 224/2 in 90.3 Overs

Mitchell Starc to bowl from the other end.

05.05 IST: FIFTY for Kohli! 20th in Tests. A full ball on middle that is flicked away to deep mid-wicket and the batsmen have enough time to come back for three. Good innings so far and the Indians would love for it go on long. 4 runs off the first over. IND 219/2 in 90 Overs 

05.00 IST: Pat Cummins to start the proceedings for Aussies on Day while Cheteshwar Pujara will face the first ball. IND 215/2 in 89 Overs

04.59 IST: Pitch Report - Allan Border feels that the pitch has dried out well and become harder than yesterday. He says that the surface should start assisting the spinners, and especially Ravindra Jadeja would be happy to bowl later on in the game with some rough patches being formed outside the left-hander's off stump. Also adds that the weather is pretty sunny and will aid in becoming the pitch becoming better for batting. He signs off by saying that Day 2 should be the best day for batting and India will be looking to post a huge total.

04.55 IST: The opening day saw Mayank Agarwal score a fifty on debut, while Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli took things further from there. The pitch isn't exactly providing much assistance, but the Australian pacers showed some signs of life towards the end of day's play on Day 1. Pat Cummins was their best bowler, but some concerns remain over Nathan Lyon who picked up a slight knock while on the field. He should most likely be fine for today, the Aussies will surely hope that, otherwise that puts a huge dent in their plans. We have an exciting day ahead of us, so let's see how it pans out.

04.52 IST: Hello and welcome for Day 2 of the Boxing Day Test at the MCG. It's quite nicely poised as things stand. At the end of Day 1, you could argue India have their noses slightly ahead in this Test, but the fact that Australia didn't let them motor away with the runs will give them enough reason to believe they can very much come back in this contest. A couple of early wickets and things become interesting again.

04.50 IST: Second Day, Morning Session ...

Live Cricket Score, India vs Australia, 3rd Test, Day 2 from Melbourne:

Brief Day 1 Report: Star batsmen Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara mastered a placid pitch to place India in a strong position at 215-2 after Wednesday's first day of play in the third Test against Australia. Kohli was unbeaten on 47 at stumps with Pujara on 68 at Melbourne Cricket Ground. The only two batsmen in the series so far who have scored centuries, Kohli and Pujara are both well-placed to add to their tallies of hundreds. Australia had hoped the second new ball would bring wickets late in the day's play. World No.1-ranked batsman Kohli had a tense moment on 47 when he appeared to edge a low catch to Tim Paine off the bowling of Mitchell Starc, but the wicketkeeper was unable to grasp the difficult chance. Kohli had won the toss and chosen to bat in sunny conditions on a pitch that had a covering of grass but offered little bounce and carry for the pace bowlers. (Read Full Report)

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