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Highlights, 2nd Test, Day 1: Head, Harris fifties leave India reeling in Perth

Hanuma Vihari and Ishant Sharma were the picks of the bowlers for India by taking two wickets each on the first Day of Perth Test.

India TV Sports Desk Written by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 14, 2018 16:09 IST
India vs Australia
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Live Cricket Score, India vs Australia, 2nd Test, Day 1: Head hits fifty after Vihari removes Marsh

India vs Australia, 2nd Test: Exciting day of cricket. Both teams would take this. India will love because Australia were 112/0 at one stage and cruising, as if they had suddenly been reminded that the Hayden-Langer era had re-begun. The hosts would be happy too, as divots have already started to appear and the pitch is starting to be up and down on Day 1 already. Did India miss a spinner? Were their pacers tired? Looking at the cracks opening up, surely Ashwin, Jadeja or Kuldeep would have been handy. Yes, Ashwin is injured but the other two would have been mighty effective, especially in the second innings. 

Highlights, India vs Australia, 2nd Test, Day 1

* Runs on the board are always important and the hosts have them. They stuck to the age-old technique of see ball, watch ball and the openers benefitted. There was a but of a stutter in the middle, as Australia lost 4/36 in the span of 114 balls but after that, Marsh and Head ensured that India spent more time in the field searching for wickets.

* Exciting day of cricket. Both teams would take this. India will love because Australia were 112/0 at one stage and cruising, as if they had suddenly been reminded that the Hayden-Langer era had re-begun. The hosts would be happy too, as divots have already started to appear and the pitch is starting to up and down on Day 1 already. So this looks like a good score.

15.23 IST: HUGE, HUGE APPEAL FOR LBW! Not out says the umpire! Inside edge, indicates Bumrah to his skipper. Boy, that looked close. Full and around off, coming back in sharply, Cummins looked to defend but got squared up. He is hit on the pads and India appeal but wood saves Patrick. STUMPS ON DAY 1, AUSTRALIA END ON 277/6!

15.22 IST: Cummins fighting hard in the last over to sustain till the end of the game. 

15.16 IST: Mohammad Shami returns to attack to bowl the second last over.

15.01 IST: FOUR! Short from Umesh and Tim Paine gets into the position early and pulls it towards mid-wicket region for a boundary. The captain needs to hang in there for a longer period of time.

14.58 IST: Umesh into the attack now. It looks like Kohli is trying everyone at his disposal to get a wicket in the fag end of the day.

14.56 IST: FOUR Byes! Unbelieveable! What a ball once again from Jasprit! How it has missed the off stump no one knows. The ball beats everything, including a lunging Pant who cannot reach the ball and it goes for four byes. Paine cannot believe what just happened there. The ball lands on off and moves away after landing. Completely beats Paine as he tries to play at it but cannot get bat on ball. Misses the edge, off stump and the keeper's gloves.

14.54 IST:  What a jaffa! The ball landed on a length outside off and straightens after landing. Paine who was looking to defend gets completely squared up and the ball goes to Pant at above chest height. There is an amazed look on the face of the batsman.

14.53 IST: Jasprit Bumrah back into the attack.

14.52 IST: Pat Cummins is the new man in.

14.48 IST: OUT! What a waste of a wicket! Head has literally thrown his wicket away. Loose and should be very disappointed. Australia lose their sixth. Ishant has got a wicket off his first ball with the second cherry. A loosener from Sharma to start off with. Well outside off and fuller in length. Head loses his composure as he goes chasing after this wide one and goes for an expansive drive. The ball takes the thick outside edge and carries to Shami who is at third man. Head thumps his pad with his bat as soon as the catch is completed to show his displeasure. And why not. India slowly clawing their way back, will look to finish the day strong. Australia 251/6 (82.1 overs)

14.46 IST:
Another sharp catch in the slips today from India and this time it was Rahane.

14.41 IST: The second new ball has been taken and given to Shami.

14.39 IST: FOUR! Full toss outside off and demanding punishment. Paine gives it just that as he drives it beautifully through the covers for four.

14.38 IST: The new ball is available now but Kohli has decided to continue with Vihari.

14.37 IST: FOUR! Cuts and cuts hard. Length delivery on off, Head slashes it hard towards the backward point region and the ball races away to the fence.

14.32 IST: Travis Head hits his third Test fifty and second in the series.

14.27 IST: Captain Tim Paine has come out to bat in the middle.

14.25 IST: OUT! What a catch by Rahane! He has held on to a really tough one here! Marsh cannot believe his luck. The ball was short outside off and demanded treatmet. Shaun looks to cut hard but only gets an edge that was traveling fast. Rahane at slip stays on his feet and takes the ball with the support of his chest as he somehow holds onto it. He falls backward after taking the catch but ensures the ball is stuck in his hand. India have their fifth against the run of play. Vihari, the 'part-timer' has his second. 232/5 now. Australia 232/5 (77 overs)

14.21 IST: FOUR!
Flighted on middle, Marsh comes down the track and drives it straight past the bowler and towards the mid on for a boundary. 10 from the over of Vijay.

14.19 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings there for Marsh. Drags it short on middle, Marsh flicks it through mid-wicket and the ball races away to th boundary.

14.19 IST: Murali Vijay in the attack.

14.17 IST: FOUR! This is played late, very late by Head. Short and well outside off, Head is deep in his crease and cuts the ball very late to the backward point boundary for four runs. Found the gap beautifully behind backward point this time.

14.01 IST: Ishant Sharma back on for India.

14.00 IST: FOUR! IN THE AIR....SAFE! Heart-in-mouth moment for Head. Full on middle, Travis comes down the track and is through his flick shot. Is not able to keep it down and the ball goes aerial. 'CATCH IT!' is the cry. But the ball goes right between short mid-wicket and mid on, racing to the fence.

13.52 IST: The two have now put on 50 runs for the fifth wicket. However, this could have been avoided if Pant had held on to a catch of Marsh off Vihari. How costly would it end up being?

13.49 IST: FOUR! Bowls it short outside off, Marsh cuts it towards the backward point region and the ball races away ot the fence. Also brings up the 50 run-stand between these two. Handy partnership after loosing the wicket of Handscomb early.

13.46 IST: FOUR! This is full and on middle. Marsh takes a stride ahead and drives this beautifully through mid on. Long off has no chance to come around and cut this as the ball races away to the fence. Good end to the over for the Aussies.

13.45 IST: DROPPED! The ball goes in and out. Lapse of concentration from both the batsman and the keeper as Shaun looks to cut this short one outside off and gets a faint edge on it. Pant is off balance as he tries to catch it and ends up grassing this one as the ball fails to stick. The ball went into the gloves and maybe the keeper just failed to close the gloves in time as the ball trickled out and Marsh gets a life.

13.40 IST: Shami has been called on by Kohli.

13.39 IST: Marsh and Head have quietly stringed together a good stand to cushion the four wickets that fell in quick succession. It doesn't look grim anymore as the two have settled in pretty well.

13.27 IST: FOUR! Loose delivery from Vihari. It was short and wide outside off, Marsh cuts and cuts hard through the backward point region and the ball races away to the fence. Vihari needs to slower his pace. He has been way to short and quicker in this over.

13.25 IST: WATCH - Virat Kohli takes a jaw-dropping catch to dismiss Peter Handscomb in Perth Test

13.25 IST: Vihari has come back on for India.

13.31 IST: Bumrah back on for India.

13.15 IST: The grab from Kohli at second slip. 

13.14 IST: FOUR! Loosener from Umesh. Short delivery on middle, Marsh quickly pounces on it and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. A rare bad delivery from Umesh after Tea.

13.07 IST: FOUR! This outfield is really quick! The ball was at the hips and Head just works it away off his pads to the right of deep fine leg. The fielder has no chance as the ball runs away to deep backward square leg fence.

13.05 IST: FOUR! Good shot from Marsh. Wide and outside off, Marsh hangs back and cuts it through point and the ball races away to the fence.

12.59 IST: FOUR! Almost had two-in-two. From around the wicket, and a snorter to welcome Head. He is uncomfortable as he tries to fend it off and looks like it has gone off his glove and above Kohli's head for four runs.

12.59 IST: Travis Head is the next batsman in.

12.58 IST: OUT! Kohli has pulled off a one-handed stunner here! An incredible catch while jumping towards his right and Handscomb has to walk back. Ishant gets his first and India have their fourth. Just what they would've wanted after the Tea break. The ball is one that bounces way more than Handscomb would have expected as he puts his bat loose outside off in an attempt to run this one down to third man. He just gets an outside edge that flies to the right of Kohli at second slip. But lo and behold, the Indian skip just puts his hand out and the ball has stuck. Kind of thing that can lift the fielding team no limits. Australia 148/4 (54.1 overs)

12.52 IST: We are back for the final session of play on Day 1. The players stroll out onto the field along with the umpires. Will we see Handscomb and Marsh build a partnership or will we see the Indians picking up quick wickets? Handscomb to face the first ball of the session from Umesh.

12.40 IST: It is a hot day and understandably, the Indians are taking a lot of time to bowl their overs. 37 left in the day. Surely we would be going into extra time, unless Vihari bowls more.

12.39 IST: Just goes to show you that a Test match is never over till it is actually over. At 112/0, the Aussies might have felt on top of the world, as the number 1 Test team was struggling to pick up a wicket. But suddenly, in the space of 79 balls, three have gone by and they now have two new batsmen out in the middle.

12.34 IST: TEA! Sensational comeback from India. After a brief period post Lunch where they struggled in keeping the runs down, they have owned this session, picking up 3 wickets, which included both the set batsmen. With the heat forcing the cracks to open and widen, the batsmen are finding it more and more difficult to play. Australia 145/3 (53 overs)

12.30 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the last over before tea

12.22 IST: FOUR. The Australian batsmen have run four runs.

12.16 IST: OUT! Hanuma Vihari has got rid of the set batsman! Boy, what a move from Virat Kohli. That is what tomorrow's papers will read. But mind you, this has got more to do with the pitch. It is not even Tea on Day 1 but the cracks have already started to open and widen. Australia 134/3 (48.2 overs)

12.14 IST: Vihari into the attack.

12.06 IST: Shaun Marsh has walked into the middle and he received a huge ovation from the Western Australia faithful.

12.05 IST: OUT! Caught behind! Khawaja was never looking confident in his stay out there and has been relieved. He stands there in disbelief. Off his 37 strenuous deliveries, he has nicked off on his 38th. A nothing shot, to a short ball outside off. Just flayed hard, did not move his feet and paid the price. A well-deserved wicket for Umesh. He has been inconsistent but this will boost his spirits. Australia 130/2 (46 overs)

11.57 IST: EDGED, DROPPED, FOUR! Tough chance for Rahul. Short and outside off, Harris looks to cut but gets an outside edge. The ball flies and the fielder leaps too, at second slip. The ball bursts through his palms and races to the third man fence.

11.53 IST: The game has slowed down again after the dismissal of Finch. Khawaja hasn't quite set off and is keeping it simple. Harris on the other hand, has slowed down. The Indian pacers have been on target so far after Finch's wicket.

11.37 IST: Khawaja and Harris has handled Bumrah well after his initial burst following lunch.

11.19 IST: Vihari has been taken off from the attack and Ishant Sharma is on. India looking to mount pressure on the new man.

11.16 IST: Usman Khawaja is the next man in.

11.15 IST: OUT! The first finally one goes. Finch seems to have been trapped plumb in front here. There was conviction in the appeal and yes, the finger goes up too. The ball was fuller and landed just outside off and tails in a bit after landing. Finch completely misses it and gets hit in front of middle. Doesn't go upstairs. Finch goes for 50. Australia 112/1 (35.2 overs)

11.12 IST: FIFTY! It's Aaron Finch now. He gets his second international fifty.

11.09 IST: FOUR! Two in two, full and wide outside off again, Finch has no half-measures in this one as he drives it slightly more square this time for four. Poor start from Hanuma.

11.09 IST: FOUR! Starts off with a rank half-volley outside off, Finch leans into it and drives it through the covers all the way for four.

11.09 IST: Hanuma Vihari into the attack.

11.05 IST: 100 comes up for Australia after 33.3 overs. Great beginning from the hosts after opting to bat at the Perth Stadium. They have also got quick runs after lunch to pile on the pressure.

11.01 IST: FIVE WIDES! Harsh on Umesh. A sharp bouncer, around middle, Harris ducks but the ball shoots up after landing. Poor Rishabh Pant leaps a furlong but the ball escapes his outstretched right glove.

10.56 IST: Surprising sight in Perth. WACA then, Optus now.

10.51 IST: FOUR! Fine way to end the over! A bit short of a length outside off, Finch punches it through the covers and gets a boundary!

10.50 IST: FIFTY! Maiden Test fifty for Marcus Harris. The boy from Western Australia has finally arrived and at his home ground. Full and around middle, Harris tucks it towards mid-wicket and takes a quick single. Punches his fists in the air and celebrates. He has shown grit, determination and patience so far.

10.49 IST: FOUR! CARESSED! Full and outside off, Harris leans into this one and drives it through the covers for a boundary! Moves on to 49...

10.42 IST: FOUR! Ho ho ho! Second of the over! Full and outside off again, plenty of width this time, Harris leans and drives it gloriously through the covers once more!

10.41 IST: FOUR! That is a cracking shot. Full and wide outside off, Harris leans and drives it through the covers for a boundary!

10.39 IST: Shami to share the ball with Umesh.

10.38 IST: Four runs from the first over after lunch.

10.36 IST: Umesh Yadav to start the session for India.

* Out come the players. The Indian take the field, followed by the Victorian pair of Harris and Finch.


09.59 IST: Unbelievable opening session for Australia. Though India pulled it back nicely after Drinks, but it has been the hosts' session. They set the tone in the first hour, going at nearly 4 an over and then have been cautious enough to not throw it away.

09.55 IST: And that is lunch. Australia 66/0 (26 overs)

09.38 IST: EDGED, FOUR! A run after a string of 21 dots. On a length outside off, Finch looks to drive but the ball moves away, takes the outside edge, albeit going onto the ground. Lokesh Rahul dives to his right at second slip but the ball is well wide of him and races to the third man fence. Would not have carried to the third slip fielder, even if he had been there.

09.36 IST: The batsmen have got set to the pace and bounce of the track pretty well and it will now be difficult for India to get a breakthrough. With no variation to offer, the Australians need to commit a mistake to get themselves out of here. Perhaps a spinner could have helped now to change things up.

09.27 IST: 20 overs gone and India have not been able to get a wicket despite all the four pacers having a crack. Australia 58/0

09.07 IST: Huge shout for LBW again. Not out once more. Kohli asks Shami for a review. The bowler shakes his head.

09.05 IST: That's the 50-run stand for the hosts. Australia 53/0 (15 overs)

09.03 IST: FOUR! What a shot. Not an easy one to play at all, especially with that height. David Warner usually plays that shot, but with both feet in the air. Harris though, has his feet grounded.

08.53 IST: 13 overs gone and time for some drinks. Australia 47/0

08.49 IST: Eventful first over from Shami.

08.47 IST: Another LBW appeal belched out. Turned down again. Kohli asks for the review once more. This time, Shami himself is not interested. Similar ball to the previous one, coming in with the angle, Aaron misses his flick again, getting hit on the pads. Again, the umpire is unmoved. Height was the factor again. This time though, Hawk Eye showed it to be clipping the top of middle stump.

08.45 IST: NOT OUT! MISSING THE STUMPS! Hmmm... the Perth bounce. On a length around off, coming in, Finch looked to defend but missed it due to the bounce staying a touch low. Got hit on the pads and Shami roared. Kohli roared. The people from behind the stumps were not so ecstatic on the review but an adamant Kohli wanted it. Well, it did look close on the replays but Hawk Eye showed it to be going over. India lose a review!

08.43 IST: Mohammed Shami into the attack.

08.42 IST: FOUR! Edged away. On a length outside off, Harris feels for it but the ball away, takes the outside edge and goes past gully to the third man fence.

08.40 IST: FOUR! Harris drives it straight past the bowler and towards mid off for a boundary.

08.40 IST: The Indians haven't been able to to take any wickets in the first half an hour and more. The Aussie openers have negotiated it well so far. Australia 37/0 (10 overs)

08.30 IST: Umesh Yadav replaces Ishant for India.

08.25 IST: Harris in full flow.

08.23 IST: FOUR! Make it two in two ball. Identical delivery, Harris again drives it straight past the bowler for a boundary. Good positive batting from the opener.

08.22 IST: FOUR! It was bowled full on middle, MH stylishly drives it straight past the bowler and the ball races away to the boundary. Good shot that from Harris.

08.20 IST: On NO! No-ball problem returns to haunt Ishant Sharma.

08.20 IST: FOUR! Errs in line and length and gets the punishment for it. Bowls it full down leg, Harris tickles it fine off his pads and the ball races away to the boundary.

08.18 IST: FOUR! Streaky but effective. Back of a length around off, Finch opens the face of the bat and guides it towards gully and the ball races away to the fence.

08.09 IST: Ishant swings one back in and hits Finch on the pad but height and the movement saves him.

08.05 IST: Finch has looked a busy player so far in the match. He is dropping the ball for singles, putting the bad ones away. Welcome sight for the Australians.

07.59 IST: Five runs from the Bumrah over. Australia 5/0

07.56 IST: FOUR! Finch off the mark with a brilliant pull shot. It was dragged short and Finch pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. Good positive start from the opener.

07.55 IST: Jasprit Bumrah has the ball from the other end.

07.53 IST: Swing and seam up front for Ishant. Maiden to begin with.

07.50 IST: And we are underway at the Perth Stadium.

07.48 IST: The players have taken the ground. Aaron Finch and Marcus Harris out there in the middle for Australia, Ishant has the ball for India.

07.35 IST: This is the second time this year and fourth overall when India have gone without a specialist spinner. India went with three seamers and Hardik Pandya in Johannesburg earlier this year, which India won.

07.26 IST: Teams: 

Australia: Marcus Harris, Aaron Finch, Usman Khawaja, Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Travis Head, Tim Paine (C & WK), Pat Cummins, Mitch Starc, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood

India: KL Rahul, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (C), Ajinkya Rahane, Hanuma Vihari, Rishabh Pant (WK), Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Ishant Sharma

07.23 IST: Australia have opted to bat after winning the toss.

07.09 IST: It's 32 degrees in Perth with a humidity of 61 per cent and two per cent chances of precipitation.

07.05 IST: Could Umesh Yadav play at the Perth Stadium?

07.04 IST: The grass remains. Both the teams will be up for a fiery challenge.

Brief Preview: Most Indian teams of the past would be wary of a green top but the  Virat Kohli-led side will see it as an opportunity to bulldoze the Australians when the second Test begins on a pitch offering plenty of pace and bounce at the brand new  Optus Stadium, on Friday. The mood in the Indian camp was summed up best by the skipper after a green pitch was unveiled on eve of the maiden Test at the new facility. (Read Full Preview Here

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