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AI Steve: All you need to know about artificial intelligence candidate running for UK Parliament

Know about AI Steve, (represented by businessman Steve Endacott), who is set to run for the Parliament seat in the UK's upcoming general election.

Written By: Vaidehi Jahagirdar London Published on: June 18, 2024 15:08 IST
UK Parliament Elections
Image Source : LINKEDIN: STEVE ENDACOTT Meet AI STEVE: the world’s first AI-powered MP, standing in Brighton Pavilion

In a groundbreaking move for British politics, an artificial intelligence candidate known as "AI Steve" is set to appear on the ballot for the United Kingdom’s general election next month. Represented by Sussex businessman Steve Endacott, AI Steve will run alongside traditional candidates to represent constituents in the Brighton Pavilion area of Brighton and Hove.

Steve Endacott, the chairman of Neural Voice—a company specializing in personalized voice assistants—developed AI Steve as part of his effort to create a politician who is always accessible to constituents. In one of his interview to international media outlet, he said, “AI Steve is the AI co-pilot." “I’m the real politician going into Parliament, but I’m controlled by my co-pilot,” he added.

What is AI Steve?

AI Steve is one of seven AI characters created by Neural Voice to showcase its technology. Designed to enhance political engagement, AI Steve allows constituents to ask questions and share opinions on policies through its website, where a large language model provides answers based on a database of party policies. If AI Steve encounters an unfamiliar issue, it conducts internet research before engaging the voter and suggesting new policies.

How does AI Steve work?

Endacott's innovative approach involves using AI to maintain constant communication with voters. Constituents can interact with AI Steve to discuss policies and voice concerns, ensuring their views are considered in the decision-making process. This method aims to create a politician who is always present and responsive to public needs.

The Election and AI Steve's Role

The upcoming general election will see AI Steve running for the Brighton Pavilion seat, a constituency previously held by high-profile politicians. Endacott, who ran unsuccessfully in a local election under the Conservative Party in 2022, hopes the unique nature of his candidacy will garner more attention and support this time around.

Public Engagement and Policies

Endacott seeks to involve thousands of “validators” from Brighton, particularly targeting locals with long daily commutes. These validators will score policies weekly, and any policy receiving over 50% support will become official party policy. “Every single policy, I will say that my decision is my voters’ decision,” Endacott was quoted saying 

Meanwhile, it is pertinent to note that, if elected, AI Steve would become the first AI legislator in public office, setting a precedent for future political innovation. 



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