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Get ready for Agni-VI, which can deliver 4 to 6 warheads 6000 km away

New Delhi, Feb 5: The Defence Research and Development Organisation is developing Agni-VI with multiple warheads, which can reach targets 6,000 kilometres away.  In April last year, the Agni-V went on a successful maiden launch

Updated on: March 21, 2013 16:41 IST

The tactical and supersonic cruise missile BrahMos can carry one conventional warhead each.
Agni-VI project is yet to be approved by the Centre, but the DRDO has done all the requisite studies and has finalized the missile's design. Work on the engineering part has already started.
Indian scientists have also  figured out how to put  four or six warheads in the vehicle, how to disperse them and the pattern of their dispersal.
The warheads could be released in an order, one after another.
If one warhead were to hit a place, another could fall 100 km away from it, say the scientists.
Both Agni-V and Agni-VI have three stages, all powered by solid propellants, and their diameter is two metres.
While Agni-V weighs 50 tonnes and is 17.5 metres long, Agni-VI belongs to the 65-70-tonne class and will be 20 metres long.
“Agni-VI will be a massive vehicle,” say the scientists. It's too early to say when its first launch would take place. It would be road-mobile and blast off from trucks with launching platforms.

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