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Know why BJP MP's 10-year-old daughter calls 'Ajoba' PM Modi the 'coolest' person?

A 10-year-old girl Avika called 'Ajoba' PM Modi the coolest person when she was on a visit to his official residence in the national capital.

Bhagya Luxmi Edited By: Bhagya Luxmi @Bhagya_Luxmi New Delhi Published on: March 28, 2023 11:46 IST
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Image Source : ANI Know why BJP MP's 10-year-old daughter calls 'Ajoba' PM Modi the 'coolest' person?

An adorable picture is surfacing on social media where PM Modi can be seen standing with a cute girl. Let us inform you that this 10-year-old pretty girl is the daughter of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) MP Poonam Mahajan who met PM Modi at his official residence along with her mother, father, brother and maternal grandmother. The little girl also gifted Prime Minister Narendra Modi a handmade painting. 

Girl gifted the handmade painting to PM Modi 

The hand-painted card of a peacock is inspired by the bird that she had seen in the pictures of Modi at his Delhi home. This card also had a special message for the Prime Minister as Avika refers PM Narendra Modi as 'Ajoba' (grandfather) and sought his blessings.

PM Modi cracked a joke 

During the course of the meeting, PM Modi interacted with BJP MP Poonam's kids, asking her son about his horse riding experience. PM Modi further joked with Avika about fights between both siblings. "He eats away my food," a shy Avika is said to have told PM Modi, to which he burst into laughter while reminding her to share chocolates with her brother Aadya.

But what impressed Avika the most was when PM Modi asked her the meaning of her name. While the family said that it meant 'sunrise', to everyone's surprise, Modi said, "It meant the name of Goddess Ambaji in the Ambaji Temple in Gujarat." To this, Avika instantly said that she would visit the temple soon with her family.

Mahajan family has a deep-rooted connection with the BJP

The Mahajan family has a deep-rooted connection with the BJP. Poonam Mahajan's late father Pramod Mahajan was one of BJP 's senior leaders who commanded respect across the political spectrum. Poonam Mahajan is a two-time MP from Maharashtra. For Avika, who has only heard stories about her Baba (Pramod Mahajan), this was the first time she met a leader of the stature of Prime Minister Modi, who she often spoke to her mother about as her grandfather's friend.

Avika called PM Modi the coolest person 

Avika told her mother after the meeting that PM Modi was the coolest person she has ever met. The 10-year-old asked the Prime Minister if she could take a photograph with him as one of her friends has a photograph with him but only a group one. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who enjoys an excellent rapport with kids of all ages immediately obliged for pictures not just with her but with everyone in her family. The half-hour meeting saw the Mahajan Rao family reminiscing many memories

(with inputs from ANI) 

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