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Top 5 floating bridges that will give you a lifetime of experience

If you're looking for an exciting addition to your travel bucket list, you should consider visiting some of the world's famous floating bridges. Here are five of them that you mustn't miss.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: March 28, 2023 22:00 IST
five floating bridges
Image Source : FREEPIK These five floating bridges will give you a lifetime of experience; Know details

Floating bridges are some of the most interesting man-made structures in the world. They were originally built as temporary structures during wartime or emergencies to connect landmasses that are separated by a large body of water.

If you want to add something unique to your travel bucket list, consider visiting some of the world's famous floating bridges. Check out these five famous floating bridges that you should visit soon.

Shiziguan floating bridge

The Shiziguan floating bridge, also called the Long Bridge of Dreams, is located in Xuan'en County, in the southwestern part of Hubei province, China. It's a very popular pontoon bridge that's known around the world. The bridge is located in a beautiful area, surrounded by lots of green trees and a river. People who walk on the wooden plank bridge feel like they are floating on the water surface. 

Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge, Washington, US

The Third Lake Washington Bridge, also called a floating bridge, is located in the Seattle metropolitan area in the United States. It is  about 5,811 feet long, and is the fifth-longest floating bridge in the world! The old part of the bridge sank during repair work in 1990, but a new one was built in 1993.

Nordhordland Bridge, Norway

The bridge, located in Norway, crosses Salhusfjorden and connects two places called Klauvaneset and Flatøy. The bridge is about 5,295 feet long! It's made up of two types of bridges: cable-stayed and pontoon. The pontoon part of the bridge was built using special technology that's used for offshore structures in Norway. It's a very unique and impressive bridge!

William R. Bennett Bridge, British Columbia, Canada

The William R. Bennett Bridge stretches across Okanagan Lake and connects Kelowna and Westbank in British Columbia. This floating bridge is 1,060 meters long and can move in various directions, including pitch, roll, and yaw, responding dynamically to wind and waves.

Kozhikode's Beypore Marina Beach floating bridge, Kerala

Kerala's first-ever floating bridge was built in 2022, providing a unique marine experience to adventure enthusiasts. This floating bridge is 100 meters long and 3 meters wide, allowing tourists to float over the waves and witness this remarkable structure.

From China to Norway, and even in India's Kerala, floating bridges continue to attract tourists from all over the globe. As technology continues to advance, it will be interesting to see how floating bridges evolve in the future and what new wonders they will bring to the world.

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