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Here's how office interior can enhance productivity of employees

A lot of care should be given to spaces for walking and movement of the staff while considering about office interior.

Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: September 06, 2018 6:56 IST ]

The flooring of the office has to be hygienic and safe.

Office interior plays a vital role in boosting the performance of employees. From colours to placement of furniture, elements adding to the interiors of an office are quite significant. Interiors should be discreetly chosen keeping in mind the weather of the city, the kind of work performed by the employees and also to the extent the age group of the workers, say experts.

* Hygienic flooring: The flooring of the office has to be hygienic and safe. Flooring is usually divided into hard floors and soft floors. It must be ensured that the choice of flooring is thermal resistant, anti-static and inflammable. The flooring must also assist the acoustic dynamics of the office so as to reduce noise levels. In addition to these, the chosen flooring should also be easy to clean. Keeping in mind the environment protection, the flooring should also have a low carbon footprint.

* Light balance: Lighting play a very important part in supporting the moods of the employees and extreme care should be given to this aspect. The lighting system and design are utilized to create a productive and welcoming environment but minimizing energy use at the same time. It is also important to balance the heat and light coming into the building from outside. All efforts should be made to reduce visual glare discomfort. This will help protect the employees from eye fatigue, especially in IT and ITeS companies.

* Perfect colour blending: Colours bear a direct and significant impact on human mood, behaviour and productivity. Hues of blue and green are considered the most soothing.

* Comfort furniture: A lot of focus needs to be given to physical, cognitive, and social needs of modern workforce. Ergonomic (designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment) furniture is greatly recommended. The size of work tables is also important and adds to the comfort level of the employees. A size of 4*2 ft is an ideal size for enhancing productivity.

* Walking space: A lot of care should also be given to spaces for walking and movement of the staff. Spaces like corridors, public areas and aisles should be planned and must not be cluttered. It is important to make them ventilated, well illuminated and broad to cater to large crowds. These places require careful planning so as to boost the productivity of employees. This should also be done to reduce cost to company for injury or illness related to employees.

* Accessories: A lot of attention is paid to accessories these days in the offices, and rightly so. These accessories further improve the mood of the employees and also enhance the aesthetics of the place. An office that is clean with right furniture and accessories makes the employees want to come to work but too much of accessories should be avoided and only those items should be chosen that blend with the colour theme of the office.

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