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The Little Mermaid to Maleficent: A comparison between Disney's animated classics and their live-action films

The most cherished animated films in the entertainment industry are those produced by Disney. The live-action versions are even more spectacular. Here is a comparison between Disney's live-action films and its animated classics.

India TV Entertainment Desk Edited By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: May 23, 2023 19:41 IST
Comparison between Disney's animated classics and their
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/DISNEY_BOY_ANDY Comparison between Disney's animated classics and their live-action films

Disney, officially known as The Walt Disney Company, is a multinational entertainment and media conglomerate. Over the years, Disney has grown into one of the world's largest and most influential entertainment companies. Disney's story, characters, and music have significantly impacted global culture. These recognizable characters, like Mickey Mouse and the Disney princesses, have come to represent creativity, joy, and childhood. Disney's current focus is turning its beloved animation classics into blockbuster live-action features. Many have a stark contrast between them, and many consist of only a few differences. 

Here is a comparison between Disney's animated classic films and their live-action features

1. Cinderella

The 1950 animated picture uses conventional hand-drawn animation with a timeless fairy tale aesthetic that combines vivid colours, oversized character designs, and imaginative locales. The live-action movie, which was released in 2015, presents the story in a visually striking and accurate manner. Intricate set designs, lavish costumes, and stunning visual effects are used in the live-action movie to vividly depict the world of fairy tales. The animated movie has a more condensed plot and concentrates on the major turning points and fairy tale components. The live-action movie develops the plot and gives the characters more nuance. It includes more scenes and subplots, giving the story a more modern and sophisticated interpretation. 

India Tv - Disney's Cinderella


2. The Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent

"Sleeping Beauty" is a traditional Disney animated film known for its colourful, enchanting visuals and  fairy tale atmosphere. "Maleficent" visuals have a darker and more fantastical tone, reflecting the reimagined perspective of Maleficent. "Sleeping Beauty," released in 1959, is a traditional Disney animated film that tells the story from the perspective of Princess Aurora, the protagonist."Maleficent," released in 2014, is a live-action film that reimagines the story from the perspective of the titular character, Maleficent. "Sleeping Beauty" portrays Maleficent as a traditional villain, in contrast, "Maleficent" humanizes Maleficent explores the reasons behind her transformation into a villain and her eventual redemption. 

India Tv - Disney's Maleficent


3. Beauty and the Beast

While the live-action adaptation from 2017 builds on the story by including additional components and character backstories, the animated film from 1991 stays true to the fairy tale origins. The live-action movie gives the story intricacy and depth while also delving deeper into the characters interactions and motivations. The live-action movie lasts around 129 minutes, but the animated movie lasts roughly 84 minutes. For a more engaging storytelling experience, the live-action adaptation dives deeper into character development and develops specific plot aspects. In contrast to the live-action adaption, which depicts the Beast in more detail and texture, the animated film's character design and animation are more imaginative.

India Tv - Disney's Beauty and the Beast


4. The Jungle Book

The 1967 animated feature centers on Mowgli's interactions with jungle creatures and keeps a joyful and humorous tone throughout. The live-action adaption from 2016 keeps some of the original story's components while adding a more serious and dramatic tone. It explores issues of identity, belonging, and the conflict between the human and animal worlds as it digs deeper into Mowgli's journey. The animated movie is renowned for its catchy tunes, including "The Bare Necessities" and "I Wanna Be Like You," which have gone on to become standards in the Disney song library. Some of the iconic songs are still included in the live-action adaption, but new musical components have also been added to the mix, giving the narrative depth and passion.

India Tv - Disney's The Jungle Book


5. The Little Mermaid

The live-action movie has an impressive cast. Ariel, the young mermaid with human aspirations, will be played by Halle Bailey, best known for her work as a singer and as a member of the musical group Chloe x Halle. Although the fundamental plot will probably not change, live-action versions frequently add new components and conceivably go deeper into the characters' lives. Both brand-new music and cherished tunes from the animated movie's original soundtrack are anticipated for the live-action version. To write new music for the live-action adaptation, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alan Menken, who created the score for the original movie, are working together. Miranda is known for his work on the musicals "Hamilton" and "In the Heights."

India Tv - Disney's The Little Mermaid



(Written by- Suhani Lata Pandey)

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