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WATCH: Lady cop catches 9-foot long ‘Anaconda’ with bare hands in the video

If you're scared of snakes, this video is just not for you!

Written by: India TV Buzz Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: October 14, 2017 15:53 IST ]
Lady detective catches an anaconda with bare hands

Do you suffer from opiophobia or fear of snake? Then we must tell you that his video is not for you. What will you do if you spot a gigantic anaconda in front of you? Most of the people would freak out and run for their lives. But this video posted on Facebook by the Leon County Sherrif’s Office shows a detective handling a mammoth nine-foot long yellow anaconda like it’s a child play.  The video was posted on 12th October and ever since then it has collected over 2.5 lakh views and more than 2,700 reactions (most of them are from terrified viewers, of course!) 

“Our Detective Emily Shaw got an unusual call yesterday, but one she was equipped to handle. Detective Shaw has experience handling exotic snakes," reads the post having the video. It shows a detective trying to get hold of the snake with a thick branch. 

"It sure is slow moving," the person recording the video is heard saying. The snake moved quickly, throwing the detective back in a shock. 

Eventually, the cop lifts up the anaconda with her bare hands and puts it inside a bag. She makes it look so easy like she have been doing this all her life. 

The snake retaliates a bit and coils around her wrist, sending a chill down our spine! 

Reports say that the snake might have been a pet and have escaped his owner. 

"If you own an exotic pet- please be responsible. Make sure their cages are completely secure and if you decide you no longer want it, DO NOT release it into the wild. Instead, contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission," reads the post. 


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