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Tarot Reading Today, September 5: Leo to undergo challenges, know about other zodiac signs

Tarot Card Reading, Today, September 5: What do your tarot cards say about your zodiac sign? Know here

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: September 05, 2023 13:48 IST
Tarot reading
Image Source : FREEPIK Tarot reading 5th September 2023

Tarot Card Reading for Today, September 5: India TV exclusively brings daily tarot reading to you by Mystic Sonia. Know what the card has to say about your zodiac sign. 

  • Aries: The Star and The Chariot

A new beginning is underway for you, and you might be receiving signs indicating this. The Chariot card suggests that you're making efforts to move forward and take action. Your energy is in a positive direction.

  • Taurus: The Star and Knight of Cups

If you're dealing with matters of the heart, consider surrendering to the universe. Trust that things are already planned, and you don't need to force them. Let events unfold naturally.

  • Gemini: Three of Wands and King of Cups

It's a day for action, Gemini. While you may have many thoughts and emotions, it's essential to turn your plans into action. Taking concrete steps will lead to success.

  • Cancer: Page of Swords and Eight of Swords

You might be feeling unable to express yourself. It's crucial to share your feelings, even if you think you have no one to confide in. Find someone you trust or a confidant to talk to.

  • Leo: Eight of Swords and Ten of Pentacles

If you're burdened and find it challenging to open up, turn to your family for support. They can be your confidants and provide a listening ear during tough times.

  • Virgo: Ace of Pentacles and Eight of Cups

An opportunity may come your way that initially doesn't appeal to you. Reconsider it, as it could bring significant change. Give it another thought.

  • Libra: King of Pentacles and Three of Pentacles

Learning is essential for your growth and advancement. Consider enrolling in a course or acquiring new skills to reach your desired level of success.

  • Scorpio: The Sun and Seven of Swords

Luck is on your side with the Sun card, bringing positivity and good news. However, the Seven of Swords warns against avoiding challenges. Face them head-on with confidence.

  • Sagittarius: King of Swords and Six of Wands

Victory is within reach, Sagittarius. Express yourself clearly and seize the opportunity today. Waiting for the perfect moment might delay your success.

  • Capricorn: Queen of Pentacles and Justice

You're on the right path, and the universe is taking care of justice. Keep working diligently without worrying about the outcomes for now.

  • Aquarius: The World and The Judgment

You may be undergoing a transformative phase, possibly involving changes in location or circumstances. Embrace these changes as they lead to positive outcomes.

  • Pisces: Five of Pentacles and Ten of Pentacles

Financial abundance is within your reach, but it's essential to maintain positive relationships, particularly with your family and parents. Their support is valuable for your success.

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