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February 14, 2016
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The world's ten best main battle tanks

[ Updated 06 Feb 2013, 21:40:18 ]
The world's ten best main battle tanks

New Delhi: Convention wars may be passe, but the reality is that regional conflicts are on the rise, and tanks and armoured vehicles do come out for war, be it the Iraq War-I and II, Afghan War, Korean War, three India-Pak wars, or sundry other regional conflicts. 

While most people around the world are advocating world peace, the government of the so-called “super powers” never stop inventing powerful and destructive weapons like fighter aircrafts, nuclear weapons, tanks and many others.

One such invention is the Main Battle Tanks. Tanks are armored warfare vehicles designed and built specifically for front-line combats.  

They are known for their fearsome firepower, all terrain mobility and highly advanced defensive capabilities.

They were first used by the British Army on Sept. 15, 1916 at Flers-Courcelette, during the Battle of the Somme, as an effective means to break through the deadlock of the trench fighting.  

Following is a list of ten of the best tanks in the world, as rated by a leading U.S. military magazine.   

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