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February 8, 2016
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I would never run after a guy, says Roop Durgapal

[ Updated 29 Jun 2013, 08:54:59 ]
I would never run after a guy, says Roop Durgapal

Mumbai, June 29: Roop Durgapal, seen as aggressive Sanchi in "Balika Vadhu", may be running after Jagya in the show, but in real life she is not in favour of chasing guys.

"I am not in the favour of a girl running after a guy. My traditional thinking is that a guy should pursue first," Roop said here Thursday on the set of the show.

"Personally also I would never run after a guy. A guy should always pursue the girl," she added.

"Balika Vadhu", which comes on Colors, is currently focusing on Sanchi's love life. She has told her family that she loves Jagya (played by Shashank Vyas), Anandi's (Toral Rasputra) ex-husband, which has heightened the drama in the popular show.

Meanwhile, Jagya is unaware of Sanchi's feelings for him.

"If I would have been the writer of the show, I would have never written that because as a girl I myself feels awkward that I am running after a guy," said Roop, who has been part of shows like "Shama", "C.I.D." and "Babosa- Mere Bhagwan" and "Baalveer".

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