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‘Double meaning’ uncle ji's unique 'sexy' chole kulche goes viral on Instagram. Watch

Get ready to drool over Uncle Ji's next-level chole kulche, the street food sensation taking Delhi by storm!

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: April 02, 2023 10:00 IST
‘Double meaning’ uncle ji's unique 'sexy' chole kulche
Image Source : INSTAGRAM ‘Double meaning’ uncle ji's unique 'sexy' chole kulche

Trending News: Hello there foodies and kulcha lovers! Have you heard about the new sensation in Delhi's street food scene? It's none other than Uncle Ji and his "sexy and special chhole kulche"! Yes, you heard that right. Uncle Ji has taken the kulcha game to a whole new level with his unique and unconventional style of cooking and marketing. Thanks to the power of social media, Uncle Ji's fame has spread like wildfire. Food blogger Jatin Singh, aka @foodyjsv, recently shared a video of Uncle Ji and his advanced cycle, which is a full jugaad, by the way. 

The old man has attached gas cylinders, buckets, and utensils to his bicycle, making it a mobile kitchen on wheels. Who needs a brick and mortar shop when you can have a fully functional kitchen on a bike, right? But that's not all. Uncle Ji's secret weapon is his special almond oil, which he uses to make his kulchas. And let's not forget about his wicked dishes, such as sexy chhole and dancing kulchas. He adds tomato ketchup, onions, and lemon to his chhole, giving it a tangy and spicy flavor that's simply irresistible.

But wait, there's more. Uncle Ji is not your ordinary kulcha seller. He's a marketing genius, or should we say, a marketing guru. He claims that his food has special powers that can make teenagers and adult males more virile, stronger, and better in bed. Now, that's a bold claim, but who are we to argue with Uncle Ji? To attract customers, Uncle Ji moves around with a mini gong, inviting people to try his sexy and special chhole kulche. And boy, are people loving it! 

Watch the viral video of ‘double meaning’ uncle ji serving unique 'sexy' chole kulche here:

The video has gone viral, with over 650K people watching it and 227K people liking it. And the comments section is filled with praises and compliments for Uncle Ji and his delicious food. Some people even recognize Uncle Ji and say that he's already famous in South Delhi. Others compare him to Bollywood's Jackie Shroff, which is quite a compliment if you ask us. And then there are those who joke about Uncle Ji's "double meaning" marketing strategy, saying that they've eaten his sexy dish, but he didn't give chole again. 

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