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Dizo GoPods D Review: Value for Money

At Rs. 1,599, Dizo GoPods D offers a great truly wireless earphones solution. Here's it performs in the real world usage.

Devesh Arora Devesh Arora @aroradevesh
New Delhi Updated on: July 30, 2021 10:55 IST
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Dizo GoPods D feature a compact case. 

Dizo, under the Realme Tech Life has launched their first Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones in India. Aimed at budget-conscious buyers, the Dizo Goods D makes many compromises to offer a great listening experience without breaking your wallet. With low latency, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and an attractive price tag of Rs. 1,599, is the dream of a good cheap TWS has become a reality or is this another product you would regret 2 months after the purchase? Let’s find out.

Dizo GoPods D Review: Design and Build Quality

The Dizo Gopods D have a design resemblance to the Realme TWS products. The GoPods D look eerily similar to the Realme Buds Q series. This is not a bad thing. The earphones come in a pebble looking case with a charging indicator at the front and a micro-usb port at the end. However, the charging indicator does not double up as a battery indicator, which is something almost all TWS offers. The headset is made out of lightweight plastic with a big concentric circle design for the touchpad. The included silicone ear tips may not fit everyone, hence the company included 3 different sizes in the box.

The lightweight plastic construction also helps when using the earphones for a long time. However, I would recommend swapping out the Silicone eartips for foam eartips, if you plan on using the earbuds for an extended period of time for more comfort as the included Silicon tips are not particularly comfortable. 

While heading outside with the pair of truly wireless earphones, you will also need to carry the case around to charge and store the earphones when not in use. The case is lightweight and small. The pebble looking case is made out of  the same plastic the earphones are made out of. The plastic quality is not a great feeling or looks great. However, it is a compromise that we can accept for the price tag. However, the case feels light and I am always scared of breaking the hinge, as there is quite a bit of flex in the hinge design. 

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The physical buttons are quite useful.

The earbuds run for around 5 hours on a single full charge and the case can charge them back up in less than 30 mins. The case can charge the earbuds completely around 4 times before giving up. The Dizo GoPods D doesn't pack any active noise cancelling. The case doesn't support wireless charging, and as for the wired charging, the earphones charge via a Micro-USB port. Haven’t seen that port in a while. If you don’t have a micro-USB cable lying around the company includes a small while cable for your convenience. 

The company surprisingly was able to pack in gesture support for play/pause, next/previous track, answer/reject calls. The controls are intuitive, but there is feedback to tell you that the action has even registered. Even when pairing happens using this gesture pad, I had quite a bit of struggle to even figure out if the earphones had entered pairing mode or not. I like having physical buttons on the earphones or some form of haptic feedback to let me know that this gesture has been registered. One more problem with Dizo’s solution is that there is no volume control on the headsets themselves.

Dizo GoPods D Review: Sound and Performance

As for the sound quality, the Dizo GoPods D has a decent profile. The mids, highs, and lows all are a bit fine. The earphones are tuned to isolate dialogues. If you are a fan of pop songs, you will like these. There is a 10mm driver for bass, but it's no good when listening to bass-heavy songs. Listening to heavy metal, if you like heavy metal, you would be disappointed by the GoPods D.  

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They offer a comfortable fit.

In my review period, I even made a couple of phone calls using the GoPods D. The call quality is good. The microphone picked up my voice nicely. However, there were always some pairing issues, which can easily be fixed up with a firmware update from Dizo.

Dizo GoPods D Review: Verdict

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It features a micro-USB port.

The GoPods D are available at Rs 1,599. At this price, especially for a TWS earbud, nothing is really expected. If you consider that it can make calls without any issue, and offer sound quality that you will not hate to listen to, at this price, the Dizo GoPods D are a great buy.

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