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Wi-Fi Hotspot: All you need to know

We all have some of the other questions related to the internet, and today we would like to introduce you to the term called a WiFi hotspot- read to know what exactly is it all about.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: December 15, 2022 17:26 IST
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Wi-Fi Hotspot

In today’s time, we are totally dependent on the internet for so many things- from browsing social media, to shopping online (clothes, medicines, gadgets, groceries etc.) and even for banking. All we need is a smartphone with a good internet connection. 

Also, we all know we just don't survive on a single smart device in today’s time. Many of us prefer to travel accompanied by a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet/iPad or any other gadget which could help us to ease our lives through the internet, and enable us to live a connected life accordingly. 

Wifi is the second most demanded thing in today’s time. Wherever we go- travel or leisure, there are times when we need to have a good internet connection to entertain us or help us to solve our concerns at times. But there are places where we do not get a good internet data connection, there enters a saviour named as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. This is unfortunate, that many still do not know about the internet hotspot which is very commonly being used when a person is on the move.

Let us make you understand more about Wi-Fi Hotspot and how does it work.

What is Hotspot?

Each of us has a handset that contains an option of Wi-Fi, but how does it work?

The internet access points which enables the user to connect to a WiFi network by using a handset, computer, or any other device is said to be the WiFi hotspot. This could be activated when a person is away from home or when they are not on an internet network. 

In many places- cities, restaurants, cafes, hotels, business centres and more have already started to offer WiFi hotspots for public use. These hotspots support people to have faster internet access if we compare them to cellular network hotspots.

But still, questions like:

  • How does a WiFi hotspot work? Let us figure this out

A public WiFi hotspot works just like any Wifi network which you must be aware of. These hotspots are known to transmit a connection through the internet by using special wireless equipment. This equipment creates a WiFi network that can enable you to access the network and connect the smart devices- like tablets, computers, smartphones, or another device.
The speed, range and power of a WiFi hotspot may vary from places-to-places, and the main idea behind a WiFi hotspot is to help people get an internet connection that is as good as the inhouse internet.


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