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Hegde blames both AAP, BJP for the clash

Bangalore: Former Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde today said the attack on BJP headquarters in Delhi suggested it was planned by AAP but held both “guilty”, saying the two sides looked prepared for the clash.“I get

Updated on: March 06, 2014 18:20 IST
On the repurcussions of the clash on AAP's Lok Sabha poll prospects, he said it sends a wrong signal to the youth and will have a very serious law and order situation in the elections as it seems to be hotly contested.

Hegde said it is “disgusting” to see two political parties clashing over issues which he thought didn't require such reactions. “There is nothing to choose from the people involved in rioting,” he added.

Leaders of both the parties should take this seriously and stop such incidents from recurring in future, Hegde said.

Was Gujarat government right in detaining Arvind Kejriwal? Hegde said “there could be more than one views about that.”

“The police has all the authority to question Kejriwal to stop him for violating the poll code coduct. It could be other way round using poll conduct to detain a person. It could be both ways it all depends upon the intent of police officer,” he said.

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