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World Environment Day 2023: Date, Theme, History, Significance, other important details

World Environment Day 2023: The objectives of this occasion are to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment. Scroll down to know more.

Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: June 04, 2023 13:56 IST
World Environment Day 2023
Image Source : FILE IMAGE World Environment Day 2023

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June. This day helps raise awareness about environmental problems and how we can take steps to tackle them. People should know about the environmental issues that are going to be a big threat in the near future. It is important to take action immediately to avoid major problems later on. We should learn to take care of our environment. World Environment Day helps us know more about the changes we can implement.

World Environment Day 2023- History, Significance 

This special day is dedicated to the environment and related problems. It was established by the United Nations in 1972 at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment (5-16 June 1972). This was the result of discussions made on the integration of human interactions and the environment. After two years, in 1974, the first World Environment Day with the theme ‘Only My Earth.’

World Environment Day 2023- Theme

This year, the theme for World Environment Day 2023 is #BeatPlasticPollution. Plastic pollution has become a pressing concern worldwide. It has devastating effects on ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. The theme 'Beat Plastic Pollution' aims to highlight the urgent need to tackle this issue and find sustainable solutions. It emphasises the role of individuals, communities, and governments in reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy. 

World Environment Day holds immense significance in today’s world. It serves as a platform to unite people from all walks of life in a collective effort to protect the planet. By focusing on specific themes each year, World Environment Day raises awareness about critical environmental challenges and encourages individuals to take action.  

World Environment Day 2023: Facts About Environment 

The world has over 3.04 trillion trees in the world. However, 27,000 of them are cut down daily to make toilet paper. This translates to about 9.8 million trees annually. This day provides an opportunity for people from all sections of society to take effective measures to control harmful environmental effects. The themes decided every year talk about the pressing issues that are leading to environmental pollution and how we can stop them.


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