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THESE habits will weaken your bones. Find out

Your bones start to deteriorate as you age, which might also be brought on by some of your habits. But first, let's determine the cause.

India TV Health Desk Edited By: India TV Health Desk New Delhi Published on: June 06, 2023 21:40 IST
THESE habits will weaken your bones
Image Source : FREEPIK THESE habits will weaken your bones

Bones typically begin to deteriorate as we age. However, due to a sedentary lifestyle and the consumption of street food, bones become weak before their time. Young and little children are also developing bone diseases as a result. People frequently disregard it. Because of this, it later develops into a significant issue. Because of this, these issues ought to be handled from the beginning. Let us know which of your habits harm the bones.

What habits make your bones weak: 

1. Eating more salt

The more salt you eat in your diet, the faster the amount of calcium in your body starts decreasing. Calcium intake should be normal for healthy bones. Street food has a high salt content. You should consume salt only in balance.

2. Eating more protein

People think that consuming more protein will keep the body healthy. But it is not so that, due to excessive consumption of protein, the bones start becoming weak and the problem of pain starts increasing. That's why protein should be taken in small quantities.

3. Smoking has a bad effect

Smoking is harmful to your health, including your bones. It increases the chances of fractures in the bones and makes them hollow. That's why you should avoid any type of smoking.

4. Being underweight

Being overweight is also a problem. It affects the bones. Being underweight increases the chances of developing osteoporosis. It increases the chances of bone loss and you may also be at risk of other bone-related diseases.

5. Lack of physical activity

If you work while sitting in one place, then it affects your bones. That's why physical activity should be done. Keep walking from time to time; use stairs instead of lifts, etc. This keeps your bones strong.

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