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How to book Ola, Uber cabs amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Ola and Uber have listed a few guidelines that are supposed to be followed by both drivers and passengers to ensure safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Here's everything you need to know before you book a cab.

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New Delhi Updated on: May 24, 2020 16:25 IST
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Ola and Uber resume service in Lockdown 4.0.

Coronavirus Pandemic forced us to stay at our homes for a long period. After three iterations of the nationwide lockdown, the Indian government has announced some ease on the restrictions with the introduction of the Lockdown 4.0. This will ensure that people will be able to go out for important work but will need to abide by the guidelines issued by the government.

This is also going to help businesses to grow as they have been suspended for a few weeks now. One such service is the cab service in India. Ola and Uber cab drivers have not been able to earn much due to the lockdown restrictions. With the restrictions being eased, now people can start booking cabs in some areas.

  • In order to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus, there are some guidelines that one should follow:
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory during your travel period in the cab.
  • Always sit in the back seat as the government mandates cab users to occupy only the back seats in a trip.
  • Do not let the driver or anyone else touch your luggage. This way you will be able to ensure that the virus is not transmitted from or to others. 
  • Carry a sanitizer and make sure you sanitize your hands before entering the cab. Also, it is recommended to sanitize your hands while leaving the cab. 
  • Try not to touch anything inside the vehicle. 

While the aforementioned guidelines are for the customers, there are certain guidelines that should be followed by the drivers as well.

  • Ola and Uber both will need to discontinue their pooling services like Ola Share and Uber pool. Even bike services are likely to be suspended.
  • The driver should disinfect the cab after each ride. Also, they are required to maintain hygiene within the vehicle.
  • According to the rules issued by the government, the driver should ensure that there are not more than two passengers at a time and that both occupy the back seats. 

In order to ensure customers are travelling safe, Uber has even issued some policies that have been reflected on their app as well. 

  • Online Checklist: The online checklist added to the app checks that both the driver, as well as, the passenger are taking necessary precautiooons before taking or booking a ride. 
  • Mask Verification: Uber is also urging the drivers to take a selfie with the mask before accepting any trips. 
  • Feel free to cancel a trip: The company has updated its policies for cancellation, which now allows the user to cancel a trip if they feel the necessary precautions are not being taken by the driver. Similarly, the driver can also cancel the ride if the passenger does not abide by the guidelines. 

Similarly, Ola Cabs service has also taken steps to ensure the ride is not only comfortable but also safe for the passengers. The companies are also ensuring the safely of the drivers. 

If you are ready to abide by the above-mentioned guidelines, you can book an Ola or Uber cab by using the Android or iOS app on your smartphone. While most of the process remains the same, the app will just ensure both the driver and the passenger follow the necessary precautions. It is also worth noting that that the cab services will not be available in containment zones for now. 

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