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  5. Nadal vs Shapovalov highlights, Australian Open 2022: Nadal beat Shapovalov in five sets to reach semis

Nadal vs Shapovalov highlights, Australian Open 2022: Nadal beat Shapovalov in five sets to reach semis

Rafael Nadal vs Denis Shapovalov, Australian Open 2022: Get the Live Tennis Score and Latest Updates as Nadal takes on Shapovalov in the quarterfinal of the Australian Open 2022 on Tuesday.

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Melbourne Updated on: January 25, 2022 13:20 IST
Rafael Nadal exults after winning a point against Denis
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Rafael Nadal exults after winning a point against Denis Shapovalov in Melbourne on Tuesday.

Match Highlights

  • Final Score Nadal vs Shapovalov 6-3, 6-4, 4-6, 3-6, 6-3
  • Nadal wins the fifth and decisive set 6-3 after taking a crucial 3-0 lead early. Shapovalov must be disappointed as he lost focus after taking the fourth set and doubled on his unforced errors; losing some valuable points including two break points. 
  • Shapovalov makes it 2-2 from 0-2 down to take the match into the fifth and decisive set. 
  • Shapovalov wins the 3rd set 6-4 to take the game into the 4th set. The Canadian breaks Nadal in the final game of the set to keep himself in the fight for the semi-final spot.
  • Nadal wins 2nd set 6-4; takes 2-0 lead despite a fight put up by Shapovalov, who is hitting too many unforced errors despite some flash of geniuses.
  • Shapovalov argues with the chair umpire, says Nadal is taking too long to start after the break. In a heated exchange of words, calls the umpire "corrupt".
  • Nadal wins first set 6-3 after breaking Shapovalov early in the 1st set
  • Nadal vs Shapovalov is underway!

Match commentary

(Set 5) 6-3 Rafa has done it! the 20-time Grand Slam winner fends off the Canadian challenge over five sets 6-3, 6-4, 4-6, 3-6, 6-3 to reach the semifinals. Nadal remains in hot pursuit for his 21st Grand Slam title as he is tied on 20 with Federer and Djokovic. Shapovalov, on the other hand, must be disappointed with himself as he lost focus after taking the fourth set and doubled on his unforced errors; losing some valuable points including two break points. He certainly showed it by smashing his racket at the court after losing.

(Set 5) 5-3 Shapovalov is showing a lot of aggression now to keep himself in the game but was it a controlled one or something Rafa can't handle? Will get to know soon as Nadal serves for the match. 

(Set 5) 5-2 Nadal is in his zone now as he makes it 5-2. Shapovalov will now serve to stay in the game.

(Set 5) 4-1 Nadal grinds out another game point. Shapovalov's unforced errors have turned customary now as Nadal's game point was shot at the net by the Canadian.

(Set 5) 3-1 Shapovalov continues to be sporadic as the list of unforced errors grow but does manage to pick his first game of the set after Nadal stretched it to a deuce. 

(Set 5) 3-0 Shapovalov had more than one shot at breaking Nadal's serve but the young Canadian continues to make unforced errors -- quite costly ones in the decisive set -- as Rafa now leads 3-0. However, the match appears to be far from over despite the scoreline.

(Set 5) 2-0 Nadal breaks Shapovalov's serve! That's awe-inspiring from the former World No. 1, who is playing deep from the baseline in order to deal with the power of Shapovalov, Classic Nadal there!

(Set 5) 1-0 Nadal seems to be growing in pain as he plays deeper but using his experience to get those important points in the game. Shows the greatness of the player, who never used his injuries as an excuse. 

Fifth set

(Set 4) 3-6 Shapovalov takes the set! What an incredible comeback from the giant killer, who was reeling 0-2 after the first two sets. The set didn't come easy at the end as he had to save two break points with four points on the trot. It literally, sums up his performance on the day, which has been all about rallying from the deficit.

(Set 4) 3-5 Shapovalov started off well with 0-30 against serving Nadal but the 2009 champion comes back strong to make it 5-3. Must say, Nadal's forehand is looking hugely impressive now. 

(Set 4) 2-5 Points are finishing off quickly as there is a lack of physicality in the game from Nadal's end mostly. The Spaniard did show some positivity late in the game but Shapovalov didn't let it turn dangerous. Nadal will serve next to stay in the set.

(Set 4) 2-4 Nadal hangs on but Shapovalov is growing in confidence as his return speed has been immaculate in the later phases of the game.

(Set 4) Nadal is probably reeling with an injury as it has been pointed out that he has been having abdominal issues and it's not a muscle problem. We don't know yet how grave it is but Nadal is certainly not the player he was an hour ago.

(Set 4) 1-4 Shapovalov further turns on the heat as the World No.14 stretches his lead further in set to 4-1.

(Set 4) 1-3 DOUBLE FAULT That's unlikely of the Spanish superstar but let's give some credit to Shapovalov who does it again! The Canadian is certainly showing why he has often upset elite players in the past. Showing more energy than his ageing rival, who is willing to toy with the code violation between the serves. It didn't work on this occasion as Nadal makes a double fault to concede the game.

(Set 4) 1-2 Nadal is not dictating the points anymore and that is certainly used to his advantage by Shapovalov, who keeps the pressure on the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

(Set 4) 1-1 Wasn't Nadal's best effort as the Spaniard dropped the intensity but good enough to get him the point.

(Set 4) 0-1 Shapovalov opens the fourth set with a well-taken game on the serve. Nadal will be aiming to take away the momentum before the challenge turns more serious. 

4th set

(Set 3) 4-6! Shapovalov does it! He breaks Nadal for the first time in the match to take the set. The break point couldn't have come at a more opportune time. The patience game finally works for the Canadian, who gave away just one point before taking the game against serving Nadal.

(Set 3) 4-5 Shapovalov is unwilling to go down easy; gave Rafa no look in there with his serves. The question is how long can he maintain it?

(Set 3) 4-4 Flawless! Nadal serves are too hot to return at the moment. He has certainly turn on the heat on his Canadian opponent big time.

(Set 3) 3-4 Nadal is looking for that break point as he stretches the point to deuce before Shapovalov killed the challenge off with big serves.

(Set 3) 3-3 What a comeback by Nadal in the game! The Spaniard survived two break points with four points on the trot. Shapovalov is at fault for losing his positive intent after putting his higher-ranked rival to the test.

(Set 3) 2-3 Shapovalov is trying different things here in order to keep Rafa guessing. Won points on the volley, from the base, even through ace to keep himself in the match. Still, not as flawless as the Spanish World No. 6 on the serve.

(Set 3) 2-2 Nadal takes four points on the trot to make it 2-2. It seems like a matter of time before the 2009 champion makes his finishing move.

(Set 3) 1-2 Shapovoalov looked more in control of his serve and matched Rafa's intensity to make it 2-1.

(Set 3) 1-1 Nadal breaks no sweat in taking the point.

(Set 3) 0-1 Shapovalov had to fight to take that point off Nadal, who will like to close the match in this set itself.

3rd set Shapovalov to serve, everyone on tenterhooks waiting if the Canadian has the fight in him to take the game to the tennis giant. It's worth pointing out that Shapovalov is yet to get himself to a break-point situation against serving Nadal.

(Set 2) 6-4 Nadal takes the set. The scoreline may suggest it was business as usual for Nadal but the 14-time Roland Garros champion had to grind out that set. 

(Set 2) 5-4 Shapovalov manages to stay in the set after surviving a breakpoint. The World No.14 did show touches of genius as he won three dominant points on the trot to win the game. Nadal will serve next for the set

(Set 2) 5-3 Shapovalov put up a fight by taking the game to a deuce but Nadal was having none of it as he served big on the trot to take the game. Shapovalov will serve to remain in the set.

(Set 2) 4-3 Nadal breaks Shapovalov's serve! Shapovalov's decision making is all over the place despite hitting some good winners. The Canadian has made as many as 17 unforced errors, including two in this game, in comparison to Nadal's 5, who now will serve to extend his lead further.

(Set 2) 3-3 Nadal was put to test by Shapovalov in the game as the Canadian engaged the former World No. 1 in long rallies by playing deep in the court. The strategy had its impact as the game saw as many as three Deuces before Nadal won the point. The momentum has certainly swung in Shapovalov's favour now.

(Set 2) 3-2 Shapovalov fights from 0-30 down to take the game and keep the pressure on Nadal, who will serve next.

(Set 2) 2-2 That was a scrappy game by the 2009 champion by his own standard, Nadal should be happy that he scrambled to safety.

(Set 2) 1-2 Shapovalov is certainly pumped up after the argument as he outsmarts Nadal on the volley to take the point. Nadal seems to have slowed down a bit

(Set 2) 1-1 Nadal back to business, breaks no sweat in taking the point.

(Set 2) 0-1 Interesting, Shapovalov complains again to the umpire against Nadal for taking long breaks. Nadal then move towards Shapovalov to have a bit of a conversation with the young Canadian and pats him on the back with a straight face. This was followed by an applause by the crowd.

(Set 2) 0-1 Serving first, Shapovalov takes the first point in the second set as Nadal seems bit distracted after the argument between his opponent and chair umpire.

2nd set Shapovalov unhappy with Nadal, complains to chair umpire that his opponent is taking too long to be ready for the next set. From what it looks, the umpire doesn't really agree with him. Will leave it to the experts to figure out what exactly the duo conversed. However, Shapovalov allegedly said ''You guys are all corrupt!"

(Set 1) 6-3 Nadal takes the first set with little discomfort. Shapovalov will have to do better than that if he wants to have a fighting chance in the game. The Canadian did try to impose him by going for rallies but they were ordinary at best. Rafa on the other hand is in total control.

(Set 1) 5-3 Shapovalov is beginning to feel very confident with his serve. Apart from an unforced error, the Canadian was spot on with his serves.

(Set 1) 5-2 Got a feel for Shapovalov, Nadal seems at the peak of his prowess at the moment and not giving any free points to the 14th seed Canadian. Shapovalov will serve next to remain in the set.

(Set 1) 4-2 Nadal looked bullish as he enforced two Deuce in the game but Shapovalov kept himself in the first set with two great serves, including an an ace, to take the point. Hang in there, Denis!

(Set 1) 4-1 Nadal is in total control of his serve early on. Shapovalov is yet to find his rhythm going. To the Canadian's credit, he has hit some gorgeous shots but is making too many errors against an opponent as huge as Nadal.

(Set 1) 3-1 Nadal is up to the task early as he breaks Shapovalov early to take a 3-1 lead in the opening set.

1st set Nadal vs Shapovalov begins, the 20-time Grand serves first.

8:39 AM IST Keys through to the semis! The unseeded American beats Krejcikova 6-3, 6-2. Nadal vs Shapovalov is up next. Stay tuned!

8:30 AM IST Krejcikova is unwilling to go down without a fight. The Czech breaks her American opponent to keep herself in the game but still trails 2-4.

8:15 AM IST With Barbora Krejcikova vs Madison Keys game still in progress at the Rod Laver Arena, Nadal vs Sapovalov match is unlikely to begin on the slated 8:30 AM IST (3:00 AM IST) time. However, Keys, who won the first set 6-3, is leading the second set 3-0 and is in a mood to finish off the game quickly.

Nadal reaches Australian Open quarterfinals for 14th time

After fending off four set points and being unable to convert the first six of his own, Rafael Nadal finally clinched a 28-minute and 40-second tiebreaker to get himself on course to secure a spot in the Australian Open quarterfinals for the 14th time.

And now, after a 7-6 (14), 6-2, 6-2 fourth-round victory over fellow left-hander Adrian Mannarino on Sunday, Nadal is potentially just three wins away from a men's record 21st Grand Slam singles title.

“First set (was) very, very emotional,” Nadal said.

“Anything could happen there. I was a little bit lucky at the end. I had chances, he had a lot of chances too.”

Nadal will next play Denis Shapovalov, the 22-year-old Canadian who finished off a 6-3, 7-6 (5), 6-3 win over Olympic gold medalist Alexander Zverev on Margaret Court Arena less than an hour later to reach the last eight in Australia for the first time.

Nadal is now tied with John Newcombe in second spot on the all-time list for most quarterfinals in Australia, one behind Roger Federer's 15.