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Highlights, Day-Night Test, Day 1: Kohli, Pujara stand tall after Ishant wreaks havoc with fifer

Ishant Sharma-led Indian pace unit terrorised the visitors, bundling them out for 106 in just under 31 overs even before twilight set in Bangladesh attack then found itself at the receiving end of a masterclass from Virat Kohli, who slammed unbeaten fifty.

India TV Sports Desk Written by: India TV Sports Desk
New Delhi Updated on: November 22, 2019 21:09 IST
India vs Bangladesh, Day-Night Test Day 1 Live Cricket Score: Kohli slams fifty after Pujara's depar
Image Source : BCCI

India vs Bangladesh, Day-Night Test Day 1 Live Cricket Score: Kohli slams fifty after Pujara's departure

Highlights India vs Bangladesh, Day-Night Test, Day 1: Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Day-Night Test and second of the two-match series between India and Bangladesh live from the Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata. After keeping itself away from the Day-Night Test, the Indian side is ready for the Pink ball challenge against Bangladesh at the iconic Eden Gardens. It was a walkover for the Virat Kohli-led side in the first encounter at Indore as they rolled over the visitors inside three days. Now, both sides are playing the pink ball game for the first time. While they do have had a practice session, it will be interesting to see how both sides adopt the conditions and fair against the pink ball. Will the Bangladeshi side be able to produce some magic or the Indians will continue their domination at home? Follow all the cricket score and updates from the IND vs BAN 2nd Test from Kolkata here at IndiaTV. (Match scorecard | When and where to watch)

IND vs BAN, DAY-NIGHT TEST, DAY 1: IND 174/3 at Stumps, lead Bangladesh (106) by 68 runs at Eden Gardens

20.34 IST: Ebadot to Rahane, A dot ball to finish the proceedings of Day 1 of the historic Day-Night Test at Eden Gardens.

20.19 IST: Al-Amin to Kohli, FOUR! Fabolous Shot! Classic Virat Kohli drive and Mahmudullah misfields it as Indian gets another boundary.

20.17 IST: Al-Amin to Rahane, FOUR! Ajinkya Rahane pushes the ball through long-on and fielder tried to get the hands on the ball but failed to stop the boundary.

20.05 IST: Ebadot to Kohli, FOUR! Virat Kohli plays it beautifully to complete his 23rd half-century in Test cricket with a boundary.

20.00 IST: Ebadot to Pujara, OUT! Edged and Taken! Pujara misery to convert fifty into century continues as he departs for well made 55.

19.47 IST: FIFTY! Pujara dabs it for a single to slam his 24th Test fifty.

* Drinks

19.39 IST: Abu to Kohli, FOUR! Effortless shot from Kohli as he is well settled right now and looking to score big in the historic Test.

19.36 IST: Abu to Pujara, FOUR! Pure Class from Che Pujara! This the Tests specialist pulls the ball through mid-wicket in the gap for a boundary as he is just 1 run away from his fifty.

19.27 IST: Abu to Pujara, Edged and fall short of slip as Pujara gets a life. IND 112/2 in 31.4 overs

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18.59 IST: Ebadot to Pujara, FOUR! Superb Drive! It was full outside off stump and Pujara plays an elegant cover drive as India reaches 99 at Eden.

18.49 IST: Ebadot to Kohli, FOUR! Glorious Shot! Virat Kohli shows his extraordinary class with that shot as he just pushes the ball straight and the ball races away for a boundary.

18.42 IST: Ebadot to Pujara, FOUR! Another four for Pujara as he just pushes the ball to score a boundary.

18.34 IST: Ebadot to Pujara, FOUR! Pujara is in mood as he ready to colour Eden with his own with glorious shots like this one.

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18.24 IST: Ebadot to Kohli, FOUR! Another fine shot from the skipper, this time even better than the previous shots.

18.18 IST: Abu Jayed to Kohli, FOUR! Confident drive from the skipper as he hits his second boundary.

18:09 IST: Abu Jayed to Pujara. FOUR! On his pads and Pujara pulls it down backward square leg for his second boundary

18:05 IST: Ebadat to Rohit. OUT. LBW is the shout, umpire raises his finger, but Rohit opts for the review. It is hitting the wickets and Erasmus gets it right. Rohit walks back for 21.

18:04 IST: Ebadat to Rohit. Back-to-back FOUR! One down the off side and the second one down to the third man fence.

* Day-Night Test, Day 1: India 35/1 at Tea, trail by 71 runs against Bangladesh (106) in first innings in Kolkata. Rohit 13*, Al-Amin 1/22

17.35 IST: Al-Amin to Pujara, FOUR! Pujara opens the face of the bat and guides the ball for a boundary through gully.

* Nayeem Hasan has been replaced by Taijul Islam as the second concussion substitute of the day.

* Rohit is taking his time to settle down in the twilight period. 

* Pujara comes in to bat

17.06 IST: Al-Amin to Mayank, OUT! A thick edge as the man in form departs for a cheap score. A rare failure from Mayank Agarwal.

17.02 IST: Abu to Mayank, FOUR! Glorious drive from Mayank 

16.54 IST: Al-Amin to Mayank, FOUR! Nicely played as he waits for the ball and cuts it hard for a boundary.

16.48 IST: Al-Amin to Rohit, SIX! Short ball and trademark shot from Hitman as he pulls it for maximum to open his account. IND 11/0 in 0.5 overs

16.45 IST: Al-Amin to Mayank, FOUR! Beautiful shot straightaway from a man in form Mayank Agarwal as he cuts away the ball for a boundary.

* Indian openers Mayank Agarwal and Rohit Sharma are on the field.

* Marvellous show from Indian pacers as they fold the Bangla Tigers for just 106 in their first pink-ball Test. Credit goes to skipper Virat Kohli, who used them wisely and backed them throughout the game. Interestingly senior spinner R Ashwin didn't bowl a single over in the innings.

16.32 IST: Shami to Abu, OUT! Bangladesh all-out for 106 against India in first innings in Kolkata. Ishant 5/22, Umesh 3/29, Shami 2/36

16.30 IST: Ishant to Nayeem, OUT! 10th five-wicket haul for the senior pacer. Bangladesh lose 9 wickets.

16.21 IST: Shami to Nayeem, Leg Byes FOUR! Directionless delivery from Shami and Bangladesh reaches 100.

16.18 IST: Ishant to Mehidy, OUT! Good low height catch from Pujara at mid-wicket as Ishant get his fourth wicket. Concussion substitute departs cheaply for 8.

16.10 IST: Shami to Nayem, FOUR! Short ball from Shami and smart display of batting from Nayem as he guides the ball for a boundary at third man region.

16.07 IST: Ishant to Mehidy, FOUR! The ball was angling away from the batsman as he just drives it down from the front foot for a crucial boundary.

* Mehidy Hasan comes into bat as a concussion substitute for Liton Das

15.58 IST: Ishant to Ebadot, OUT, BOWLED! The batsman was nowhere in control as Ishant destroys the furniture.

15.51 IST: Shami to Nayem, FOUR! A rare poor delivery from Shami as he gets enough room and guides the ball for a four.

15.49 IST: Shami to Nayem, FOUR! Short ball from Nayem and he just glides it down for a boundary.

15.43 IST: Shami to Nayeem, NASTY BOUNCER! Nayeem gets a blow on his helmet as  Shami is now haunting the Bangla batsmen with his sharp bouncers.

* BREAK OVER! Ebadat Hossain comes in for Liton Das 

15:04 IST: LUNCH BREAK! Or rather a supper break. India bagged six wickets in the first session - the most they have taken in the first session on the opening day of a Test at any venue since 2006. 

* Liton looks a bit uncomfortable right now. It will be decided whether he will bat in the next session or not. 

14.55 IST: Ishant to Liton, FOUR! Absolutely Lovely Shot! Excellent footwork from Liton as he leans a bit and played the shot with the full face of the bat for a boundary.

14.52 IST: Shami to Liton, FOUR! Brave shot from batsman as after getting hit on the helmet he pulls the next one for a glorious boundary.

14.49 IST: Shami to Liton, Lethal bowling from Shami as the ball hits the batsman helmet and the Bangladesh physio is out to check the batsman. BAN 64/6 in 20.3 overs

14.44 IST: Ishant to Mahmudullah, OUT! A stunning catch from Saha as it was not in his zone but he dives on his right to send Mahmudullah back to pavilion.

14.38 IST: Jadeja to Liton, FOUR! Liton is the only batsman from Bangladesh, who looked confident now as he drives it through mid-wicket for a boundary.

14.28 IST: Umesh to Mahmudullah, FOUR! On the pads and Mahmudullah just guides it through fine leg and the ball races away for a boundary in a flash. BAN 53/5 in 16.3 Overs

14.21 IST: Umesh to Liton, FOUR! A little bit of room and Liton slaps it for a boundary. BAN 46/5 in 14.5 Overs

14.20 IST: Umesh to Shadman, OUT! BEAUTY FROM UMESH! The ball creates a perfect angle as it moves away from the batsman and knicks the edge.

14.15 IST: Shami to Mahmudullah, WIDE, FOUR! A rare poor delivery from Shami as it was down the leg side and races away for four.

14.08 IST: India did not look too good with the ball to start off with but now they are looking at their lethal best! BAN 26/4 in 12 overs

14.03 IST: OUT! BOWLED! You can't keep Shami wicketless for long. Bangladesh's best batsman is gone! Unlucky for Mushfiqur, he plays it late and the ball takes the upper half of his bat and onto the stumps. BAN 26/4 in 11.5 overs

14.01 IST: FOUR! Second boundary of the over from Islam. He looked in better control of the ball this time, played with an angled bat and hits the ball past third man fence.

14.00 IST: FOUR! Full and outside off from Shami and Islam edges it. The ball flies past between the third slip and the man at gully for a boundary. 

13.58 IST: Wicket, dot, wicket. This has been a brilliant over from Umesh. BAN 17/3 in 11 overs

13.55 IST: OUT! BOWLED! Umesh Yadav is on song! His second wicket of the over, castles Mithun for a duck. BAN 17/3 in 10.3 overs Mushfiqur Rahim walks out to the middle. Bangladesh under the pump here and need Mushfiqur to take them out of here.

13.52 IST: OUT! An absolute stunner from Rohit Sharma. He comes out of nowhere and takes beauty to dismiss Bangladesh skipper Mominul at slips. Good length ball around off from Umesh, it shapes away at the last moment. Mominul looks to defend but gets a thick outside edge. It goes to the right of second slip. Rohit Sharma there dives to his right and takes a superb one-handed catch. The Bangladesh skipper departs for a duck. BAN 17/2 in 10.1 overs

13.51 IST: WOW! This one has moved a long long way. Excellent take from Saha. Saha has found the toughest so far with this pink ball. Shami goes wide of the crease and makes it jag back in. The ball keeps coming in and it keeps going away as it goes to Saha. He dives to his right and saves a certain FOUR BYES.

13.40 IST: NOT OUT! India lose their review. Just the second ball of the day from Shami and it got all the Indians excited. Shami bowls a good length ball swinging in. Shadman looks to defend it but the sneaks past the bat and pad going to the keeper who dives to his left to take the catch. Shami and Saha look confident and convinces Kohli to go for the review. The Ultra Edge rolls in and it shows that there is clearly no bat on it. BAN 16/1 in 8 overs

13.37 IST: Mohammed Shami introduced into the attack and straight away goes for the kill. Almost gets a wicket off the first ball Shami bowls! Bowls it a shorter outside off, Shadman looks to leave the ball alone. It goes off the upper half of the bat uppishly. Shami hares towards it to take the catch but it bounces way short. Lucky break for Shadman Islam.

13.31 IST: OUT! REVIEW LOST! ISHANT ON FIRE! Bangladesh lose Kayes (LBW) and the review. It was a poor review from his visitors. India have their first wicket with the pink ball. It looked to be hitting the stumps and it is indeed hitting the leg stump. Slightly fuller on around off, Kayes gets across and looks to flick but misses. BAN 15/1 in 6.3 overs Bangladesh skipper, Mominul Haque comes out at number 3.

13.28 IST: NOT OUT! Great review from Bangladesh! There was a certain sound when the ball went past Kayes and into Saha's hands. The Indian appealed and the on-field umpire gave it in their favour. However, Kayes was confident and reviewed the decision. The replays showed a clear gap between the bat and ball and the umpire had to change his decision to not out.  

13.22 IST: Good over from Ishant, just a single off it. BAN 14/0 in 5 overs

13.17 IST: FOUR! Another boundary from Shadman Islam. A short delivery from Umesh and Islam camps on his back foot and pulls it over the mid-wicket fielder for the second boundary of the over. BAN 13/0 in 4 overs

13.16 IST: FOUR! Too short from Umesh and Shadman Islam moves back and hits it for a boundary. So, we got the first boundary of the match.

13.13 IST: Ishant gives away three runs in this over. BAN 5/0 in 3 overs

13.08 IST: Imrul Kayes takes Bangladesh off the mark in this over. BAN 2/0 in 2 overs

13.05 IST: Maiden over from Ishant Sharma! BAN 0/0 in 1 over. Umesh Yadav to share the new ball with Ishant.

12.58 IST: We are all set for the historic occasion. Ishant Sharma to bowl the first over with the Pink Ball. Watch this exclusive video to know all about the Pink Ball, the latest heartthrob of India.

12.56 IST: Both teams are out on the park. National Anthems are being played. The iconic Eden Gardens is packed to its full capacity. Bangladesh Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina and Bengal Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjee ring the bell. The Indian players are in a huddle before they take their respective positions in the field. 

India Tv - Day-Night Test

Image Source : BCCI

Day-Night Test

12.34 IST: Teams:

India: Mayank Agarwal, Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (C), Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Wriddhiman Saha (WK), Umesh Yadav, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma

Bangladesh: Shadman Islam, Imrul Kayes, Mominul Haque (C), Mohammad Mithun, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah, Liton Das (WK), Nayeem Hasan, Abu Jayed, Al-Amin Hossain, Ebadat Hossain

12.31 IST: TOSS - Bangladesh win toss, opt to bat in Kolkata.

12.24 IST: PITCH REPORT: There is 4mm grass on the pitch with a little bit of dryness in the pitch. This will be a great pitch to bat on at first but in the second and third session, it'll be difficult to bat under lights.

12.20 IST: Team India coach Ravi Shastri on the historic occasion

12.10 IST: A lowdown on the pink SG ball

12.00 IST: Swing shouldn't be an issue with pink SG ball, says Eden Gardens curator

While some have said that the pink ball will make life difficult for the batsmen thanks to the swing it generates and the nature of the Eden track, chief curator Sujan Mukherjee begs to differ. [Read full story here]

11.45 IST: Sourav Ganguly shares photos as Kolkata turns pink for Day-Night Test

From the 42 to the Tata Centre, the Lake Town Clock Tower to Shaheed Minar, everything had a cover of pink ahead of the Test match. The former India captain even shared photos of sweets from famous sweet shops, which have made special pink coloured sandesh to mark the occasion. [Read full story here]

Brief preview: Indian cricket will finally embrace the pink revolution after initial reluctance when Virat Kohli's seemingly infallible galacticos lock horns with a deflated Bangladesh in their maiden Day-Night Test starting here on Friday. It took India a new BCCI regime under maverick former captain Sourav Ganguly to take the pink ball plunge, a good seven years after the International Cricket Council approved the format to revive interest in Tests. [Read full preview here]