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Bigg Boss 12 December 7 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Salman Khan scolds Rohit for insulting Sreesanth

Bigg Boss 12 host Salman Khan scolds all the contestants for their aggressive attitude.

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New Delhi Updated on: December 07, 2018 22:03 IST
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Bigg Boss 12 December 7 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: New captain Surbhi Rana allocates house duties to contestants 

In the controversial reality show Bigg Boss season 12, after the captaincy task, Surbhi Rana became the new captain of the house. Interestingly, she was elected the captain of the house for the fourth time. In today’s episode, Salman Khan scolded Surbhi, Rohit and other housemates for their aggressive attitude in the house. Salman also announced about the double eviction which will take place tomorrow. For all the latest updates of Bigg Boss 12 December 7 Weekend Ka Vaar episode, watch the space below.

Bigg Boss 12 December 7 Weekend Ka Vaar  Highlights:

9:57 PM: Salman announces about double eviction in the house which will take place tomorrow. 

9:44 PM: Salman apologizes to the audience for Karanvir, Surbhi and Rohit's joke. Romil gets a fan phone call.  

9:30 PM: Salman praises Deepak for his performance in the previous task. 

9:21 PM: Surbhi gets emotional after Salman scolds her. Jasleen briefs up Salman about all the fights in the house. Salman scolds Romil and other members about getting physical in the house. 

9:12 PM: Salman asks all the contestants to gather in the living area. He asks Surbhi the reason of sending Sreesanth in jail and not sending Rohit despite his fault. Salman says Surbhi deserves to be in jail. He then scolds Rohit for insulting Sreesanth. Salman calls Dipika one of the dignified contestants in the house. Salman says Rohit deserves to be in jail in place of Sreesanth. 

9:06 PM: The new captain of the house Surbhi announces the final name for the kaalkothri punishment. She announces Deepak, Sreesanth and Romil's name for the kaalkothri. Sreesanth gets angry with Surbhi's decision. He denies going to jail. Later, he agrees to go to jail. 

9:03 PM: The show host Salman Khan announces about the double eviction at the early Weekend Ka Vaar episode. 

8:57 PM: 

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