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Chunav Manch on Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections: Don't see myself as PM of country, only Modi fits in that chair, says Shivraj Singh Chouhan

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The one-day mega conclave of India TV witnessed participation of top political leaders and other prominent personalities from Madhya Pradesh.

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Bhopal Updated on: October 27, 2018 22:54 IST
MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Aap Ki Adalat (IndiaTV)

MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Aap Ki Adalat (IndiaTV)

Chunav Manch, India TV's mega conclave on upcoming Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh was held in Bhopal on Saturday. In the one-day mega conclave of India TV, political leaders and other prominent personalities from Madhya Pradesh shared their views and thoughts over various issues that will determine the outcome of the Assembly elections. Top-ranking political leaders from both the ruling BJP as well as the opposition Congress participated in India TV Chunav Manch - Madhya Pradesh.


Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan responds to questions by IndiaTV's Editor-In-Chief and Chairman Rajat Sharma

07:29 pm: The BJP will win Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections with thumping majority. I hope you'll invite me in Aap Ki Adalat when BJP forms government for the fourth time in Madhya Pradesh: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan 

07:25 pm: No question of becoming the PM. Only one man can be the PM and it is Narendra Modi, says MP CM Chouhan

07:23 pm: We have decided to dedicate a department for cow protection, says Shivraj Singh Chouhan

07:19 pm: Saints have always blessed me. Wrong to say that they are angry with me, says Shivraj Chouhan

07:14 pm: As the chief minister, it is my responsibility to come up with new plans and schemes for the welfare of the people, apart from improving the existing condition of the state: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

07:12 pm: 14 people have been given death sentence in Madhya Pradesh in rape cases. I have said this repeatedly that women safety is our topmost priority, says Shivraj Chouhan

07:10 pm: My government has launched several schemes for the welfare of women. It was my government which made 'mother, daughter, sister' an agenda which needed urgent attention, says CM Chouhan

07:00 pm: Unemployment is certainly an issue and it can not be resolved overnight. But my government is working towards it. Companies like TCS are now in Madhya Pradesh. We are committed to provide our jobs to our youngsters, says MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

06:59 pm: It was me who ordered a probe into Vyapam Scam. Congress tried best to drag me into it but the truth prevailed in SIT investigation and Supreme Court. They just can't tolerate that a farmer's son has been ruling the state for 13 years, says Shivraj Singh Chouhan 

06:57 pm: 'Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas' is the motto of BJP. We always aim to take everyone together irrespective of caste or religion. We are committed to work for every section of society,  says MP CM Chouhan

06:54 pm: Rahul Gandhi has nothing new to say, he repeats himself at every rally, says Shivraj Singh Chouhan

06:51 pm: Those who claim that farmers are angry with my government are just trying to spread lies. No government has done the amount of work for farmers that we have done. There are several reasons when a farmer commits suicide. Farmers' suicide is sad but we have been working to minimise the number, says Shivraj Singh Chouhan

06:45 pm: Madhya Pradesh was a bimaru state when I took charge, but now it is one of the most developed states of the country. However, this is just the beginning, more needs to be done. We are working to prepare a roadmap to develop Madhya Pradesh. Dil abhi bhara nahi, says Shivraj Singh Chouhan

06:44 pm: The whole nation believes in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's honesty and hard work. Rahul Gandhi should not use offensive words against the prime minister, says CM Chouhan

06:42 pm: Only a person who rules the heart of people can rule for 13 years, says Shivraj Singh Chouhan

06:41 pm: We have not lagged behind in providing employment opportunities to the people of the state; though we accept that there is still need to provide more of those, says Shivraj Chouhan

06:36 pm: They criticise me because they have been away from power for the last 13 years, they have no real issue, says CM Shivraj

06:30 pm: Rahul Gandhi is fun machine. The Congress president always criticise me for making tall promises and doing nothing. I say only those who can, make promises, says CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Chunav Manch Session VIII with BJP's Vishvas Sarang and Congress' Abhay Dubey

06:05 pm: Congress will never come to power in Madhya Pradesh but I request them to at least present facts correctly, says BJP leader Vishvas Sarang

06:03 pm: Incidents of abduction, rape and other crime against women have increased manifold after Shivraj Singh Chouhan came to power in the state, says Congress spokesperson Abhay Dubey

06:00 pm: Madhya Pradesh has 46,000 schools with only one teacher. The condition of education is in shambles in the state, says Abhay Dubey

05:55 pm: Congress is the party which helped Bhopal gas tragedy accused Warren Anderson escape from the country, says Vishvas Sarang

05:52 pm: Shivraj Singh Chouhan has changed the way Madhya Pradesh was looked upon in the country and world, says BJP's Vishvas Sarang 

Chunav Manch Session VII with BJP's Prabhat Jha and Congress's Arun Yadav

05:45 pm: BJP always rakes up the issue of Ram Temple during elections. They have always politicised the issue. They say temple will be built but won't say when will that happen, says Congress leader Arun Yadav

05:41 pm: Construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya is a national issue not an election issue, let me assure the people of country that Ram Temple will definitely be built, says Prabhat Jha

05:39 pm: Let me thank the BJP that it forced Rahul Gandhi to visit temples, says Prabhat Jha

05:38 pm: What is the harm if Rahul Gandhi visits temples? Arun Yadav

05:37 pm: Congress is 'chunavi party', doesn't work for people, says Prabhat Jha

05:35 pm: If we haven't done any work then why people of Madhya Pradesh have voted the BJP thrice, says Prabhat Jha

05:33 pm: There would not have so many farmer suicides if the BJP government was working for the welfare and development of the farmers: Congress Arun Yadav

05:31 pm: Rahul Gandhi is our leader. We are fighting the elections under his leadership, says Arun Yadav

05:30 pm: Farmers suicide is unfortunate but such incidents used to happen during Congress rule also: Prabhat Jha

05:28 pm: Every one knows who was behind what happened in Mandsaur. It was an unfortunate incident but those behind it have already been exposed, says Prabhat Jha 

05:27 pm:  Madhya Pradesh is dealing with a number of challenges at present which are still waiting to be addressed: Congress ArunYadav

05:23 pm: Shivraj government has worked the most for farmers, says Prabhat Jha

05:22 pm: The word 'anti-incumbency' crops up only during election and it is done deliberately to influence the voters, says BJP's Prabhat Jha

05:21 pm: Shivraj government has done nothing to retain power. says Congr Shivraj government has worked the most for farmers, says Prabhat Jha ess's Arun Yadav

05:15 pm: There can be difference of opinions in politics, but there cannot be differences in relationships. I will always consider Arun Yadav ji as my elder brother: BJP's Prabhat Jha

Chunav Manch Session VI with BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya

04:52 pm: Who Shahrukh Khan? With due respect, I just want to question where was he when natural calamities occur in the country? But when Pakistan witnessed floods he promptly offered help: Kailash Vijayvargiya​

04:50 pm: I fail to understand the chemistry behind Rahul Gandhi claiming himself to be a 'janeudhari' Hindu, says Kailash Vijayvargiya

04:42 pm: Vyapam Scam was an issue but Shivraj govt punished those who were guilty and would continue to do so, says Kailash Vijayvargiya

04:39 pm: We promise Madhya Pradesh will be one number state but there is no time frame to achieve that, says Vijayvargiya

04:36 pm: If you say Congress is fighting as one unit, it is good for them. There is no question of unity in Congress. You don't know what game Digvijaya Singh is playing, says Kailash Vijayvargiya​

04:35 pm: BJP only picks up candidates who are deserving. What is the harm if a deserving candidate is son/daughter of any senior leader, says Vijayvargiya​

04:33 pm: None of the senior Congress leader is in Madhya Pradesh at present, all are camping in New Delhi to get tickets for their close ones, says Kailash Vijayvargiya​

04:31 pm: Shivraj Singh Chouhan knows my importance, I was known as troubleshooter. He was always my leader and there were no differences with him ever. He is an undisputed leader of the party, says Kailash Vijayvargiya​

04:30 pm: I am ready to contest elections but will fight only if party asks me to do so, says Kailash Vijayvargiya​

04:27 pm: Each and every member of BJP is with Shivraj Singh Chouhan and talks of differences within the party in Madhya Pradesh is completely false, says Kailash Vijayvargiya​

Chunav Manch Session V with Union Minister Narendra Tomar 

04:20 pm: Madhya Pradesh was the first state to form a law to give death sentence to rape convict. The Shivraj government is very sensitive towards cases of violence against women, says Narendra Tomar

04:10 pm: Mandsaur farmers agitation was sponsored by Congress, it was not an unrest by farmers. What happened in Mandsaur is condemnable and the government has expressed its grief over th death of farmers on multiple occasions. What the Shivraj government has done for farmers, no other government has done, says Narendra Tomar

04:07 pm: The final decision regarding distribution of tickets for Assembly elections will be taken by the committee, says Narendra Tomar

04:05 pm: Congress only remember issues like women safety and farmers during elections, says Narendra Tomar

04:03 pm: Congress is fighting for its survival and party leaders are struggling to save their own future. Congress has no other leader than Rahul Gandhi, says Narendra Tomar

04:01 pm: Condition of roads has improved to a great extent during the BJP's rule. These roads were built by Shivraj Singh Chouhan not Kamal Nath, says Union Minister Narendra Tomar

Chunav Manch Session IV with Sambit Patra (BJP)  and Priyanka Chaturvedi (Congress)

02:26 pm: BJP's mentality is anti-women: Priyanka Chaturvedi

02:20 pm: In Vyapam Case, FIRs were registered against Congress leaders: Sambit

02:17 pm: In MP, 35 lakh people benefitted from Ujjawala scheme: Sambit

02:15 pm: Lakhs of homeless people got homes under PM Aawas Yojana: Sambit

02:13 pm: Congress made Narmada further dirty during its rule: Sambit

02:10 pm: In MP, incidents of suicide increased among unemployed youth and farmers: Priyanka

02:08 pm: Congress talks about Amit Shah barred in the past from entering Gujarat but they forget that they are defending Sohrabuddin from whose home bombs were recovered: Sambit Patra

02:06 pm: What action Congress took when 62 Kar sevakas were burnt alive: Sambit Patra

02:05 pm: Let Congress disclose 'gotra' of Rahul Gandhi: Sambit Patra

02: 03 pm: We'll keep fighting for Hindus, you wear fake thread (Janeu): Sambit Patra

02:00 pm: Rahul, Sonia are out on bail on Rs 50,000 bond: Sambit Patra

01:56 pm: Answer what you did you in last 15 years. Don't keep harping on National Herald: Priyanka Chaturvedi

01:54 pm: We have sent eviction order to Congress in National Herald case, we'll throw them out: Sambit Patra

01:52 pm: Rahul, Sonia looted the earnings of people of Madhya Pradesh: Sambit Patra

01:50 pm: We'll make MP an Uttam Pradesh: Priyanka Chaturvedi

01:48 pm: Shivraj Singh government will definitely return to power. Congress will be defeated once again: Sambit Patra

01:45 pm: Why every election is termed as an examination for PM Modi despite his passing all tests? Why not for Rahul Gandhi who is losing every time: Sambit Patra

01:45 pm: Session IV begins with Sambit Patra (BJP) and Priyanka Chaturvedi (Congress)

Watch session video:

Chunav Manch Session III with Jayant Malaiya (BJP)  and Ranjeet Ranjan (Congress)

01:32 pm: No improvement in any field under Shivraj govt: Ranjeet Ranjan

01:29 pm: Out govt made 8 medical colleges. We made 1.25 lakh km roads and provided irrigation facilities to 42 lakh hectare area of land: Jayant Malaiya

01:27 pm: Congress leaders in tension over elections: Jayant Malaiya

01:25 pm: The MP govt has done a lot of work in the field of irrigation, electricity, says MP minister Jayant Malaiya

01:22 pm: Ticket distribution is the responsibility of the organisation, I don't know whether I'll get ticket or not: MP minister Jayant Malaiya

01:20 pm: Modi was brought to power in 2014 by social media, says Ranjeeta Ranjan

01:15 pm: To ask about the leader of Congress in MP is an agenda of the BJP, says Ranjeet Ranjan

Chunav Manch Session II with Shobha Oza and Archana Chitnis

1:07 pm: Shivraj Singh Chouhan just announces schemes, but when our government comes to power, I assure that we will work towards successful implementaton of the schemes, says Congress's Shobha Oza.

1:03 pm: The necessity have risen now that we have to protect women and girls from the BJP government itself, says Congress' Shobha Oza.

12:55 pm: Malnutrition rates have declines in Madhya Pradesh. However the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government is actively working towards bringing down malnutrition rates in the state, says Archana Chitnis.

12:49 pm: BJP govt working towards implementation of laws on women empowerment, safety, says Archana Chitnis

12:48 pm: Somewhere these culprits are assured they would be shielded, the government or some political leader will protect them, says Shobha Oza

12:47 pm: There is no fear of law of hanging child rapists. Has the number of rape cases declined after the change in the law? Is there implementation?, asks Shobha Oza

12:44 pm: Government failed to act strictly over sexual harassment allegations against MJ Akbar, asks Congress's Shobha Oza. 

12:43 pm: These figures are wrong, and we will prove them so within 2 days. There are no toilets in villages adopted by top BJP leaders, says Shobha Oza

12:43 pm: Only 30% houses had toilets in the state, now 90 lakh toilets have been built in villages and 5 lakh in cities. Is this not a big step for women?, asks BJP's  Archana Chitnis.

12:33 pm: Not a single FIRs have been registered against cases against harassment of women, says Congress spokesperson Shobha Oza.

12:28 pm: Women, children are not safe in Madhya Pradesh. Shivraj Singh Chouhan government is nothing but a 'jungle raj', says Congress spokesperson Shobha Oza.

12:27 pm: Shivraj Singh Chouhan government gives primary focus to women development. Over the past ten years, status of women have risen considerably, says BJP's Archana Chitnis.

Chunav Manch- Session I with Computer Baba, Akhileswaranand Baba, Naveenanand Saraswati 

12:10 pm: Congress should explain what it did for Narmada during its rule, MP Cabinet minister Akhileswaranand Baba asks Congress spokesperson Shobha Oza

12:00 pm: BJP sought votes in the name of temple, now they will seek votes in the name of toilets: Computer Baba

11:58 am: Shivraj govt couldn't stop illegal sand mining.They are talking about gomata (Mother Cow) ahead of elections: Computer Baba

11:57 am: If a family gets reservation once, it should not get it again, says Akhileswaranand Baba

11:55 am: Shivraj Chouhan's statement on reservation was misinterpreted, govt may reconsider it after 2020,  says Akhileswaranand Baba

11:51 am: I quit Shivraj ministry because of my commitment to Narmada, says Computer Baba

11:50 am: You had even gone to Kamalnath but he threw you out: Akhileswaranand Baba to Computer Baba

11:47 am: Computer Baba is lying. There were reports of him saying a month back that he will contest if CM Chouhan asks him to do that: Akhileswaranand Baba

11:46 am: Never said that I will contest elections, will never do that: Computer Baba

11:45 am: Shivraj Chouhan makes many religious announcements but they are never implemented: Naveenanand Saraswati 

11:43 am: Announcement for Narmada Aayog was made 12 years ago but the river is still to be cleansed. It has become even more filthy because of more sewerage water falling into it: Naveenanand Saraswati \

Watch session video:

11:42 am: They are talking about making Cow ministry right ahead of elections: Naveenanand Saraswati 

11:40 pm: Shivraj Government coming up with Cow Ministry only when elections are approaching. Why didn't they think of it earlier, asks Computer Baba

11:30 am: Computer Baba is wrong, acting like Kalnemi. Shivraj Singh is a sensitive CM, says Akhileswaranand Baba

11:27 am: The saint community believes that Shivraj Singh Chouhan govt in Madhya Pradesh is Dharma-virodhi (anti-religion), we'll uproot it this time, says Computer Baba

11:21 am: India TV Editor-in-Chief Rajat sharma briefs the audience about this mega conclave.

11:20 am: India TV Chunav Manch on Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2018 begins

Apart from CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, top leaders like Narendra Singh Tomar, Sambit Patra, Kailash Vijayvargiya, Shobha Ojha and others will be debating over a wide range of issues impacting Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections.

People of Madhya Pradesh will vote on November 28 to elect 230 members of the state Assembly. Counting of votes will take place on December 11.

The BJP is in power in the state for last 15 years. While Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is confident of retaining power in these elections, the opposition Congress is hopeful of encashing the anti-incumbency of last 15 years for making a comeback to the corridors of power in the state.

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