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Instagram working on 'Flipside' feature: What is it and how does it work?

Instagram is testing a new 'Flipside' feature, allowing users to create a private section on their profile for sharing personal content exclusively with chosen friends.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: February 05, 2024 16:21 IST
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Image Source : ALESSANDRO PALUZZI Screenshots shared by Alessandro Paluzzi.

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature called 'Flipside', which will enable users to create a private section on their profile for sharing personal content, exclusively with close friends. The upcoming feature is essentially similar to the concept of 'Finsta', where users maintain a separate and more private account apart from their main public profile. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming feature.

What is Flipside?

The Flipside feature enables users to establish a private space or 'Finsta,' effortlessly. It offers a more secluded area for sharing personal content with selected friends.

How does it work?

Discovered by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Flipside lets users have a distinct profile picture, name, and bio for their private side. Users can manage who sees their Flipside content, and there's even an option to start fresh by 'removing everyone.'

How to access Flipside?

To access someone's Flipside, users will have to simply tap on a button or swipe down on the main profile. This will create a segregated space where users can share content more selectively.

Privacy and customisation

Flipside aims at providing users with a customisable profile separate from their public one. Users have control over who can see their Flipside content, and the feature is designed to offer a more private sharing experience for users and their close friends.

Similar to the 'Close Friends' feature

In November 2023, Instagram expanded its 'Close Friends' feature, allowing users to share private stories in the main feed. Flipside seems to take this concept further by creating a distinct section on the user's profile for these selected posts, potentially offering a more organised and private sharing experience.

When will Flipside be officially rolled out?

While the testing is ongoing, Instagram has not confirmed the official launch date for the Flipside feature. Users may see a wider rollout in the coming days as Instagram refines and finalizes this new addition to the platform.

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