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Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 31: Gujarat Fortunegiants crush Telugu Titans 29-19

Gujarat registered their fifth consecutive win in Pro Kabaddi League 2017 as they comprehensively defeated Telugu Titans 29-19 at The Arena, Ahmedabad.

Reported by: Aditya Chauhan , New Delhi [ Updated: August 16, 2017 22:32 IST ]
Image Source : PKL/TWITTER Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Telugu Titans

Home team Gujarat Fortunegiants crush Telugu Titans 29-19 in the match no. 31 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017  The Arena, Ahmedabad. With this win, Fortunegiants now have registered five consecutive victories in this edition of the PKL. They continue to lead the Zone A points table with a mammoth 43 points from 8 matches. Sachin of Gujarat Fortunegiants was adjudged the 'Star Raider of the Match' with 10 raid points, whereas, Abozar Mighani was given the 'Player of the Match' award, he scored four strong tackle points for Gujarat.


22.18 IST: One more tackle point for Titans but they lost the match to home team Gujarat Fortunegiants by 29-19! 

22.17 IST: Consolation point for Telugu Titans in raiding, Titans 18-29 vs Fortunegiants

22.15 IST: Brilliant ankle hold from Gujarat defender gives them another tackle point, Fortunegiants 29-17 vs Telugu Titans

22.14 IST: Sukesh picks up another point for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 28-17 vs Titans

22.14 IST: Rakesh Kumar raids successfully, Titans gets one point. Telugu 17-27 vs Gujarat

22.12 IST: Another strong tackle from Gujarat defenders, Fortunegiants 27-16 vs Titans

22.11 IST: Technical point given to Fortunegiants, Gujarat 26-16 vs Telugu

22.04 IST: Finally a point for Titans raider, Telugu Titans 13-24 vs Gujarat

22.04 IST: Gujarat Raider Sachin completes his 'super 10', Fortunegiants 24-12 vs Titans

22.03 IST: Another point for Gujarat defenders, brilliant stuff from them. Fortunegiants 23-12 vs Titans

21.59 IST: Timeout taken by Umpire

21.58 IST: Gujarat raider out, one point to Telugu Titans. Titans 12-22 vs Fortunegiants

21.57 IST: Strong defending from Fazel Atrachali give one more point to Gujarat, Fortunegiants 22-11 vs Titans

21.55 IST: Timeout taken by Umpire

21.54 IST: Another point in defence for Telugu, Titans 11-21 vs Gujarat

21.52 IST: Rahul picks up a touch point for Telugu in the do-or-die raid, Titans 10-21 vs Fortunegiants

21.51 IST: Sachin picks up a point in the do-or-die raid for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 21-9 vs Titans

21.49 IST: Raider Vinoth Kumar of Titans picks up a bonus point, Telugu 9-20 vs Gujarat 

21.48 IST: First tackle point of the night for Telugu defence, Titans 8-20 vs Fortunegiants

21.42 IST: Sachin picks up another point for Fortunegiants in raiding, Gujarat 20-7 vs Telugu Titans at Half-time!

21.41 IST: Another strong tackle from Gujarat defenders, Fortunegiants 19-7 vs Titans

21.40 IST: Sukesh picks up another bonus point for Fortunegiants, Gujarat 18-7 vs Titans

21.39 IST: Rahul Chaudhari out for Titans, Gujarat extend their lead to 10 points

21.37 IST: Rahul Chaudhari picks up a point for Titans this time in raid, Titans 7-16 vs Fortunegiants

21.37 IST: Sukesh gives another raid point for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 16-6 vs Titans

21.36 IST: Two points for Telugu Titans raider Vinoth Kumar in raiding, Titans 6-15 vs Fortunegiants

21.35 IST: Point for Telugu Titans, Titans 4-15 vs Fortunegiants 

21.33 IST: It's falling apart for Titans at the moment, point for Gujarat. Fortunegiants 15-3 vs Titans

21.32 IST: Captain Sukesh once again showing off his flashes of brilliance in raiding, Gujarat lead 14-3 vs Telugu Titans

21.32 IST: Super Raid from Gujarat Fortunegiants, Telugu Titans All-Out! Gujarat lead by nine points 12-3 vs Telugu Titans 

21.29 IST: Point for Gujarat defence this time, Fortunegiants 7-3 vs Titans 

21.28 IST: One more raid point for Fortunegiants, Gujarat 6-3 vs Telugu

21.27 IST: Sukesh picks up a raid point for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 5-3 vs Titans

21.26 IST: Vikas picks up a point in raiding for Telugu, Titans 3-4 vs Fortunegiants

21.25 IST: Review Successful, two points for Fortunegiants, Gujarat lead 4-2 vs Telugu

21.24 IST: Gujarat ask for TV Review!

21.24 IST: One more point for Gujarat in raiding, Fortunegiants 3-2 vs Titans

21.23 IST: Gujarat Captain Sukesh picks up an important bonus point, it's 2-2

21.22 IST: Guajrat pick up their first point of the match in raiding, Fortunegiants 1-2 vs Titans

21.21 IST: Two points for Telugu Titans in raiding, Titans 2-0 vs Fortunegiants 

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