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Highlights, 1st Test: India beat Australia by 31 on final day

A clinical display by India saw them win the 1st Test of the series, their first in 10 years in Australia. The 31-run win helps the visitors take the a 1-0 lead in the three-match series.

India TV Sports Desk Written by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 10, 2018 11:14 IST

1st Test: India (250 & 307) beat Australia (235 & 291) by 31 runs in Adelaide

India vs Australia, 1st Test Match Day 5: India have won the 1st Test in Adelaide by 31 runs. A thrilling end on the final day and it is the visitors who have prevailed victorious after toiling in the heat and through the hands of the tailenders. The Indian attack were once again brilliant with their variations especially after dismissing Shaun Marsh (60) who looked dangerous. India now take a 1-0 lead in the 4-match series.  (Click Here for Live Coverage in Hindi)

Highlights, India vs Australia, 1st Test, Day 5 from Adelaide

* What a Test match. What a day. Started with the prospect of welcoming my milkman after the fall of the final wicket. That was at 6 am. Then, we thought we shall never have a second session. Eventually, we were just a ball away from having a third session on Day 5. Fantastic Test.


10.42 IST: OUT! Caught at gully! INDIA HAVE WON! Kohli is pumped up. The entire playing XI is pumped up. Or the playing XIII? Because Jadeja and Vihari are in the field as well. Full and outside off, Hazlewood looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge. It flies straight to Lokesh Rahul at gully who takes it and immediately throws it up in the air in jubilation. Spare a thought for Josh Hazlewood. Spare another thought for Nathan Lyon. Ashwin does spare that thought and goes across to hug Lyon, congratulating him. Great to see such scenes. Ecstasy and disappointment along with sportsmanship. INDIA WIN BY 31 RUNS!

10.35 IST: FOUR! What a shot! On a length outside off, rising steeply, Hazlewood cheekily ramps it over the slip cordon to the third man fence! Moves to 12 from 37 balls. This stand is now worth 31 after seeing off 62 balls.

10.29 IST: FOUR! Another close shave. Full and outside off, the sucker ball, Lyon look to drive but gets a thick outside edge which flies wide of second slip to the third man fence!

10.27 IST: CLOSE CALL FOR LBW BUT ISHANT HAS OVERSTEPPED! So close. So, so close.  Full and straight, Lyon misses his flick, getting beaten by pace and is hit on the pads. Ishant and the slip cordon start to appeal but then have a look behind. Umpire Dharmasena has his right hand outstretched. Ishant has his hands over his head. Kohli is not amused.

10.26 IST: What was that? The carrom ball or the leg spinner? Ashwin tosses this outside off, on the rough and Josh leaves it alone. It spins in a mile and just misses the pad and the off stump!

10.23 IST: A short ball around off, worked through mid-wicket for a couple. 49 more needed now.

10.19 IST: EDGED, BUT WIDE! Full and outside off, JH looks to defend but the ball bounce higher, takes the outside edge. However, it flies wide of Ajinkya Rahane at slip towards backward point.

* Official confirmation. TEA has been extended by 15 minutes.

10.11 IST: Full and outside off, Hazlewood plays that away from his body and guides it towards third man for a single.

10.02 IST: FOUR! Great shot. Fractionally short outside off, Lyon rocks back and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary!

09.54 IST: OUT! Edged and taken! Cummins departs at last. He has hurt India with bat and ball in this Test. What a fight shown. Short and outside off, Pat arches back slightly and looks to cut but the ball is too close to him and he is undone by the extra bounce as well. Gets a thick outside edge and Virat Kohli at first slip makes no mistake. Patrick walks back disappointed but he needn't be. If the first 6 guys at the top had shown even half of this type of a resistance, Australia might have even won this Test. Well played. Bumrah removes Cummins for 28. Australia 259/9 in 108.4 overs

09.50 IST: Edgy! Lyon is riding his luck. A touch short in length around off, straightening just a bit, Lyon pushes tamely inside the line and gets and edge down to deep point. A single to end the over.

09.46 IST: FOUR! Up and over! Width on offer outside off, Lyon this time makes connection and lofts it over point for a boundary.

09.41 IST: EDGED AWAY! Full and wide outside off, Lyon looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge. That goes wide off the fielder at second slip. Three runs taken.

09.36 IST: What a nut to start. On a length outside off, delivered from wide of the crease, Lyon feels for it but the ball comes back in a long way and beats him.

09.31 IST: FOUR! What a shot by Cummins! He's bringing the fight to India. Full and outside off, Cummins leans and drives it through the covers for a boundary! 86 more to win now...

09.28 IST: CATCH PUT DOWN! Tough chance. Full and outside off, Cummins lunges to defend but the ball spins back in, takes the inside edge and flies to backward short leg.

09.25 IST: ON THE HELMET! A sharp bouncer outside off, Lyon takes his eyes away as he looks to fend and gets hit on the grill. Seems okay.

* Nathan Lyon walks in at number 10, replacing Starc.

09.23 IST: OUT! Caught behind! This was coming. This was always coming. The ploy of dangling the carrot works. Full and wide outside off, Starc gets tired of leaving balls alone and this time has a massive waft. Does not move his feet at all and gets a thick outside edge. He immediately looks up at the heavens in frustration. Yoga. Yoga might help. In developing patience, you see. 2 wickets away now, are India. Good resistance shown by Starc though. Thought we would have been home by now... Shami removes Starc for 28. Australia & 228/8 in 100.4 overs

09.21 IST: Outside off, spinning in. Pat looks to tuck but the ball goes off his pads towards a very fine short leg. There are two of those positioned. Ashwin jumps in excitement, thinking that there is an edge but then keeps quiet.

09.18 IST: On the pads, tucked through mid-wicket for a run. Equals the best partnership of this innings for Australia. Marsh and Head had added 41 for the 6th wicket.

09.08 IST: The target is now in double digits. 99 needed. The tailenders have once again troubled India and now the pressure is on either sides. Australia still have three wickets in hand while the Aussie pacers of Starc and Cummins have kept the Test alive. 

09.04 IST: FOUR! Bang! Shami offers width outside off, Starc climbs onto it with all his might and spanks it through covers for a cracking boundary. 101 needed more. They are getting close to the target and this partnership is worth 35 now.

09.04 IST: Appeal for a caught behind! Ashwin delivers it short and outside off, Cummins gets back to slap it through the line but misses. It loops in the air after deflecting off Pant's gloves and Rahane takes it on the rebound. They appeal but to no avail.

09.01 IST: On a back of a length around off, Starc tries playing straight but it takes the inner half of the bat and speeds to deep mid-wicket. Three taken.

08.50 IST: FOUR! Another edgy boundary from Cummins' bat! Shami delivers it full and outside off, Cummins tries to drive it through covers but gets a big fat outside edge through the gap between gully and slips for a boundary.

08.48 IST: Once again Cummins tries to defend off his front foot but gets it away off the inner half to short leg. Maiden by Ashwin yet again.

08.42 IST: Beats the outside edge by a whisker. Back of a length delivery angling into the batsman, Starc stays back to stroke it through covers but is beaten.  

08.38 IST: Four running runs! Bumrah spears in a full ball around off and Starc gets forward with a straight bat. Middles his shot properly and it races through mid off. Ishant gets across to his left and tries to stop it with a slide. Fails and then keeps lying on the ground thinking that it will go to the fence. But it slows down in the deep at long off and Ashwin has to chase it down from mid off.

08.33 IST: EDGY FOUR! Bumrah overpitches outside off and lures the batsman into a drive. Cummins is through with his shot early and it takes the outside edge. Speeds past a diving Kohli at second slip for a boundary.

08.27 IST: Right on the helmet! Bumrah cooks a well-directed bouncer, Starc takes his eyes off the ball and tries to move away from the line of fire. But it hits him flush on the helmet and travels to fine leg. They cross and a leg bye is signalled. Wasn't offering any shot but he was taking evasive action. Good to see Bumrah asking Starc's well being.

08.23 IST: Beaten! Floated off spinner landing outside off, Pat is forward in defense but it spins back in, takes the inside edge and goes off his pads to first slip.

08.19 IST: Another bouncer, outside off, Cummins is happy to duck underneath it. Is Bumrah setting him up for a rip-roaring yorker?

08.15 IST: OUT! Paine falls! Bumrah returns and strikes first ball. Another good bowling change by Kohli. A nicely cooked short delivery by Bumrah, it's around off and rising extra off the surface. Paine tries to wheel a pull shot but fails to middle it. It catches the top edge, balloons behind and Pant moves across to his left to take the skier easily. Massive setback for Australia's chances, if there was any. Into the tail now, India. Australia 187/7 in 84.1 overs

07.45 IST: India need 4 wickets to take a 1-0 series lead. ONLY FOR THE 5TH TIME would that happen, that India will register a win in the first Test in one of the SENA countries (South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia). They have done that thrice in Kiwiland and once in South Africa. Heading towards another first. How long can Australia fight?

07.30 IST: Australia 235 & 186/6 at Lunch against India (250 & 307), need 137 runs to win in Adelaide. Marsh 60, Bumrah 1/23

07.30 IST: Shout for an lbw! Not given. Ishant gets a length ball to move back into the batsman from outside off, Cummins tries to defend by getting forward but misses to get hit on the back leg. They appeal but nothing from the umpire. Maybe there was an inside edge. The replays don't pick any but the impact surely was an issue. That will be it, it's time for Lunch on Day 5.

07.29 IST: Length delivery on off, the ball moves away after pitching and finds the outer half of Paine's defensive bat. Luckily for him the gully fielder diving to his left cannot keep hold onto it and goes to the third man region. They take a couple.

* Second new ball is due now. AND IT HAS BEEN TAKEN. Ishant Sharma to make the first use of it.

07.21 IST: Uppish but safe! Turn and bounce again for Ashwin. Cummins tries defending but misses to get hit high on the pads. It then loops in the air towards short fine leg and falls safely as Jadeja (sub) charges forward from backward square leg.

07.16 IST: FOUR! LOSE DELIVERY BY SHAMI! Length delivery pitched on middle, the ball moves with the angle and Paine flicks it away off his pad through the fine leg region for a boundary. Shami should probably bowl it in and around off if he wants to trouble the batsman.

07.11 IST: Confident shot! Shami is on the shorter side first up and Paine eases his pull shot through square leg for a run.

News coming in is that Rohit Sharma is off the field as he jarred his back. Has Hanuma Vihari replaced him? He should be in the next Test if Rohit remains unfit.

07.06 IST: Half-shout from Pant! Flighted off spinner outside off, Paine leans forward to defend but is beaten to get hit on the pads. Impact outside off.

07.05 IST: On a good length outside off, Paine taps it down through point and rushes back for the second run. Excellent running between the wickets is met with a big applause by the Australian crowd.

06.58 IST: FOUR! A bit streaky. On a length outside off, Paine looks to defend but the ball moves away, squared him up and takes the outside edge. However, he plays it with soft hands, hence it goes to ground. Past second slip to the fence.

06.57 IST: NOT OUT AGAIN! This time Australia get benefited by the DRS. No glove there. A flighted off spinner landing around off, Cummins gets forward with a big stretch and tries to defend it with his bat and pad together. It then is seen flying off the flap of his front pad towards short leg where KL Rahul dives forward to catch the ball. The Indians appeal and the finger has gone up. Cummins has a quick chat with his skipper and then takes the DRS. The replays roll in... Nothing on the Hot Spot. There is some spike on the Snicko. Wait, it's more coming due to Cummins' bat clipping the front pad. It has happened simultaneously but still it's quite evident that there was no bat involved. End of an eventful over.

06.54 IST: NOT OUT AGAIN! This time Australia get benefited by the DRS. No glove there. A flighted off spinner landing around off, Cummins gets forward with a big stretch and tries to defend it with his bat and pad together. It then is seen flying off the flap of his front pad towards short leg where KL Rahul dives forward to catch the ball. The Indians appeal and the finger has gone up. Cummins has a quick chat with his skipper and then takes the DRS. The replays roll in... Nothing on the Hot Spot. There is some spike on the Snicko.

* Another review! This time Cummins has been given out! Looks like there is glove involved...

06.49 IST: NOT OUT! Waste of a review. Ashwin once again gets his ball to talk. Turning back into the batsman from outside off, Cummins leans forward to defend but it spins back in and hurries past the inside edge. Pant collects the ball behind, they appeal but nothing from the umpire. India take the referral but Hot Spot detects nothing. Snicko is also of the same opinion.

* Another wicket? India are confident that Pat Cummins has nicked one behind. A review taken...

06.44 IST: Excellent bowling, this. Bumrah is getting some reverse going. Once again it's curving back in from around off, Cummins brings down his bat in defense and keeps it out off the inner half.

06.42 IST: Lovely delivery to greet the new batsman. Bumrah spears in a length ball around off, Cummins defends it by covering the line. Had he missed, he was a plumb lbw candidate.

Pat Cummins is the new batsman.

06.39 IST: OUT! Bumrah removes Marsh for 60. Australia 156/6 in 72.1 overs

06.35 IST: Brave leave. Bumrah hurls in a good length ball outside off, shaping back in a shade, Marsh covers his stumps and shoulders arms. That wasn't too far away from the off pole.

06.29 IST: Extra flight this time and it lands very full outside off. Tim Paine tries his best to drill his drive through covers. It takes the bottom edge and goes past the keeper. A single is taken.

06.25 IST: Jasprit Bumrah's turn to bowl for the first time this morning.

06.22 IST: Drinks break. An absorbing first 75 minutes of Day 5. Australia lost Travis Head to Ishant's snorter but since then Shaun Marsh and Tim Paine have done well to form a partnership. India are probing hard and will be eyeing more wickets in the next hour. For the home team, longer this pair continues, better their chances become.

06.21 IST: Oohhh... turn and bounce for Ashwin as he lands it on the footmarks outside off. It breaks back in as Paine goes back in defense. It takes his gloves, brushes the pads and luckily for the Aussie skipper, falls in front of short leg.


06.16 IST: FOUR! CLASS! Fuller on middle and off by Shami, Paine flicks it away through short mid-wicket region. The ball is timed and placed to perfection and Marsh is looking very comfortable and confident out in the middle.

06.13 IST: FOUR! A very well directed bouncer by Shami, the ball rises onto Paine quickly, he tries to pull that away but only manages to glove it. The ball is wide on the left of Pant, who dives and tries to grab it with his right hand but unfortunately for him, the ball is out of reach and goes to the fence. Paine survives the scare.

06.10 IST: FOUR! 10th Test fifty for Shaun Marsh! He reaches there with a firm pull shot off the back foot. The length was short and it assisted that stroke play. All Shaun had to to was to pick the gap at mid-wicket which he did with aplomb. He's the one holding the torch for Australia in this game. A danger man as far as India are concerned.

06.07 IST: Beaten! Ashwin slows this one up in the air and serves a full ball outside off. Paine gets forward and across to defend but it spins back in and takes the inside edge before hitting him on the pads. A muted appeal from the Indians.

06.00 IST: Shami steams in from 'round the wicket and gets a full ball to tail back in. Marsh clips it off his pads to deep mid-wicket and scampers back for the second run. Rohit Sharma from the deep scores a direct hit at the bowler's end but Paine is safely in by a month. Still, the ever-aggressive Indian skipper puts in a slight appeal. Nothing doing as far as the umpire is concerned.

05.50 IST: A touch and too straight in line, Marsh stands back and turns it behind square leg for a single. Given as a leg bye.

05.48 IST: Mohammed Shami replaces Ishant Sharma in the attack. Two slips in place and a gully in place as the bowler runs in from 'round the wicket.

05.44 IST: MISFIELD! A rarity from India. Short and outside off, Tim cuts it straight to point. Mohammed Shami over there takes it lightly and the ball goes through his legs. Two runs taken.

05.39 IST: FOUR! Bang! A rare loose delivery by Ishant. He delivers it short and wide outside off, Paine latches onto it and whacks it through point for a boundary. Opens his account.

* Hammer is out! Leveling up the bowler's run-up area.

* Skipper Tim Paine walks in next.

05.30 IST: OUT! You beauty, Ishant! He has bounced Head out! An effort delivery. Sharma bends his back and hurls in a lethal short delivery right at the body of the batsman. Head is caught in an awkward position as he tries to fend at it by taking his eyes off the ball. It hurries onto Travis from the surface and takes his gloves. The ball loops in the air and Rahane accepts the simplest of catches at gully. Ishant removes Head for 14. Australia 115/5 in 56.4 overs

05.24 IST: A bit short on length by Ashwin, Marsh goes on his back foot and pushes it towards the cover region for a single.

5.18 IST: Silly point moves to short leg. Strange from India, they have runs on the board and can afford to keep both.

05.14 IST: Beauty to beat the bat! Ishant runs in from 'round the wicket and angles in a length ball around off. Marsh decides to play the line but is beaten by the late away movement.

05.12 IST: Slows his off spinner in the air and lands it around leg, Head steps down the track and tries to flick. But he closes the face of the bat early and it takes the leading half of his willow. Goes safely to covers.

05.08 IST: Length delivery by Sharma to start off with, Flicked onto the pads and they take the single. First run of the day.

05.03 IST: Once again tossed up by Ravichandran trying to get the short leg and silly point in play, but Marsh has no issue blocking it.

04.58 IST: All set to get underway! The Indian players are on the field. Out come Shaun Marsh and Travis Head in the middle. The touring team is wasting no time and will start with the spin of Ravichandran Ashwin. A slip, short leg and silly point in place. Here we go...

04.46 IST: Pitch report - Not a typical Day 5 looking pitch, feels Mark Waugh. A few indentations but it is still a good one for batting, reckons Waugh. Brendon Julian then spots the footmarks on both right-hander and left-hander's off stump which Ashwin will look to exploit. Mark mentions that once the ball gets soft, it will be easy for batting. Also, the former Aussie opener states about reverse swing which the Indian bowlers are able to get from the old ball.

04.35 IST: When Test matches lasting hardly four days have become a norm, here we are, heading into Day 5 of the first Test of this much-anticipated India's tour Down Under. The tourists started as the favourites and are in with a good chance to take a series lead in Adelaide. For Australia, they recently achieved a draw by batting out the whole day in Dubai, in which, Travis Head and Tim Paine played a major role, alongside Usman Khawaja. Something similar will be expected from the former two today. Also, runs required are certainly gettable if the hosts somehow manage to bat three sessions. So Australia winning isn't entirely out of the window. A riveting day awaits us. Stay tuned for more updates...

Day 5, Session 1

Brief Day 4 report: Indian bowlers once again exposed the chinks in jittery Australian batting line-up leaving the hosts tottering at 104 for 4 in pursuit of a tough target of 323 on the fourth day of the first Test on Sunday. With 219 runs required on a fifth-day track, it will be an onerous job for the Australian batsmen, who have been struggling against a consistent Indian attack with their ultra-defensive approach. Ravichandran Ashwin (2/44 in 19 overs) and Mohammed Shami (2/15 in 9 overs) were impressive during the final session as Australia lost three wickets in Marcus Harris (26), Usman Khawaja (8) and Peter Handscomb (14). At end of play, Shaun Marsh was unbeaten on 31 runs (92 balls) while Travis Head was batting on 11 not out (37 balls). (Read full Day 4 report here)


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