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Not only burger and pizza, muesli and oats are also junk foods! Here’s how

Have you been eating packed foods like muesli and oats think they might good for your health? Think again. 

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: March 12, 2019 21:33 IST
rujuta diwekar on junk foods

Not only burger and pizza, muesli and oats are also junk foods! Here’s how 

If you thought that only burger, pizza, noodles and French fries are the only junk food, then let us correct you, you’re wrong. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who is the mastermind behind Kareena Kapoor Khan’s tremendous weight loss post pregnancy, has a different say about this. She believes that if you’re eating oats, muesli and fibre cookies that come in packets under a brand name, you’re consuming FAST FOOD. All the products that are sold under big brand names are harmful for our health and they are no better than the junk foods we find at the food outlet chains. In the video Rujuta Diwekar shared on her Facebook, she explains thoroughly how to steer clear from junk foods and saving ourselves from falling into the trap of the clever marketing tactics of these big names.

Identify the ‘Junk Foods’

Burgers, noodles, French fries and cookies are junk foods that have JUNK FOOD written all over it in block letters. But what about the foods that do harm to our body without us knowing about it? Rujuta Diwekar talks about the so-called healthy foods that come with the big labels attached to them. Say, 100 per cent wheat fibre cookies. Such foods are known as ‘Camouflaged Junk Foods’. They promise to provide you nutrition, but all they carry is junk material. For example, fibre cookies, tetra pack fruit juice, muesli, oats, etc.

Even the yogurt that promise to be fat-free, sugar-free and pro-biotic are junk foods. The biscuits that claim to have fibre, micro-nutrient like iron, calcium, protein, etc they are full of things that are bad for your health.

Steer clear from jams, spreads, peanut butter, butters that are packaged. They contain high amount of salt or sugar, which make them no better than the junk foods.

Rujuta Diwekar also talked about how big brands that are selling camouflaged junk foods, sponsor the sports event and misguide the children. The young ones tend to think that these type of foods may make them as strong as the sportsperson they’re seeing on their television screen.

How to live a ‘Junk Food-Free’ life?

You cannot live a junk food-free life, to be practical. However, all you can do is to limit your consumption of junk food. Ideally once a month. If you’re a junk food addict, reduce your consumption to 50 per cent first. Then, gradually cut off your consumption to the lowest level possible.

If you’re a parent, don’t reward your child with junk foods whenever they do something good. This may leave a wrong impression on their mind. If your child is addicted to junk food, some amount of resistance is obvious. They will throw tantrums for 10 minutes, but you will be thankful to yourself for taking this step to ensure their good health.

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