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Narayan Murthy's 3-point formula to revive economy hit by coronavirus pandemic

Infosys co-founder NR Narayan Murthy has made three big suggestions as a way forward for the economy hit by coronavirus pandemic. Murthy says GDP numbers are really worrisome and has come up with a three-point formula.

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New Delhi Updated on: August 12, 2020 12:31 IST
NR Narayan Murthy has made three crucial suggestions for reviving an economy that is under stress du
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NR Narayan Murthy has made three crucial suggestions for reviving an economy that is under stress due to coronavirus pandemic.

Infosys co-founder and billionaire businessman N Narayan Murthy has come up with three significant suggestions for the pandemic-battered Indian economy. Calling the fight against coronavirus a long-drawn, Narayn Murthy warned against the falling GDP and mass exodus of migrants from cities to villages. The economy must be brought back on track and people should be ready to live with the new normal, Murthy said. 

"India's GDP is expected to shrink by at least five per cent. There is a fear that we may even reach the lowest GDP (growth) since independence, since 1947," Murthy said. His comments came during the discussion on 'Leading India's Digital Revolution' during the 16th edition of Institute of Engineering and Technology's India Digital Conversations held virtually.

"The global GDP has gone down. Global trade has shrunk, global travel has almost disappeared. The global GDP is likely to shrink between 5 per cent and 10 per cent," Murthy said.

Narayan Murthy 3-point formula for reviving the corona-hit economy 

1. Health infra at district level but allow the economy to operate full steam

Right from the first day of the national lockdown on March 24, his view had been that people have to be prepared to live with the virus for three reasons -- there is no vaccine, no cure for coronavirus and the economy cannot be brought to a halt. The earliest possible vaccine was from Oxford University, which may be available in the country anywhere from six to nine months, he said.

"But even if we are able to vaccinate 10 million people a day, it is going to take 140 days to vaccinate all the Indians. That is a long period to prevent the spread of the disease," Murthy said.

"We cannot make the economy come to a halt. Overall, 140 million workers have been affected by this virus. So the smartness is in defining a new normal. This normal should allow our economy to grow while moving on the earth and fighting the virus," the tech leader said.

Narayan Murthy emphasised on creating a health infrastructure for vaccinating everybody once a vaccine was available and working towards a cure for the new virus. There was a need to increase the number of hospital beds and adding equipment for testing and taking care of the projected number of COVID-19 patients for three months and six months from now. There was a massive need to boost health infrastructure at district level. 

"India has traditionally not invested sufficiently in public health. We have severe shortage both in talent and in material for a robust public health system. The state of our Institute of Public Health is a good data point," said Murthy.

In the given system, Murthy said, social distancing, and use of masks were the best way to combat the virus. He, however, lauded the country for having done a decent job under the present circumstances.

2. Bring back the migrant workers

To bring the economy back on track, the Infosys founder suggested getting back the 140 million migrant workers who have gone back to their villages to their workplaces, mostly in urban India.

3. Support to companies who can't use the work-from-home option

N Narayan Murthy also favoured amending laws and providing infrastructural facilities for companies which cannot use the work-from-home paradigm and increasing the public transport and public safety facilities for businesses and the public to operate 24 hours.


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