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Netflix started charging for sharing passwords, know what Indians are worried about

Netflix users are worried in India when they got to know that users will be charged extra for sharing passwords, but so far, Indians are at relief as the new change has not been implemented yet.

Saumya Nigam Written by: Saumya Nigam Noida Updated on: June 02, 2022 19:16 IST
Image Source : NETFLIX


Netflix has updated its policy and has started to charge for sharing passwords with friends. This is not a surprise as the company, March already stated that it will be revising the policy change, which will be implemented soon. 

With this move made by Netflix, it is very much clear that the OTT giant is no longer willing the people to share their account passwords with others. This indeed will start asking the user to pay extra if they would like to share the account with other people.

We get to know about the information on the basis of the test conducted by Netflix in Chile, Peru and Costa Rica, where the platform stopped people from sharing passwords.

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But, it is further mentioned that the platform has been trying to prevent password sharing but somehow it is not working as it was supposed to, as per Netflix. Because of the recent policy, many users cancel their subscriptions when a few of the customers were charged for going against the policy of sharing passwords with acquaintances. 

Though Netflix has started applying charges thousands of Netflix users complained that they were not informed officially about the new policy for additional charges on sharing the password. 

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Though, by the time of writing, there are some users who have been still sharing accounts and haven’t received a notification for the additional charges. 

What about Netflix's new policy for India?

Netflix has planned to prevent users from sharing their passwords with others so, by the time of writing only Peru, Costa Rica and Chile have got the update. 

The company is currently testing the new update and reaction of the customers in some places right now, and they will witness how the market has been responding to the move made by the company. Once they will closely analyse this, they will eventually bring in and expand this policy to furthermore countries, expectedly including India. 

But at the time of writing, there has been no word on the expected timeline for the policy to be applicable to the Indians. 



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