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India vs New Zealand 1st Test Day 3, Highlights: India trail by 39 runs at stumps after Boult 3/27

Live Cricket Score, India vs New Zealand 1st Test Day 3: Catch all the match updates and ball by ball commentary of the first Test between India and New Zealand in Wellington.

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New Delhi Updated on: February 23, 2020 12:32 IST
Live Score, India vs New Zealand 1st Test Day 3
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Live Score, India vs New Zealand 1st Test Day 3: Live Updates from Wellington


India vs New Zealand 1st Test Day 3
: Hello and welcome to the Live coverage of the third day of the opening Test between India and New Zealand at the Basin Reserve in Wellington.An excellent day for the hosts! They are in the driver's seat in this game! Right from Day 1, they have been the dominant side and it continues to be that way. The only moment India had a sniff in this game was today morning when they got rid of Southee and Watling in quick succession. However, it was all New Zealand after that. Colin de Grandhomme along with Kyle Jamieson and Ajaz Patel built a few handy stands. To make matters worse for India, Trent Boult also played an outstanding cameo towards the end which took their lead close to the 200-run mark. In reply, India once again lost an early wicket. Agarwal and Pujara then surged a fightback but the two along with Kohli fell after getting starts. Post that, Rahane and Vihari have shown grit and have really battled hard out there. They have consumed 118 balls so far to stitch a 31-run stand. That though was the demand of the hour as they needed to hang in there. The visitors still trail by another 39 runs and their first aim on Day 4 will be to wipe off the deficit without losing any more wickets. . [Live Scorecard | Live Streaming]

IND vs NZ 1st Test Day 3, Highlights: India (144/4 & 165) vs New Zealand (348) vs in Wellington

12.06 IST: STUMPS! India would not be happy with how the day transpired overall. They had the chance to knock New Zealand over for a much lower total and less lead but they let it slip and now trail them by 39 runs with six wickets in hands and two day's play left. Rahane, Vihari and Mayank did their best to hang in but Boult starred for New Zealand to put them on the driver's seat. Join us tomorrow for day four's play. 

12.05 IST: Jamieson to Vihari, FOUR! Last ball of the day and slapped through the offside for a boundary. 

11.57 IST: Vihari and Rahane have steadied India really well after the fall of Kohli's wicket and will now hope to see the day off.

11.35 IST: Jamieson to Rahane, FOUR! Same ball, same result. Back to back boundaries. This time a bit square through gully. Welcome runs for India.

11.34 IST: Jamieson to Rahane, FOUR! Slashed and slashed hard. The ball flies over the point fielder for a boundary.

11.20 IST: Rahane is fine to continue.

11.18 IST: Southee to Rahane, OUCH! Rahane has been hit on his helmet, he looks fine but the mandatory concussion tests have to be conducted. 

10.58 IST: Boult to Vihari, FOUR! Over the wicket and on his pads and easily flicked away fine for a boundary by Vihari.

10.41 IST: de Grandhomme to Vihari, REVIEW LOST! A full ball and it strikes Vihari on the pads but was going down the leg with the angle and the umpire gave it not out. New Zealand, however, went for the review at the last moment and ball-tracking showed that it is missing the stumps and NZ lose their second and final review.

10.36 IST: Hanuma Vihari is the new man in.

10.35 IST: Boult to Kohli, OUT! Another bad choice of shot from the Indian captain. Boult comes round the wicket and bangs in a bouncer, Kohli goes for the pull but only manages a faint edge and it goes straight to the keeper. India lose their fourth wicket. India in disarray.

10.30 IST: de Grandhomme to Rahane, FOUR! Pitched up and smacked through the covers for a boundary. That was a stunning shot from Jinks!

10.19 IST: Jamieson to Rahane, FOUR! Short and it bounces hight and Rahane upper-cuts it for a boundary through third man.

10.08 IST: Jamieson to Kohli, FOUR! Copybook cover drive from Kohli this time. Hits it square of the wicket and that will give him confidence. With that, the 100 also comes up for India.

10.05 IST: Ajinkya Rahane is the next man in.

10.02 IST: Southee to Mayank, OUT! Succesful review from Mayank. Down the leg side and the ball carries to the keeper and following a huge appeal, he was adjudged out and was hesitant on a review as well but replays show a little spike and he has to go. India lose their third.

09.53 IST: Southee to Mayank, FOUR! Goes for the bouncer but this time, Mayank plays it well. Nobody at the back and Mayank pulls it well for a boundary. 

09.42 IST: Southee to Kohli, FOUR! Lucky escape for Kohli. An outswinger and the ball takes the edge of Kohli's bat as he looks to flick but luckily for him, it goes through first slip and gully for a boundary. With the boundary, he overtook Ganguly in the list of most runs scored by Indians in Test cricket.

09.40 IST: Kyle Jamieson starts with a maiden from the other end.

09.35 IST: Southee to Kohli, FOUR! Plays a cover drive wide from his body but this time it goes in the gap and for a boundary. It was airborne for a while but the placement saves him.

09.33 IST: Southee to begin and Mayank is on strike.

09.32 IST: Players are out in the middle and Virat Kohli has come out to bat along with Mayank.

09.16 IST: TEA! With Pujara's wicket, the umpires call for a break. The session belonged to India almost until Boult snared Puajra right at the end. Mayank scored his 4th Test fifty and remained not out. But, New Zealand will be happy with the proceedings and the two wickets they've got.

09.14 IST: Boult to Pujara, OUT! What a ball! Comes round the wicket, Pujara leaves but the ball swings in late with the angle and takes Pujara'ss stumps to break his resistance and send him packing to end his 81-ball stay at the crease. India lose their second.

08.58 IST: Patel to Mayank, FOUR! FIFTY! Full and down the leg and he paddles it down fine for a boundary. With that, he brings up his 4th fifty in Test cricket. Fine innings from him so far.

08.52 IST: Patel to Mayank, SIX! Comes down the track and hits it over long-on for a maximum. First of the innings for him.

08.51 IST: Patel to Mayank, FOUR! Short and Mayank rocks back and slaps it past mid-wicket for a boundary.

08.50 IST: Spin into the attack now. Ajaz Patel comes on.

08.45 IST: Trent Boult back into the attack, replacing Jamieson.

08.42 IST: de Grandhomme to Mayank, FOUR! Swing and wide outside off and Mayank slashes at it and it goes for a boundary over gully. First one in a while for India.

08.30 IST: India have gone past the 50-run mark but runs are not coming in easy. The outfield has slowed down and the bowling from New Zealand has been very accurate as well. Every run has been a grind but Mayank and Pujara remain focused.

08.06 IST: De Grandhomme to Mayank, FOUR! Little wide and Mayank just guides it past point for a boundary. Pure timing on that one.

08.05 IST: Jamieson to Pujara, REVIEW LOST! Bangs one in and it rises and rises before hitting Pujara on the arm guard. New Zealand appeal but the umpire says not-out. The hosts go for the review but replays confirm no bat or glove and the on-field decision stays. New Zealand lose their review.

07.51 IST: Kyle Jamieson, who took four wickets in the first innings and tormented India, is on now. He replaces Trent Boult in the attack.

07.48 IST: Colin de Grandhomme replaces Tim Southee in the attack

07.39 IST: UPDATE! Tom Blundell will not take the field today after injuring his left shoulder and he will be further assessed after day three's play.

07.26 IST: Cheteshwar Pujara is the new man in.

07.25 IST: Boult to Shaw, OUT! Goes round the wicket and angles the ball around the ribs and Shaw looked to nudge that away but could only manage to find Latham behind square. India lose their first wicket as Shaw falls for 14.

07.25 IST: Boult to Shaw, FOUR! Comes round the wicket and cuts away for a boundary.

07.20 IST: Southee to Shaw, FOUR! Short and wide and Prithvi smacks it through covers for a boundary.

07.16 IST: Boult to Mayank, FOUR! Pitched up and driven down the ground for a boundary. Classy shot from Mayank.

07.13 IST: The openers have so far looked solid for India on a pitch that hasn't done much to help the seamers unlike the first innings.

07.00 IST: Trent Boult to bowl from the other end

06.58 IST: Southee to Mayan, FOUR! Pitched up with a hint of swing and Mayank crunches it through the covers for a boundary. First of the innings.

06.50 IST: The players are out in the middle. Prithvi Shaw to take strike, Tim Southee has the ball for New Zealand

06:14 IST: OUT! FINALLY for India. Short ball and Boult nicks it behind as Ishant completes his 11th Test fi-fer

06:09 IST: Shami to Boult. FOUR! Full toss on the middle and Boult punches it through point for a boundary

06:06 IST: Ashwin to Boult. SIX! Shimmies down and launces it high over long-on for a maximum​ Shimmies down and launces it high over long-on for a maximum

06:03 IST: Back-to-back fours from Boult against Ishant as lead nears 170 mark

05:55 IST: Ashwin to Boult. FOUR! Dances down the track and slogs it over mid-on for a boundary

05:53 IST: Ishant to Boult. FOUR! Short and wide as he clobbers it over cover for a boundary. 

05:48 IST: Ashwin to CDG. OUT! Spins down the leg side, soft touch off the bottom gloves and Pant takes it. 

05:31 IST: Ashwin to Jamieson. OUT! Goes for the big one again, but the change of angle worked for Ashwin as the ball found Hanuma Vihari well ahead of long-on boundary.

05:17 IST: Another six against Ashwin from Jamieson, this time over mid-wicket.

05:16 IST: Ashwin to Jamieson. SIX! Outside off and Jamieson dispatches it over the cow corner for a six. 

05:07 IST: Shami to Jamieson. SIX! Bouncer and Jamieson pulls it as the ball rise off the top edge over the keeper for a six.

05:01 IST: India made an impressive start on day 3 as Bumrah dismissed Watling and Ishant dismissed Tim Southee. But since then, Kyle Jamieson and Colin de Grandhomme have been frustrating India with the lead closing in on the 100-run mark. Can India strike again before lunch? 

04:49 IST: Bumrah to CDG. FOUR! Same delivery and this time he drives it past the bowler and down the track for a boundary. 

04:48 IST: Bumrah to CDG. FOUR! Uppish and around middle as the batsman punches it through midwicket for a boundary.

04:47 IST: The new ball is now available for India. And they take it. They are eager for those final three wickets of New Zealand. 

04:42 IST: Ishant to Jamieson. FOUR! Bouncer again and he pulls it through backwar square leg for a boundary. 

04:35 IST: Shami to Jamieson. SIX! Short and gave the width as he pulls it, just like Rohit Sharma, over deep mid-wicket for a six. 

04:32 IST: Ishant to CDG. FOUR! Length ball down off side and he punches it over mid off for a four. 

04:31 IST: India lose their second review after a failed appeal for caught behind against de Grandhomme.

04:27 IST: Meanwhile, a reminder - 98 overs will be bowled today owing to the time lost to rain on day 1. Hence half an hour of extended play today. 

04:23 IST: Bumrah to De Grandhomme. OUT! Loud lbw appeal and Aleem Dar signals it as OUT. DRS opted by the batsman. Ball MISSES the stumps and de Grandhomme survives

04:16 IST: Ishant to Southee. OUT! Fullish ball down leg and he flicks it behind. Airborne and Shami makes no mistake in the deep. Ishant has his 4th in the innings

04:10 IST: Bumrah to De Grandhomme. FOUR! Length ball down the offside corridor as the batsman rocks back to punch it through point for a boundary. 

04:05 IST: Update on Kane Williamson: X-ray reports reveals that there is no complication and hence will look to continue with his particiaption in the contest. "An x-ray this morning has cleared BLACKCAPS captain, Kane Williamson of any fracture, to his right middle finger following a blow at the start of his innings yesterday. He will wear a light protective guard."

04:00 IST: And the game begins in Wellington. And Bumrah starts off with a wicket. Length ball, rises up through the corridor, nick off the outside edge and Pant takes the catch. Watling departs. 

03:40 IST: We are 20 minutes away from day 3 kick-off. Can New Zealand take their lead past 100? 

03:30 IST: "A windy and partly sunny morning" in Wellington today...

02:55 IST: Ishant Sharma comes to Bumrah's defence: It's funny that perceptions changed after one innings. For two years, we have always taken 20 wickets, myself, Boom (Bumrah's nickname in Indian dressing room) and Shami along with Ash or Jaddu (at home). How can people question on the basis of one innings (Test)?

02:45 IST: India, under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, do not have a very strong record after conceding a first-innings lead. On 14 occasions, India have managed to win just twice while losing eight of them and remaining four ending in a draw.

02:27 IST: Tim Southee: We knew though if we could open one end up with the bowlers, then Jinks was looking to play a little bit more aggressively, which brings us into play a little more. The way we bowled this morning was pretty good. To come off and finish the Indian batting line-up like that with two dangerous players in this morning

02:00 IST: Meanwhile, Ishant Sharma, who has already bagged three wickets so far, needs three more to become the fourth Indian bowler to have 200 wickets away from home. Anil Kumble leads the list with 269 wickets, followed by Kapil Dev (215) and Zaheer Khan (207). 

01:48 IST: 165 as India's first-innings total was pointed out as their lowest since Lord's 2018 where they managed only 108 and third-lowest under Kohli's captaincy. Meanwhile, with New Zealand at 216/5, they seem to be well below par if looked at the past eight second-innings totals at Basin Reserve. With four 500-plus scores and none below 350, the average score since 2014 stands as 473. And the average lead in the seven matches where the team batting second have managed, stands 250.57. So huge responsibility on the shoulders of the middle-order batters now.  

01:30 IST: Here is the playing XI for the two sides...

India: Prithvi Shaw, Mayank Agarwal, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Hanuma Vihari, Rishabh Pant, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

New Zealand: Tom Latham, Tom Blundell, Kane Williamson(c), Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, BJ Watling(w), Colin de Grandhomme, Kyle Jamieson, Tim Southee, Trent Boult, Ajaz Patel