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Enjoy Pongal 2020 with these traditional delicacies. Recipes inside

Here are five delectable Pongal cuisines that will satiate your taste buds.

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New Delhi Published on: January 14, 2020 23:03 IST
Pongal 2020

Traditional dishes to prepare on Pongal 2020

Pongal is incomplete without traditional lip-smacking recipes. The four-day festival is celebrated with different cuisines each day. The word 'pongal' is derived from Tamil word 'ponga' which means 'to boil' or 'overflow'. Hence, you can imagine the importance of good food on Pongal. 

On this harvest festival, which is celebrated predominantly in South India, a sweet dish named Pongal is prepared. The newly harvested rice boiled in milk with jaggery, raisins, brown sugar is prepared in a clay pot. After dedicating it to the Sun God, the traditional dish is offered to family members. 

There are four types of pongal dishes - the Chakarai Pongal, Venn Pongal, Melagu Pongal and Puli Pongal. The Chakarai or Sakkarai Pongal is prasadam prepared in temples, while Venn Pongal is served in breakfast. Melagu Pongal is a spicy variant made with moong daal, and Puli Pongal is basically tamarind rice. 

Here are some delectable treats which will satiate your taste buds.

Kara Murukku

Spicy and healthy Kara Murukku is prepared with rice four and sesame seeds. You can have these murukkus with chai or filter coffee. Gradually, murukkus have gained popularity all over India as a snack.


Medu Vada

Tempting Medu Vada tastes amazing with chutney or sambhar. Grab it as an evening snack or you can even relish its taste in breakfast. The soft and spicy interior with crisp outer coating is what makes Medu Vada everyone's favourite.


Sakkarai Pongal

Sakkarai Pongal is perfect for those having sweet tooth. Prepared with  melted jaggery, ghee, dried fruits, cardamom powder, yellow moong dal and rice, Sakkarai Pongal is served as prasadam on this harvest festival.


Ven Pongal

This traditional delicacy is prepared with rice, moong dal, ghee, spices and curry leaves. Pongal celebration is incomplete without gorging on Ven Pongal. Tastes best when served with sambhar and chutney.


Puli Pongal

Puli Pongal, pulliogare or tamarind rice is a mouth-watering dish prepared with rice, spices and tamarind juice. Lentils and peanuts are added for extra flavour. Served along with papadam and chutney, tamarind rice is a mandatory Pongal food.

Wishing you all a delightful and delectable Pongal!

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