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5 tips to dress like a star within your budget

Here are some tips to help you dress like a star.

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New Delhi Published on: August 22, 2016 18:01 IST

If you are a fashion buff, you've probably craved for the outfits sported by celebrities. But if you make smart fashion choices, you can ace the looks within your budget, suggests an expert.

Archana Dhankar, Fashion Stylist and Founder of Stylemeee.com, a personal styling and image consultation service for women, has shared some tips to help you dress like a star:

* Embrace minimalism: Have you ever noticed that the best dressed celebrities are often minimalist in their fashion choices? And the reason for this is simple -- clean, classic styles are always in vogue and difficult to go wrong with. Minimalism in terms of accessorizing, layering and even make-up, tends to create a more elegant and sophisticated look.

* Concentrate on the fit: Rarely would you find any celebrity wearing ill-fitted clothes. When they go to A-list events, their outfits are often tailor-made to fit them perfectly. Now, we can't customize each dress for a stellar fit, but we can always avoid clothes that don't fit well. Next time you shop, concentrate more on the fitting rather than the colour and print.

* Don't forget hair and make-up: Celebrities are always called out when their hair or make-up is sloppy, because if these are unkempt or badly done, it is highly noticeable and generally steals all the attention, no matter how lovely the clothes may be. So whenever you dress up, make sure your hair and make-up is on point too.

* Be a sale-monger: It cannot be denied that one of the reasons celebrities are our fashion gurus is because they wear the best of the best. We may not be able to afford their kind of couture pieces, but we can surely try. Make sure to pick up a few items during the sale season to wear on special occasions.

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