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Karva (Karwa) Chauth 2019: 'Solah Sringar' and its significance in Indian culture

Know all about the 'Solah Sringar' and its importance on the festival of Karva (Karwa) Chauth. Happy Karwa Chauth!

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New Delhi Updated on: October 16, 2019 16:49 IST
Karva (Karwa) Chauth 2019: 'Solah Sringar' and its

Karva (Karwa) Chauth 2019: 'Solah Sringar' and its significance in Indian culture

Its October already and the month of festivities has begun. Dusshera has just gone by and the next major festival in line is Karva(Karwa) Chauth. Considered the most auspicious festival for married women in India, Karwa Chauth is celebrated four days after the full moon night, i.e. Sharad Purnima. Married women fast the entire day without water for the long and healthy life of their husbands. Earlier, only women used to observe a fast for their husbands, however as trends are changing, men have also started observing Karwa Chauth fast for the longevity of their wives. Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesh, and Kartikeya are worshipped on Karwa Chauth.

Married women are super excited about this festival and traditionally dress up in their wedding outfits. Mehendi is applied on hands and everyone tries to look their best. Husbands usually gift their wives special things. According to Hindu Mythology, women also adorn 'Solah Sringar' on karwa Chauth. To know what all forms a part of the 'solah sringar', read on!

Sindoor: Sindoor or vermillion is a sign of married life in Hindus. Women wear it on their forehead for the long lives of their husbands.

Mangalsutra: Mangalsutra is the second most important sign of marriage for Hindu women. Some always wear it.

Mang Teeka: Mang teeka doubles the beauty of a woman. It is wore on forehead with a hook at its end. It comes in different shapes and sizes.

Kajal: Kajal makes the eye dramatic and beautiful. Kohl is believed to ward off evil forces.

Bindi: The importance of bindi in Indian woman's life is unbeatable. Even girls wear it regularly or on special occasions.

Bangles: Bangles escalate beauty of a suhaagan (married women). It comes in various colours and designs. On Karva Chauth, women especially wear red coloured bangles.

Rings: Rings should be wore on Karva Chauth by married women.

Karnphool: Karnphool are different from normal earings. It adorns the ears of a married woman.

Bajuband: Bajuband or armlet is wore on the upper arm. It looks stunning.

Kamarband: Kamarband is a band tied on the waist line to enhance the beauty of woman.

Mehndi: Applying mehndi or henna on hands on Karva Chauth is mandatory for women. 

Toe-ring: Toe-ring is believed to regulate blood pressure and is compulsary for married Hindu women.

Gajra: Gajra made of jasmine or other scented flowers is wore on hair by women.

Saree: Women wear saree on auspicious ceremonies. On Karva Chauth, ladies especially wear red coloured sarees.

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