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Lone voter from Gir Forest casts vote in Gujarat's Banej, EC says 100 per cent voter turnout

In a remote forest, a priest's solitary vote achieved a 100% turnout at the Banej polling station during the Lok Sabha elections' third phase. India's unwavering commitment to democracy led polling officials through challenging terrain in the Gir forest to set up a booth for the lone resident.

Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 Ahmedabad Updated on: May 08, 2024 11:58 IST
Mahant Haridas Udaseen
Image Source : X/@ECISVEEP Lok Sabha elections 2024: A lone voter from Gir Forest, Mahant Haridas Udaseen, casts a vote in Gujarat's Banej.

In a remarkable display of democracy, a polling booth nestled within the Gir Somnath district's dense forests witnessed full voter participation as its sole registered voter cast his ballot during the third phase of the Lok Sabha elections. Situated within the Una Assembly constituency, this unique polling station was among the 89 seats contested in the state's first election phase.

The Election Commission took proactive measures to ensure democratic representation by establishing a polling booth in Banej village, nestled deep within the Gir forest, specifically to accommodate the solitary voter residing there.

Sole voter's participation

Mahant Haridasji Udasin, the lone registered voter, arrived at the polling station early in the voting period to exercise his voting right, marking a significant moment in the electoral process. This practice is a standard protocol during every Assembly or general election orchestrated by the EC.

In a remote Indian forest, a priest exercised his voting rights, ensuring a 100% turnout at the Banej polling station. India's commitment to democracy led polling officials on a challenging journey through the Gir forest to set up a voting booth for a solitary resident.

Priest's dedication to voting

Mahant Haridas Udaseen, the sole registered voter in Banej, emphasised the importance of each vote as he cast his ballot amid the wilderness.

Logistical challenges for polling officials

Polling officers embarked on a two-day trip, navigating through rough forest terrain to facilitate the priest's participation in the democratic process. Despite the remote location, electoral laws ensure no eligible voter is left behind, even if it requires a strenuous journey for polling officials. 

The symbolism of a single vote

The solitary voter's participation underscored the essence of democracy, reaffirming the significance of every individual's role in the electoral process. The Election Commission's dedication to inclusivity transcended geographical challenges, ensuring that even the most isolated citizens can exercise their voting rights.

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