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  • finland apologizes for wrongly blacklisting putin

    Finland apologizes for wrongly blacklisting Putin

    World | April 11, 2013 18:06 IST

    Moscow, Apr 11: Finland's Interior Minister Paivi Rasanen has apologized to Russian President Vladimir Putin after he was erroneously put on a secret blacklist of people with connections to criminal activity, Finnish media reported.MTV3 reported

  • korean crisis could be worse than chernobyl putin

    Korean crisis could be worse than Chernobyl: Putin

    World | April 09, 2013 8:53 IST

    Hanover (Germany), April 9:   Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for calm on the Korean peninsula, saying the escalation of tension in the region could lead to a nuclear disaster far worse than the Chernobyl

  • putin obama to meet in june

    Putin, Obama to meet in June

    World | April 05, 2013 9:15 IST

    Moscow, April 5: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Barack Obama will hold full-fledged talks on the sidelines of the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland in June, a Putin aide said.The possibility of

  • russian football not progressing putin aide

    Russian football not progressing: Putin aide

    Football | January 18, 2013 17:40 IST

    Moscow, Jan 18: Russian football shows no signs of progress because three-quarters of the country's top-flight teams live off government money, the head of Vladimir Putin's presidential administration said Friday.With six years to go until

  • putin visit agreement on kudankulam units unlikely

    Putin visit: agreement on Kudankulam units unlikely

    World | December 22, 2012 9:56 IST

    New Delhi, Dec 22:  With some differences persisting over India's civil nuclear liability law, a pact on Russia constructing units III and IV of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant (KNPP) is unlikely to be signed

  • putin visits turkey amid differences over syria

    Putin visits Turkey amid differences over Syria

    World | December 03, 2012 18:53 IST

    Istanbul, Dec 3: The blossoming trade relationship will be the focus of the one-day trip to Turkey by Russian President Vladimir Putin, though differences between the two countries over the conflict in Syria will likely

  • russian president putin s india visit deferred to december

    Russian president Putin's India visit deferred to December

    India | October 22, 2012 21:07 IST

    New Delhi, Oct 22: Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to India, earlier expected Oct 31-Nov 1, has been deferred to Dec 24, triggering speculation about differences over contentious issues like civil nuclear liability and a

  • india beat south africa fail to enter semis aus lose to pak

    India beat South Africa, fail to enter semis, Aus lose to Pak, both enter semis

    Cricket | October 02, 2012 23:26 IST

    Colombo, Oct 2 : In a quirk of fate, India today defeated South Africa by one run in a nailbiting finish, but failed to qualify to the ICC T20 World Cup semifinals as it failed

  • putin leads young siberian cranes in flight

    Putin leads young Siberian cranes in flight

    World | September 06, 2012 17:46 IST

    Vladivostok, Sep 6: Russian President Vladimir Putin has piloted a motorized hang glider to lead a flock of young Siberian white cranes in flight. Dressed in a white costume meant to imitate an adult crane,

  • cameron to take putin to watch olympic judo

    Cameron to take Putin to watch Olympic judo

    World | August 02, 2012 13:37 IST

    London, Aug 2: British Prime Minister David Cameron will hold discussions Thursday in London with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but appears likely to focus on boosting trade, rather than anger over Moscow's sheltering of Syrian

  • manmohan singh talks nuclear cooperation with hollande putin

    Manmohan Singh talks nuclear cooperation with Hollande, Putin

    India | June 20, 2012 22:44 IST

    On Board PM's Special Aircraft, Jun 20: The new French President Francois Hollande has pledged to continue France's strategic partnership with India with same vigour as his predecessors Jacques Chirac and Nikolas Sarkozy who belonged

  • riot police break up anti putin protest in moscow

    Riot Police Break Up Anti-Putin Protest In Moscow

    World | March 06, 2012 8:07 IST

    Moscow, Mar 6: An attempt by Vladimir Putin's foes to protest his presidential election victory by occupying a Moscow square ended Monday with riot police quickly dispersing and detaining hundreds of demonstrators—a stark reminder of

  • former president gorbachev urges putin to step down after

    Former President Gorbachev Urges Putin To Step Down After Protests

    World | December 25, 2011 8:38 IST

    Moscow, Dec 25: Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who resigned as president 20 years ago on Sunday, urged Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to follow his example and and give up power peacefully.“I would advise

  • putin accuses clinton of encouraging protesters

    Putin Accuses Clinton Of Encouraging Protesters

    World | December 08, 2011 17:08 IST

    Moscow, Dec 8: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin blasted U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday for encouraging and supporting the election protesters and warned of a wider Russian crackdown on unrest. By describing

  • putin files nomination gorvachev demands re election

    Putin Files Nomination, Gorvachev Demands Re-Election

    World | December 07, 2011 20:58 IST

    Moscow, Dec 7: Days after suffering a setback in the Duma polls and allegations of ballot rigging, Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin today went ahead to file his nomination for contesting the March 2012 presidential

  • protests arrests in moscow as putin loses sheen

    Protests, Arrests In Moscow As Putin Loses Sheen

    World | December 06, 2011 21:49 IST

    Moscow, Dec 6: Putting up a brave front after being hit by a poll debacle, allegations of ballot rigging and massive demonstrations denouncing his leadership, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin today said the election losses

  • medvedev proposes putin for president at party meeting

    Medvedev Proposes Putin For President At Party Meeting

    World | September 24, 2011 16:55 IST

    Moscow, Sept 24: Russian strongman Vladimir Putin hopes to become the country's president for the third term in a tandem arrangement with his party colleague incumbent Dmitry Medvedev who will run for premiership in forthcoming

  • octopaul predicts next russian president result sealed till

    Octopaul Predicts Next Russian President, Result Sealed Till 2012

    World | July 17, 2010 13:40 IST

    Moscow: One of Russia's most popular newspapers said on Friday it had managed to get Paul, the oracle German octopus which accurately predicted the World Cup results to forecast who will be Russia's next president.But