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Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 30: Haryana Steelers and Tamil Thalaivas match ended in a tie 25-25

On the second day of Inter Zone Challenge Week, the Match No. 30 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 between Haryana Steelers and Tamil Thalaivas ended in a tie 25-25 at The Arena, Ahmedabad.

Reported by: Aditya Chauhan , New Delhi [ Updated: August 16, 2017 21:18 IST ]
Image Source : PKL/TWITTER Haryana Steelers vs Tamil Thalaivas

The Match No. 30 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 between Haryana Steelers and Tamil Thalaivas ended in a thrilling tie 25-25 at The Arena, Ahmedabad. K. Prapanjan of Tamil Thalaivas was adjudged the 'Perfect Raider of the Match' with seven raid points. Surender Nada, skipper of Haryana Steelers with 7 tackle points was given the 'Player of the Match' award. Both teams fought hard in a closely contested contest and literally gave their all on the mat in front of the capacity crowd.


21.06 IST: 

21.02 IST: It's a tie, 25-25 between Haryana Steelers and Tamil Thalaivas!

21.01 IST: Bonus point for Tamil Thalaivas, it's 25-25

20.59 IST: Two points from Haryana raider Ashish Chhokar, Steelers lead 25-24 vs Thalaivas

20.58 IST: Super Tackle from Amit Hood gives two point to Tamil Thalaivas, they lead 24-23 against Haryana Steelers 

20.56 IST: Haryana Steelers pick up a crucial tackle point at the closing stages, Steelers 23-22 vs Thalaivas

20.53 IST: Haryana Raider picks up a point in a do-or-die raid, it's 22-22

20.51 IST: Timeout taken by Umpire

20.49 IST: Technical point for Haryana, silly from Thalaivas. Tamil 22-21 vs Haryana

20.48 IST: Brilliant toe touch from Tamil Thalaivas raider, Thalaivas 22-20 vs Steelers

20.47 IST: Vikas picks up a point for Haryana, Steelers trail by just one point. Haryana 20-21 vs Tamil

20.47 IST: Bonus point for Tamil Thalaivas. Tamil 21-19 vs Haryana

20.46 IST: Surjeet picks up another point, this time it's a touch point for Steelers. Haryana 19-20 vs Thalaivas 

20.44 IST: Surjeet Singh picks up another bonus point for Haryana, Steelers 18-20 vs Thalaivas

20.43 IST: Steelers defence pick up a point, Haryana 17-20 vs Tamil

20.39 IST: One more point for Tamil defence, Thalaivas 20-16 vs Steelers

20.37 IST: Review Successful, two points for Tamil Thalaivas. Tamil lead 19-16 vs Haryana

20.35 IST: Prapanjan asks for a Review!

20.34 IST: Bonus point for Haryana Steelers, it's 16-17 vs Tamil Thalaivas

20.33 IST: Steelers raider picks up a touch point, Haryana 15-17 vs Tamil

20.32 IST: Haryana Steelers All-Out! Tamil Thalaivas lead 17-14 vs Haryana Steelers

20.31 IST: Another point for Thalaivas defence, it's 14-14

20.31 IST: Prapanjan picks up two points for Thalaivas in raiding, Tamil 13-14 vs Haryana Steelers 

20.29 IST: Vikas Kandola fails in the do-or-die raid for Steelers, Tamil Thalaivas 11-14 vs Haryana Steelers

20.28 IST: Error from Thalaivas raider gives a point to Haryana Steelers, Steelers lead by four points 14-10 vs Thalaivas

20.23 IST: Haryana lead by three points 13-10 against Tamil Thalaivas at half-time!

20.22 IST: Haryana Captain once again pull off a brilliant Super Tackle, Haryana Steelers 13 - 10 vs Tamil Thalaivas

20.22 IST: Surjeet Singh picks up a point for Steelers in raiding, Haryana 11-10 vs Tamil Thalaivas

20.21 IST: Point from toe touch for Thalaivas this time, it's 10-10. 

20.19 IST: Brilliant response from Tamil Thalaivas defenders, Tamil 9-10 vs Haryana

20.18 IST: Prapanjan once again fails for Thalaivas, point for Haryana. Steelers 10-8 Tamil Thalaivas

20.17 IST: Wazir Singh of Steelers fail in the do-or-die raid, point for Thalaivas. Tamil 8-9 Haryana

20.15 IST: Brutal dash from Haryana's defenders this time, Steelers lead 9-7 vs Thalaivas

20.13 IST: Tamil Thalaivas matching Steelers in defence at the moment, a point for Thalaivas. Tamil 7-8 Haryana

20.12 IST: Excellent stuff from Surender Nada once again for Steelers, Haryana lead 8-6 vs Tamil

20.11 IST: Point for Thalaivas this time in defence, Parmod Narwal of Steelers goes out. Tamil Thalaivas 6-7 vs Haryana Steelers

20.10 IST: Another solid point from Haryana defence, they lead 7-5 vs Tamil Thalaivas

20.09 IST: Super Tackle for Haryana Steelers, Surender Nada leads the pack. Haryana 6-5 vs Tamil

20.07 IST: Thalaivas get another big scalp, Wazir Singh thrown off the mat by Tamil defenders. Thalaivas lead by one point 5-4 vs Steelers

20.07 IST: This time Tamil defence comes to the fore, Haryana raider Vikas Kandola goes out. It's 4-4

20.06 IST: Brilliant touch point from Thalaiavs skipper Ajay Thakur, Thalaivas 3-4 bs Steelers

20.05 IST: Touch point for Haryana this time, Steelers 4-2 vs Thalaivas

20.05 IST: Prapanjan picks up another point for Tamil, Thalaivas 2-3 Haryana Steelers

20.04 IST: Another bonus for Steelers, Haryana 3-1 vs Tamil Thalaivas

20.04 IST: Prapajan gets Thalaivas of the mark in the match, Tamil Thalaivas 1-2 vs Haryana Steelers

20.03 IST: Bonus point for Haryana, they lead 2-0 vs Thalaivas

20.03 IST: Empty Raid from Thalaivas skipper Ajay Thakur!

20.02 IST: Raider Surjeet Singh picks up the first point for Steelers, Haryana 1-0 vs Tamil Thalaivas

19.51 IST: 

19.45 IST: 

19.35 IST: 

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