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13-year-old girl scolded for ‘period stains’ commits suicide by jumping off the terrace

Girls's school teacher reprimanded her for staining her uniform and the bench with her period blood.

Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: August 30, 2017 13:17 IST
tamil nadu teen suicide
Tamil Nadu girl jumps to death on being scolded for period blood by teacher

Period is still a taboo in our country depiste a number of awareness programs. A woman is expected to be ashamed of her period blood. A similar shameful incident took place in Tamil Nadu when a school teacher scolded a 12-year-old girl for her stained uniform and desk. The repercussion of her ignorant behaviour was that the girl committed suicide by jumping off the terrace. The incident took place in Tamil Nadu’s Palayamkottai. 

The girl who studied in 7th standard of a Senthil Nagar school jumped off the terrace of her neighbour’s house at 3 am on Wednesday. The shocked parents were clueless why she took such an extreme step. They came to know about the reason when they found a suicide note from the girl. It proclaimed that her friends pointed out at her uniform and the bench that it had menstrual blood on it. She felt embarrassed and asked her teacher to go to the washroom. The teacher, instead of comprehending the girl’s problem, started yelling at her in front of the classroom. She even scolded the girl for not using the sanitary pad properly and hence, she asked the girl to leave the classroom. 

India Tv - tamil nadu teen suicide

The 13-year-old girl left a suicide note behind

The teacher’s atrocities didn’t come to an end after this. She took the hapless girl to the principal’s office, who chided her as well. 

"I don't know what to say. Until now you didn't hear any complaint about me but why did the teacher complain about me like this?", she asked in her suicide note.

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Infuriated parents and other members of the public protested in front of the school. The police took control of the situation and asked the crowd to leave the premises. They promised that appropriate action would be taken against the school authority. 

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