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Highlights, 2019 World Cup, Match 35: Du Plessis, Amla guide South Africa to easy 9-wicket win over Sri Lanka

After a disciplined performance by the bowlers, Faf du Plessis (96*) and Hashim Amla (80*) strolled past a clueless Sri Lanka side, guiding South Africa to a 9-wicket win.

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New Delhi Updated on: June 28, 2019 23:00 IST
CWC 2019, Match 35: Unbeaten Du Plessis, Amla guide South
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CWC 2019, Match 35: Unbeaten Du Plessis, Amla guide South Africa to easy 9-wicket win over Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka vs South Africa, Live Cricket Score, 2019 World Cup: The pressure is back on Sri Lanka to follow up with a victory at Durham on Friday, and prevent South Africa getting its second win of the tournament. Things weren't looking so positive for Sri Lanka at Headingley last Friday, when Mathews held together the innings with an unbeaten 85 to help his team post 232-9. The old adage that a pitch can't be judged until both teams have batted couldn't have been proved truer than when Malinga led the demolition with four wickets as England was skittled for 212. The South Africans are one win, five losses and a washout in their seven games in a tournament that has been a struggle since Dale Steyn was ruled out, or perhaps since AB de Villiers was left out. South Africa, regularly one of the world's best in the limited-overs formats, have underachieved at World Cups in the past, but never like this. (Match Scorecard) (When and Where to watch - SL vs SA)

Highlights, World Cup 2019, Match 35: South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 9 wickets

22.09 IST: Thisara Perera to Faf du Plessis, FOUR! That is the end. Faf du Plessis ends it with a boundary. Thisara bowls it on the pads, Faf flicks it fine down the leg side. The keeper dives to his left but to no avail The ball goes to the fine leg fence for a boundary. SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 9 WICKETS!

22.01 IST: Lasith Malinga to Faf du Plessis, FOUR! Full, almost a yorker on off. Du Plessis hits it through mid off and gets a boundary. Now just 8 needed and Faf is also just 8 away from his century.

21.51 IST: Lasith Malinga to Faf du Plessis, Four! 150-run stand comes up between the two. Full toss on the pads, Amla flicks it towards square leg and fetches a boundary. Just 20 runs needed now.

21.45 IST: Jeevan Mendis to Faf du Plessis, FOUR! Short and wide, du Plessis picks it early and cuts it like a butter through point for a boundary.

21.37 IST: Jeevan Mendis to Hashim Amla, NOT OUT! Amla survives. The pitching looked to be the cause of concern and it is indeed pitching outside leg. Tossed up ball on leg, Amla looks to sweep but misses. The Sri Lanka players put in an appeal and the umpire after giving a thought raises his finger.

* DRS time! Hashim Amla has been adjudged lbw while attempting a sweep shot. Has that pitched outside leg? Is there any bat? The third umpire is having a look and Hashim Amla is already going off the field. He's called back. A bit embarrassing for Hashim, who looks down, smiles and then returns.

21.37 IST: Jeevan Mendis to Faf du Plessis, Shorter on off, Faf punches it to sweeper cover and gets a single. 150 comes up for South Africa. 54 more needed.

21.20 IST: Suranga Lakmal to Faf du Plessis, FOUR! Du Plessis has decided to press on the accelerator. Short delivery on off, Faf picks the length early and dismisses it to deep square leg via a pull shot.

21.16 IST: Suranga Lakmal to Faf du Plessis, SIX! That was six the moment he hit it. Good length ball on off, du Plessis comes down the track and smokes it over the long off fence for an 88m biggie.

21.15 IST: Suranga Lakmal to Faf du Plessis, FIFTY FOR DU PLESSIS. Back to back fifties for the South African skipper. Full ball on the pads, du Plessis flicks it towards mid-wicket and gets to his 35th ODI fifty.

20.453 IST: Isuru Udana to Faf du Plessis, FOUR! Cross-seam delivery around off, du Plessis looks to cut but gets a thick outside edge which goes past first slip and to the third man fence for a boundary.

20.46 IST: Jeevan Mendis to Hashim Amla, FIFTY FOR AMLA! His 39th in ODI. He has looked very good today. He gets to his fifty with an easy single towards cover.

20.40 IST: Isuru Udana to Hashim Amla, Outside off on a length, Amla cuts it to deep point for a single. 100 comes up with that single. 104 more needed off 190 balls.

20.33 IST: Lakmal to Faf du Plessis, FOUR! Smashed! Pulled and pulled hard! Short on off, du Plessis rocks onto his back foot and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. SA 92/1 in 16.5 overs

20.31 IST: Suranga Lakmal to Faf du Plessis, FIVE WIDES! Lakmal misses his line and bowls it well down the leg side. Du Plessis looks to flick but misses. Perera dives to his left but misses. The ball goes behind to the fence. Wide also signalled.

20.20 IST: Suranga Lakmal to Hashim Amla, FOUR! What a shot! Length ball on off, Amla just gently taps it through point. All timing and not much of power. Thisara runs to his right and puts a dive but in vain.

20.15 IST: Suranga Lakmal to Faf du Plessis, FOUR! Effortless and risk-less. Good length ball on off, du Plessis comes down the track and lofts it over extra cover. This time the ball does not stop and goes to the fence.

20.04 IST: Suranga Lakmal to Hashim Amla, Fuller on off, Amla drives it towards mid off and initially calls for a single. He backtracks and sends Faf back. The fielder has a shy but misses. Even if he had hit, du Plessis was well in.

19.57 IST: Thisara Perera to Faf du Plessis, FOUR! First sign of aggression from Faf. Good length ball on off, du Plessis comes down the track and smokes it through cover point for a boundary. 11 runs off the over. Sri Lanka in desperate need of wicket here. South Africa are 53/1 at the end of Powerplay 1.

19.55 IST: Thisara Perera to Hashim Amla, FOUR! Cut and cut hard. Good length ball outside off, Amla likes the width on offer and cuts it past point for a boundary.

19.47 IST: Thisara Perera to Faf du Plessis, Full on off, du Plessis drives it straight. Thisara gets his hand to the ball. It deflects and goes on to hit the stumps at the non striker's end. No casualty though as Amla's bat is inside the crease. Maiden!

19.40 IST: Suranga Lakmal to Faf du Plessis, Well fielded. They need the fielders to support the bowlers here and Avishka has just done that. Length ball on off, du Plessis looks to drive it past cover. Avishka there stretches to his left and stops a certain boundary.

19.36 IST: Lasith Malinga to Quinton de Kock, OUT! Bowled! Typical Malinga. This is a vicious yorker on leg. De Kock looks to play the on drive but gets beaten. The ball flicks the leg pole. De Kock is standing shell shocked. He does not know how it happened but he has just been beaten by a Slinga Malinga yorker. South Africa lose their first and Sri Lanka get an early wicket they wanted. SA 31/1 in 4.5 overs

19.32 IST: Dhananjaya de Silva to Quinton de Kock, FOUR! Wonderfully played. Off-spinner pitching just outside off and spinning in. De Kock waits for it and then plays a late cut past the first slip fielder for a boundary. SA 28/0 in 3.5 overs

19.28 IST: Lasith Malinga to Hashim Amla, FOUR! Good shot but such a poor ball from Malinga. Full on middle and leg, Amla shuffles across and plays a delicious flick through mid-wicket for a boundary. The fielder from square leg gives it a chase but had no chance.

19.26 IST: Lasith Malinga to Quinton de Kock, FOUR! Shot! De Kock scores his first one of the game. Full on middle and off, de Kock strides out his front foot and plays a beautiful off drive through mid off for a boundary.

19.24 IST: Lasith Malinga to Hashim Amla, FOUR! Now on the leg side. Not the start Malinga would have wanted. He bowls it on the pads, Amla flicks this through mid-wicket to score second boundary on the trot. SL 8/0 in 0.5 overs

19.24 IST: Lasith Malinga to Hashim Amla, FOUR! Beautiful! That was all timing from the mighty Hash. Fuller on off, Amla gets on his front foot and drives it exquisitely through covers for a boundary. Hashim is up and running. SL 4/0 in 0.4 overs

19.15 IST: We are back for the chase. The Sri Lankan players are out in the middle taking their respective positions in the field. Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock walk out to open the innings for South Africa. The experienced Lasith Malinga to operate with the first new ball. He picked up 4 wickets against England. Sri Lanka need something similar from him once again. Two slips are in place.

* Right then, it's a below-par total on the board and South Africa will fancy chasing it down easily. Having said that, the pitch appears to be on the slower side and the Proteas will have to be careful, mainly against the spinners. Their batting has struggled in this edition but 203 doesn't look too difficult. Let's see how they fare in the run chase.

18.45 IST: Chris Morris to Lasith Malinga, OUT! Sri Lanka are all out for 203! Morris serves a length ball in the line of the stumps, Malinga hops back and attempts to loft it inside-out over extra cover. Fails to get the connection right and Faf du Plessis makes no mistake this time inside the ring. He just moves back a bit to complete the catch.

18.42 IST: Chris Morris to Lasith Malinga, FOUR! 200 up for Sri Lanka! Morris delivers it a bit short and around off, Malinga gives himself some room and whacks it through point.

18.39 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Isuru Udana, OUT c & b Kagiso Rabada. Sri Lanka have lost their ninth wicket.

18.35 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Isuru Udana, Shortish and on off, Isuru stays leg side of this one and slaps it through the line. The mid off fielder stops it to his left and the batsmen cross.

* What happened there? The ground is invaded by bees. All the players are taking cover by going down flat on the ground.

18.32 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Isuru Udana, Just clears a leaping mid off fielder! A length ball in the line of the stumps, Udana moves back to make room and then lofts it over Rassie van der Dussen inside the ring. He tries his best to catch it over his head but the ball goes over him. The batsmen take a couple of runs.

18.27 IST: Andile Phehlukwayo to Isuru Udana, FOUR! That's a top shot! The length is fuller outside off and Udana drives it through the gap between mid-off and extra cover for a boundary, first in Powerplay 3. 

18.23 IST: Andile Phehlukwayo to Thisara Perera, OUT! It's a clean catch. Rabada has made a tough catch look very easy! Phehlukwayo digs in a short ball around off and Perera powers his pull shot across the line. But he fails to get enough meat behind his shot and Rabada runs in from deep square leg to catch it by diving forward. This is a big blow to Sri Lanka's hope of getting near 210-215.

18.13 IST: Imran Tahir to Thisara Perera, Catch it is the shout but it lands safely. Short and on off, Thisara moves back and pulls it over mid-wicket. The ball falls in no man's land and they take a couple of runs. SA 178/7 43.3 overs

18.07 IST: Andile Phehlukwayo to Isuru Udana, Some movement off the deck there with extra bounce. A length ball landing on off and cutting back in, Isuru stays back and keeps it out from the upper half of his bat.

* Powerplay 3 is signalled. Maximum of 5 fielders can be outside the 30-yard circle till the end of this innings.

17.58 IST: Chris Morris to Jeevan Mendis, OUT! Morris persists with bowling short and eventually manages to bounce out Jeevan. It's a nicely directed half-tracker, Mendis takes the challenge to pull it again but fails to middle his shot. It flies off the top edge and Pretorius runs across to his right from fine leg to complete the catch. Another partnership is broken in the 20s. SL 163/7 in 39.5 overs

17.54 IST: JP Duminy to Jeevan Mendis, FOUR! Up and over! 150 comes up for Sri Lanka. Duminy tosses it up on off, Mendis uses his feet and comes down the track. He sees the mid on is up so he goes over him and fetches himself a boundary.

17.53 IST: Chris Morris to Jeevan Mendis, SIX! This one comes out of nowhere. Shortish delivery around off, Jeevan moves inside the line and powers it over square leg. The connection is nice and hard and it goes over the fence for a biggie. 

17.50 IST: Chris Morris to Thisara Perera, Direct hit would have consumed Thisara Perera. A length delivery around middle and off, Perera stays back and bunts it down to mid on. He attempts for a sharp single but would have gone for all money had Faf du Plessis found the stumps with his shy at the bowler's end. Thisara survives.

17.41 IST: JP Duminy to Dhananjaya de Silva, OUT! Duminy strikes first ball! He is all smiles. A very substandard shot selection from Dhananjaya and he is on his bike. Sri Lanka 135/6 in 36.1 overs

17.39 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Jeevan Mendis, Lands it on a length around off, Mendis keeps his weight on the back leg and defends it on the off side. That bouncer has put a seed of doubt in his mind. Now watch out for his footwork.

17.32 IST: Andile Phehlukwayo to Dhananjaya de Silva, FOUR! Plenty of width on offer outside off, Dhananjaya rocks on the back foot and slaps it square of the wicket on the off side for a boundary.

17.25 IST: Imran Tahir to Dhananjaya de Silva, FOUR! First boundary after the 22nd over! Full and outside off, de Silva strides forward and drives it with the spin through covers for a cracking boundary.

17.17 IST: Imran Tahir to Dhananjaya de Silva, A bit uppish but safely down to long off. Full and flighted on off, turning away, de Silva tries working it on the leg side but gets a leading edge. It flies over mid off for a run.

17.08 IST: Dwaine Pretorius to Jeevan Mendis, Some extra bounce around leg, Jeevan tries working it around but misses and is hit on the thigh pad. A wicket maiden for Pretorius, he continues to impress everyone.

17.06 IST: Dwaine Pretorius to Kusal Mendis, OUT! Caught! Third wicket for Pretorius. Mendis too cannot convert his start and the same problem continues for Sri Lanka. Pretorius bowls it on a length outside off, Mendis looks to cut but does so uppishly. It goes to the left of point. Morris stationed there dives in front to his left.

16.54 IST: Chris Morris to Dhananjaya de Silva, Defended off the back foot by the batsman. 4 runs and a wicket, Morris has done his job for this spell.

16.48 IST: Chris Morris to Angelo Mathews, OUT! Mathews drags it down! Another blow to Sri Lanka as their experienced most player falls. Not a delivery to be proud of, really. Morris has bowled a half-tracker outside off, Mathews has to reach out for it as he tries to pull but he gets a fat inside edge onto the stumps. South Africa rejoice and yet another partnership which was blossoming is cut short.

16.44 IST: Morris to Mathews, FOUR! 100 up for Sri Lanka. Mathews knows that mid on is up inside the circle, so he decides to take a chance. Runs down the track to a length ball around off and he pumps it over the infield for a boundary, his first of the day. A good start to the over for Sri Lanka. SL 100/3 in 21.1 overs

16.41 IST: Tahir to Mendis, FOUR! Imran Tahir has not found his length and line yet. Tries a googly but the length is on the shorter side, Mendis goes deep inside the crease and pulls it through square leg for a boundary. SL 96/3 in 20.3 overs

16.39 IST: Chris Morris to Angelo Mathews, Tidy stuff from Tipo! Keeps it on and around off, not offering much room to play with, Mathews defends it from the crease to covers. Only one extra from this over. South Africa are maintaining good pressure here.

16.25 IST: Chris Morris to Angelo Mathews, Edged but safe! Morris angles in a length ball on off, Mathews sticks back to defend but it takes the outside edge and flies behind. Amla goes down low at first slip but it falls in front.

16.18 Dwaine Pretorius to Kusal Mendis, Nearly a wicket after the break! Pretorius is getting something out of this track. He delivers a length ball on off, Mendis tries to flick but gets a leading edge. But it doesn't carry to the fielder at cover-point.

16.12 IST: Andile Phehlukwayo to Angelo Mathews, Shot! Back of a length delivery outside off, Mathews remains back inside the crease and punches it through covers. The ball slows down before the fence and they take three runs. SL 81/3 in 14.1 overs

16.04 IST: Andile Phehlukwayo to Kusal Mendis, FOUR! Nice timing! Fullish delivery, on middle and leg, Mendis picks it up off his pads and flicks it nicely in front of square leg. The in-ring fielder gives the chase but the ball wins the race.

15.59 IST: Pretorius to K Perera, OUT! Timber! Another set batsman goes without converting his start. Good length ball on off, Perera looks to cut but the ball is too close to his body. He goes ahead with the shot and ends up getting an inside edge. The ball hits his pad and then goes on to disturb the stumps. He looks dejected as he would have wanted to convert this start. He was looking good in the middle. SL 72/3 in 11.3 overs

* Kusal Mendis walks out to bat next. A slip in place for him.

15.50 IST: Dwaine Pretorius to Avishka Fernando, OUT! One shot too many for Avishka Fernando and he departs. A length ball on off, Fernando stays back to heave it again over the leg side but gets a big top edge. It balloons in the air towards mid off where Faf du Plessis backtracks a bit and takes a fine tumbling catch. The 67-run stand is broken and South Africa will be relieved. Sri Lanka 67/2 in 9.5 overs

15.48 IST: Dwaine Pretorius to Kusal Perera, FOUR! Poor delivery with fine leg up in the circle. Dwaine delivers it on the pads and Kusal nudges it wide of short fine leg for a boundary.

15.39 IST: Pretorius to Fernando, FOUR! Easy pickings! A length ball on middle and leg, Avishka picks it off his pads and neatly deflects it down to fine leg for a boundary. 50-run stand comes up! SL 52/1 in 7.5 overs

15.35 IST: Rabada to Perera, FOUR! Now that's a cover drive! The length goes very full and the line is wide outside off, Kusal needs no second invitation. He attacks it and drills his drive through extra cover. SL 44/1 in 6.4 overs

15.32 IST: Dwaine Pretorius to Avishka Fernando, Half-appeal for a catch! Not given. Movement off the surface, it lands it on a length around middle and leg, Avishka tries to flick but misses. There is some noise but the umpire shows that it brushed the pads.

15.28 IST: Rabada to Fernando, FOUR! Straight down the ground! Elegant stuff from him! A bit overpitched by Rabada. On middle and leg, Avishka drives it delightfully down the ground for a boundary. 10 from the over, a good one for Sri Lanka. SL 36/1 in 5 overs

15.19 IST: Morris to Perera, FOUR! Up and over! Don't feed room to this batsman. He will always latch onto it and smash it. Full and wide outside off, Perera exercises his arms and lifts it over cover-point for a boundary. SL 24/1 in 3.1 overs

15.17 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Avishka Fernando, FOUR! Timing and placement of the highest order! He is a really talented batsman and is showing his class. SL 20/1 in 2.3 overs

15.13 IST: Chris Morris to Kusal Perera, FOUR! Sanath Jayasuriya will be proud of that shot. Width on offer outside off, Perera camps back and powers it through cover-point. No stopping this one.

15.01 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Dimuth Karunaratne, OUT! WHAT A START! Rabada strikes first ball! What a cracking beginning to this match! Kagiso steams in and delivers a shortish ball on middle, it shoots off the surface after landing and Karunaratne is surprised by the extra bounce. He takes his eyes off the ball and tries to fend it off. But it takes his gloves and loops up to second slip. A simple catch for Faf du Plessis. Perfect start for the Proteas.

14.56 IST: The players are out for the national anthems.

Playing XIs:

Sri Lanka (Playing XI): Dimuth Karunaratne(c), Kusal Perera(w), Avishka Fernando, Kusal Mendis, Angelo Mathews, Dhananjaya de Silva, Thisara Perera, Jeevan Mendis, Isuru Udana, Lasith Malinga, Suranga Lakmal

South Africa (Playing XI): Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock(w), Faf du Plessis(c), Aiden Markram, Rassie van der Dussen, Jean-Paul Duminy, Andile Phehlukwayo, Dwaine Pretorius, Chris Morris, Kagiso Rabada, Imran Tahir

14.32 IST: TOSS! South Africa have won the toss and chosen to bowl first against Sri Lanka.

14.24 IST: The toss will take place in seven minutes. A big game for Sri Lanka, as a win for them would certainly put more pressure on the many teams in the race for the final four: England, Pakistan, Bangladesh, even New Zealand..

14.23 IST: Good afternoon, everyone! A warm welcome to India TV's ball-by-ball coverage of Sri Lanka's match against South Africa at Chester-le-Street.

Brief Preview: Sri Lanka will aim for nothing but a win to keep themselves alive in the ongoing World Cup when they take on South Africa at the Riverside Cricket Stadium on Friday. Sri Lanka are currently seventh in the standings with two wins and two no-results, but two points would take them straight up to fifth, just below England, who are themselves in a fight to make the last four now. South Africa, on the other hand, would aim to regain some lost pride with a consolation victory against Lanka. Since their debut in 1992, this has been the worst World Cup campaign for the Proteas as they have failed to go even past the group stage. (FULL PREVIEW)

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