• hollande says sanctions on russia should be lifted

    Hollande says sanctions on Russia should be lifted

    World | January 06, 2015 7:04 IST

    Paris: French President Francois Hollande on Monday said economic sanctions imposed on Russia over tensions of Ukrainian crisis should be lifted if Moscow would made progress in restoring stability in the region.Speaking to the local

  • north korea blasts us over sanctions

    North Korea blasts US over sanctions

    World | January 04, 2015 11:49 IST

    North Korea: North Korea has issued a furious statement slamming the United States for imposing sanctions against its government officials and the defense industry for a cyberattack against Sony.It again denied any role in the

  • barack obama imposes sanctions on crimea echoes eu

    Barack Obama imposes sanctions on Crimea, echoes EU

    World | December 20, 2014 7:19 IST

    Washington: President Barack Obama banned new investments in Crimea on Friday, slapping sanctions on the peninsula that Russia annexed from Ukraine earlier this year.Obama signed an executive order Friday that imposes economic restrictions similar to

  • australia to lift sanctions on fiji

    Australia to lift sanctions on Fiji

    World | October 31, 2014 8:24 IST

    Sydney: Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced on Friday that her government was lifting sanctions on Fiji that have been in place since the 2006 military coup in the country."As I depart for a two-day

  • european union sanctions against russia to come into effect

    European Union sanctions against Russia to come into effect on Friday

    World | September 12, 2014 7:20 IST

    Brussels: The European Union (EU) has announced that the fresh sanctions aimed at Russia's financial and energy sectors will come into force on Friday.The EU sanctions would not allow union nationals and companies to provide

  • wales and andorra facing uefa sanctions

    Wales and Andorra facing UEFA sanctions

    Football | September 11, 2014 8:05 IST

    NYON, Switzerland : UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Wales for a pitch invasion by fans during a 2-1 win at Andorra in a European Championship qualifier on Tuesday.   The Andorran federation is also facing

  • european union adopts new package of sanctions against

    European Union adopts new package of sanctions against Russia

    World | September 09, 2014 7:30 IST

    Brussels: The European Union (EU) announced a new package of sanctions against Russia on Monday.The European Council, the body that convenes the leaders of EU member states to give policy direction, said in a statement

  • russia vows reaction to new eu sanctions

    Russia vows reaction to new EU sanctions

    World | September 07, 2014 6:48 IST

    Moscow: Russia government has said it will "certainly" react if the European Union (EU) imposes new sanctions for allegedly "destabilising eastern Ukraine"."Concerning the new list of EU sanctions, reactions will certainly be made by Russia

  • un imposes sanctions against boko haram

    UN imposes sanctions against Boko Haram

    World | May 23, 2014 16:48 IST

    London: The UN Security Council has imposed sanctions against Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram, which had abducted over 200 schoolgirls April 14 and has terrorised the country.The Boko Haram will now be added to

  • centre sanctions 28 flood management schemes for assam

    Centre sanctions 28 flood management schemes for Assam

    India | May 15, 2014 20:01 IST

    Guwahati: Centre has sanctioned 28 flood management schemes at an estimated cost of Rs 583 crore for Assam.The state government had submitted 32 medium and major flood management schemes last year, out of which 30

  • us intends to impose fresh sanctions on russia

    US intends to impose fresh sanctions on Russia

    World | April 25, 2014 23:49 IST

    Washington: US President Barack Obama Friday called leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Britain, informing them of the US intent to impose fresh sanctions on Russia over its failure to help ease tension in eastern

  • centre sanctions 676 new sub health centres under nrhm in

    Centre sanctions 676 new sub-health centres under NRHM in Jammu and Kashmir

    India | February 28, 2014 20:00 IST

    Jammu: Centre has sanctioned 676 new sub-health centres in Jammu and Kashmir under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), the state Assembly was informed today.  J&K Minister for Health and Medical Education Taj Mohi-ud-Din stated this

  • india to remain iran s biggest oil purchaser despite

    India to remain Iran's biggest oil purchaser despite sanctions

    World | August 28, 2012 23:15 IST

    Tehran, Aug 28: Notwithstanding US pressure to reduce its oil dependence on Iran, India today said it will continue to remain the biggest buyer of crude oil from the sanction-hit country and its companies will

  • obama slaps additional tough sanctions on iran

    Obama slaps additional tough sanctions on Iran

    World | August 01, 2012 13:06 IST

    Washington, Aug 1: US President Barack Obama has slapped new tough sanctions agains Iran targetting its energy and petrochemical sectors, which he said are part of efforts to isolate the Iranian government for its failure

  • govt sanctions prosecution of social networking sites

    Govt Sanctions Prosecution Of Social Networking Sites

    January 13, 2012 23:16 IST

    New Delhi, Jan 13: The Centre today told a Delhi court that there is sufficient material to proceed against 21 social networking sites, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, for offences of promoting enmity between

  • unsc unanimously slaps sanctions on libya

    UNSC Unanimously Slaps Sanctions On Libya

    World | February 27, 2011 10:13 IST

    United Nations, Feb 27 : India and 14 other members of the powerful UN Security Council today unanimously slapped "biting sanctions" on the Gaddafi regime in the form of an arms embargo, asset freezes and

  • us slaps sanctions against taliban haqqani network

    US Slaps Sanctions Against Taliban, Haqqani Network

    World | July 23, 2010 13:03 IST

    Washington: In a move against the Haqqani network, the US has slapped financial sanctions against three top Taliban leaders, including Nasiruddin Haqqani, a brother of key Taliban leader Sirajudin Haqqani.  The sanctions announced by the