• anna threatens jail bharo if demands not met in 3 4 days

    Anna threatens 'jail bharo' if demands not met in 3-4 days

    Politics | July 24, 2012 13:42 IST

    New Delhi, Jul 24:  Stepping up pressure ahead of the indefinite fast from tomorrow, Anna Hazare today issued a new threat of a ‘jail bharo' agitation if the government does not concede to their demands

  • cong unfazed over hazare s plans to go ahead with stir

    Cong Unfazed Over Hazare's Plans To Go Ahead With Stir

    India | December 20, 2011 21:45 IST

    New Delhi, Dec 20: Congress tonight appeared unfazed over Anna Hazare's plans to go ahead with his fast and ‘jail bharo' agitation from December 27 on the issue of Lokpal bill saying the “dissenters” can

  • anna to go ahead with fast from dec 27

    Anna To Go Ahead With Fast From Dec 27

    India | December 20, 2011 22:22 IST

    Ralegan Siddhi, Dec 20: Accusing the UPA of ignoring the voice of people, Anna Hazare today said he will go ahead with his fast and ‘jail bharo' agitation from December 27, alleging that a “weak”

  • anna threatens jail bharo from jan 1

    Anna Threatens 'Jail Bharo' From Jan 1

    India | December 15, 2011 22:48 IST

    New Delhi, Dec 15: Stepping up pressure, Anna Hazare today announced a new agitation of filling up jails (jail bharo) from January 1 if Parliament does not pass a strong Lokpal law, amid indications that

  • anna gives jail bharo call to court arrest and fast in

    Anna Gives Jail Bharo Call, To Court Arrest And Fast In Custody

    India | August 15, 2011 23:31 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 15: Gandhian activist Anna Hazare is all set for a full blown confrontation with the government on the Lokpal bill, giving a call to his supporters to fill up jails all over