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Black Friday Sales: All You Need to Know

Black Friday Sales take place right after Thanksgiving in the USA and remind us about the commencement of the festive season officially kickstarting where people can start with Christmas gift shopping over time. A number of eCommerce and other shopping sites are set to run great discounts.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: November 25, 2022 12:10 IST
Black Friday Sale
Image Source : INDIA TV Black Friday Sale

India is all set for the Black Friday Sale which will be live from midnight and brands have already started listing products. Indeed the beginning of the holiday season with a lot of shopping and it offers steep discounts across electronics, home care or appliances, clothing, and much more. But the fashion of Black Friday sales has just paced up now, as earlier it was not even common for the Indian. Several e-commerce sites tried capitalising on the holiday season sale by promoting offers on the sites- which has been trending for a couple of years in the past. But there are still people who lack the significance of this sale- hence, here is everything you must know about the sale and offers in India. 

What is ‘Black Friday’?

Black Friday sales take place right after Thanksgiving in the USA, which reminds the natives that the festive season is officially kickstarting and Christmas gift shopping can start. 

This sale gives the best offers and discounts to the users which seldom run out faster, specifically the deals on electronics. 

This year's Black Friday has been falling on November 25 (Friday).

How to grab Black Friday 2022 deals in India?

Major international retailers like Amazon have been shipping products internationally through their service which is super convenient and comes with imposed limitations on its available inventory. 

On the other hand, we have the option to get your products hand-delivered through a relative or use a third-party shipping service to get your choice delivered in India conveniently.

When are the Black Friday sales starting and what can we get in India?

Well, it is tomorrow, November 25, 2022, and PlayStation's Black Friday sales are already live and are across their online stores and retailers across the country too. It is offering a discount of up to 70% on major releases, as per the reports. Similar discounts could be found on the PC side too, with the Steam Autumn Sale which will run till November 30, 2022.

Platforms like Amazon India and Croma which deals with electronics have been offering a wide range of products at steep discounts, with a range of audio devices for the Black Friday Sale. 

Brands like Noise, World of Play and Vijay Sales have also been in the race to offer eligible offers and discounts on this year-ender and festive season sale. 

Vijay Sales - Black Friday Offers include the following gadgets


  1. MacBook Air with M1 Chip at Rs 79,900

  2. iPhones range starting at Rs 56,900

  3. Microwaves and OTGs starting at Rs. 4,499

  4. Geysers and Water Heaters starting for Rs. 2,999

  5. Coffee Makers starting at Rs. 1,377

  6. Air Fryers starting at Rs 7,499

  7. Most popular smartphones range starting at just Rs. 8,999

  8. Top 5G Mobile phones at Rs. 15,999

  9. Entry-level laptops with prices starting from Rs. 24,990,

  10. Premium and convertible laptops starting from Rs. 36,990

  11. Tablets starting from Rs. 9,499.

  12. Bestselling televisions starting from Rs. 10,990

  13. Audio system start at Rs. 3,299 

  14. Portable speakers starting at Rs. 999

  15. Smartwatches with prices starting at Rs. 1,599

  16. Washing Machines starting at Rs. 9,490

  17. For Refrigerators and Air Conditioners, the price range starts from Rs. 8,490 and Rs. 29,990 respectively

Also, Tata Cliq, Urbanic and more will be hosting their version of sales with dropped prices on the range of products and will further offer free shipping.



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