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Viral Video: Crocodile jumps out of water to catch drone, almost swallows it. Watch

Watch this incredible footage of a crocodile leaping out of the water in an attempt to catch a drone. This heart-stopping moment was caught on camera and has gone viral.

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Updated on: February 23, 2023 10:33 IST
Crocodile Viral Video
Image Source : TWITTER/@REACH_ANUPAM Crocodile Viral Video

Trending News: Aerial photography and videography can be greatly enhanced by the use of drones. Recently, a video has surfaced online featuring a crocodile that almost caught a drone that was filming it. 

The footage shows the drone hovering over a body of water with the inquisitive crocodile following it, likely disturbed by the drone's noise. As the drone approached the water's surface, the crocodile leaped into the air in an attempt to catch it in its jaws. Fortunately, the drone was able to evade the attack.

The video has become viral, amassing over 215k views and 13k likes. Twitter users found the video amusing and left numerous comments. The incident also prompted a discussion about the ethical implications of using drones to capture footage of wild animals.

Watch the viral video of crocodile jumping high in the air to catch a drone flying over water here:

One user cautioned against teasing animals, stating that such behaviour should not be condoned. They cited a similar situation they had witnessed on the Bandipur forest road, where travellers taunted elephants, provoking them to give chase. This, they believed, was unjust.

"Be thankful for gravity and fluid dynamics that this drone was saved," commented another user. A third user joked, "That is about an 8-10 ft jump. So don't let your hand out when on a riverboat ride.


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