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    'India can replicate China's plan to tackle pollution'

    India | June 05, 2019 11:56 IST

    Aarti Khosla, Director, Climate Trends -- a communications initiative which partnered with Bluetech Clean Air Alliance to bring the Chinese study to India -- said: "As two countries with starkly different political systems, India and China differ fundamentally in how policies are set and implemented."

  • jairam ramesh named member of board providing policy advice

    Jairam Ramesh named member of board providing policy advice to UNEP

    Politics | December 14, 2014 11:13 IST

    New Delhi: Former Union minister Jairam Ramesh has been appointed as a member of a board which provides strategic policy advice to a key UN agency on environmentally-sound technologies for developing nations.  Ramesh said he

  • ozone layer on track to recovery un

    Ozone layer on track to recovery: UN

    World | September 11, 2014 8:32 IST

    Geneva: The Earth's protective ozone layer is well on track to recovery in the next few decades, thanks to concerted international action against ozone depleting substances, said a UN report on Wednesday.The conclusion was made