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  • obama in newtown to offer love prayers of nation

    Obama in Newtown to offer love, prayers of nation

    World | December 17, 2012 17:20 IST

    Newtown, Connecticut,Dec 17: A mournful President Barack Obama said on Sunday that the United States is failing to keep its children safe, pledging that change must come after an elementary-school massacre left 20 children dead.“What

  • 30 million raised at madison square garden concert for

    $30 million raised at Madison Square Garden concert for Sandy relief

    Hollywood | December 13, 2012 14:56 IST

    New York, Dec 13 : Musicians were so intent upon helping victims of Superstorm Sandy that they didn't seem to want their benefit concert in New York to end.The final notes of Alicia Keys' "Empire

  • mccartney to stage charity gig for sandy victims

    McCartney to stage charity gig for Sandy victims

    Hollywood | November 18, 2012 9:40 IST

    New York, Nov 18: Singer Paul McCartney is putting together a charity show here to raise funds for the victims of hurricane Sandy.The line-up for the show at Madison Square Garden includes names like The

  • sandy sequel new storm hits new york new jersey

    Sandy sequel: new storm hits New York, New Jersey

    World | November 08, 2012 9:12 IST

    New York, Nov 8 : A powerful nor'easter slammed Sandy-battered New York and New Jersey on Wednesday disrupting train services and bringing fresh miseries to storm-victims.  FEMA stations were shut down ahead of the new

  • heavy turnout in sandy hit new jersey new york

    Heavy turnout in Sandy hit New Jersey, New York

    World | November 07, 2012 14:19 IST

    Washington/New York, Nov 7: Super storm Sandy hit New Jersey and New York witnessed heavy turnout as America went to polls to decide whether to re-elect President Barack Obama or replace him with Republican challenger

  • after sandy another coastal storm headed towards us

    After Sandy, another coastal storm headed towards US northeast

    World | November 05, 2012 20:09 IST

    New York, Nov 5: Just as the US east coast is limping back to recovery from the destruction caused by Sandy, another strong coastal storm threatens to hit the region this week and could result

  • actor ben stiller feeds sandy victims

    Actor Ben Stiller feeds Sandy victims

    Hollywood | November 04, 2012 10:37 IST

    New York, Nov 4 :  Actor Ben Stiller went out of his way to serve food at a shelter here, post Hurricane Sandy.He was spotted at a shelter in Brooklyn, where he donned a neon

  • superstorm sandy new yorkers search for food water and

    Superstorm Sandy: New Yorkers search for food, water and electricity

    World | November 01, 2012 12:40 IST

    New York, Nov 1: The people gathered around the side of a building on Third Avenue looked like refugees huddled around a campfire. But instead of crackling flames, their warmth came from more advanced technology:

  • 3 lakh gallon diesel spill in new jersey as sandy ruptures

    3 lakh gallon diesel spill in New Jersey as Sandy ruptures tanker

    World | November 01, 2012 9:15 IST

    New York, Nov 1 : An estimated 300,000 gallons of diesel spilled at the Motiva refining facility in Sewaren, New Jersey,  on Wednesay, when Superstorm Sandy pushed through, a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman said. Russell Tibbets

  • new york in shock over sandy horror

    New York in shock over Sandy horror

    World | October 31, 2012 19:24 IST

    New York, Oct 31: New York confronted on Tuesday the devastation of superstorm Sandy, which left at least 18 people dead in the city and threatened to bring prolonged chaos and misery.Firefighters battled blazes and

  • bollywood prays for sandy victims

    Bollywood prays for Sandy victims

    Bollywood | October 31, 2012 13:30 IST

    New Delhi, Oct 31: With Hurricane Sandy wreaking havoc in the US,Bollywood celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu have expressed concern for those affected and are praying for the well-being of everyone.

  • superstorm sandy may cause damages worth us 50 billion

    Superstorm Sandy may cause damages worth US$ 50 billion

    World | October 31, 2012 7:42 IST

    New York,Oct 31: Superstorm Sandy will end up causing about $20 billion in property damages and $10 billion to $30 billion more in lost business, according to IHS Global Insight, a forecasting firm.In the long

  • more than 13 500 flights cancelled due to sandy

    More than 13,500 flights cancelled due to Sandy

    World | October 30, 2012 15:57 IST

    New York, Oct 30 :  Hurricane Sandy grounded well over 10,000 flights across the Northeast and the globe, and it could be days before some passengers can get where they're going.According to the flight-tracking service

  • hurricane sandy disrupts presidential campaign one week left

    Hurricane Sandy disrupts presidential campaign, one week left

    World | October 30, 2012 12:52 IST

    Washington, Oct 30 :  Superstorm Sandy forced President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney to curtail campaign activities Monday in critical battleground states, unexpectedly disrupting their carefully mapped out strategies for the final week

  • hurricane sandy paralyzes new york city flooded by 13 foot

    Hurricane Sandy paralyzes New York, city flooded by 13 foot wall of water

    World | October 31, 2012 9:02 IST

    New York, Oct 31: The deadly superstorm Hurrican Sandy struck New York and New Jersey paralyzing the entire power system and throwing the megacity into darkness. A 13-foot wall of water smashed into the eastern

  • hurricane sandy will be costly but unlikely to damage us

    Hurricane Sandy will be costly but unlikely to damage US economy, analysts say

    October 30, 2012 11:36 IST

    New York, Oct 30: Airlines have canceled thousands of flights, stranding travelers around the globe. Insurers are bracing for possible damages of $5 billion. Retailers face shrunken sales.Hurricane Sandy took dead aim at New Jersey

  • large parts of manhattan plunged into darkness

    Large parts of Manhattan plunged into darkness

    World | October 30, 2012 11:45 IST

    New york, oct 30 :A superstorm that sent water rushing onto city streets has left a large swath of the lower part of Manhattan without power.Consolidated Edison spokesman Chris Olert said Monday evening that the

  • new yorkers leave city as hurricane sandy approaches

    New Yorkers leave city as Hurricane Sandy approaches

    World | October 29, 2012 12:11 IST

    Long Beach, New York, Oct 29: With forecasters expecting that the New York area could get the worst of the super storm moving its way towards the country, property owners boarded up their homes and

  • gurgaon mall bartender gets facial burns while doing fire

    Gurgaon Mall Bartender Gets Facial Burns While Doing Fire Stunts

    India | December 17, 2011 10:31 IST

    Gurgaon, Dec 17: Sandy, a bartender at a bar in MGF  Mall here, got facial burns on Friday night while doing fire stunts  even as scores of couples were merrily dancing to the beats of

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